Weekly Update by Mark Armstrong – 7 August 2015


A round up of current US and world news in a prophetic light.

Greetings from Tyler,

The first test has been failed. Reaction in the Senate to the hideous proof of infanticide-for-profit by the nation’s government-funded slaughterhouse for unwanted babies, was to continue to fund the institution that carries out the grizzly business. Yes, we know that none of the $250,000,000 is actually supposed to pay for the “procedures.” Still, the government does fund the institution and it’s a stretch to believe that funding doesn’t make what they’re doing possible.

The interviews with “doctors” and employees, bargaining over the value of various internal organs and “tissues” were ugly enough. But if you’ve been unfortunate enough to have failed to turn your head or the channel quickly enough, you may have images stuck in your memory that may never fade away. Inhumane would be an understatement, more like inhuman. What these people are doing in the name of “science” or “research” is as unconscionable as Nazi medical experimentation.

Is there any wave of national outrage? Maybe it’s too soon to tell. Much of the uninformed population may still not be aware of the truth that has been exposed about “abortion.” The mainstream media made the killing of “Cecil the lion” a national sensation, and hundreds of thousands responded by demanding the hunter be punished. But proof of the dissecting of aborted babies for profit didn’t receive a fraction of the publicity and hasn’t generated near the public outrage. Maybe we don’t have the power to stop it, but we can help inform others, we can commit the matter into God’s hands, and we can certainly tell local and national representatives that this is a crime against human dignity. This is after all, at least for the time being, the United States of America where citizens’ heartfelt concerns are supposed to count for something.

Under current circumstances though, it is hard to know how long business as usual can go on. Many of our founders knew that God’s blessing was dependant on being in harmony with His Laws and His Will. Some of us still believe that to be the case, even though the sentiment has all but disappeared from discourse in the nation’s capitol. Lately we seem to have reached a point where neither the truth nor logic carries any weight. There’s logic ok, but it is nearly always based on false alternatives designed to play on ignorance, to confuse and to divide.

The same comment certainly applies to the incomprehensibly idiotic arrangement with Iran. The anti-American president went so far this week as to compare those of us who recognize the inherent dangers of capitulating to the ayatollah’s demands, to Iranians chanting “Death to America.” Say what? Yes, it is completely unbelievable, but you are encouraged to verify that imbecilic statement if you haven’t already.

Last night saw the first in a series of debates for hopeful candidates in next year’s presidential election. It was entertaining and at times lively. Several of these gentlemen (and one lady) have ideas for solutions to some of the problems and policies that guarantee a meltdown of orderly society in the foreseeable future. Everyone apparently assumes that things can rock along much as they are for another year and a half, until maybe, just maybe Americans can elect someone who doesn’t hate the United States, its history, most of its citizens and many of its laws.

But what guarantees do any of us have that the status quo can survive the next year and a half? We’ve already got about three million foreign Muslims in this country from the terrorist realm of the Middle East, and more are coming all the time, legally and otherwise. Polls show that fifty percent of them fervently believe that Sharia law should be implemented and enforced in America. Twenty percent believe that acts of violent terrorism are justified in order to bring that about.

Another surge of illegals is currently underway at the southern border, and under current federal policies neither state law enforcement or federal border patrol agents can do anything about it, even though that’s what they were hired to do in the first place. Federal courts seem to be doing everything within their power to make sure these illegal immigrants can vote in future elections. Even Texas’ voter ID law was struck down by a federal judge this week, because it is seen as designed to “discriminate against minorities.” Leadership discriminating against American citizens seems a lot closer to the truth. At this rate, they won’t be minorities much longer.

What else could go wrong over the next year and a half? A financial collapse? Out of control spending of fiat currency on every ill-conceived program looks to be designed to bring that about. China is in economic decline and according to reports, selling American debt back to the Federal Reserve. Asian markets are faltering, Europe has a long-term debt crisis and has yet to sort out the Greek debacle. Government spending at home has us on a glide path to catastrophe, and few seem alarmed.

It is more than the radical socialist, pro-Muslim, pro-everybody-but-American-citizen president that is responsible for the depletion of the military, the rise of ISIS, Iran and enemy regimes the world over. The United States has collectively earned a series of curses that God spelled out for ancient Israel for idolatry, paganism and the rejection of His Laws. The northern tribes of Israel saw themselves deported out of their land and taken into captivity. Our captivity may be right where we sit. Current policies against our interests whether foreign, domestic or economic are beginning to look a lot like captivity already.

But it’s hard to imagine that God’s anger hasn’t been kindled by the haughty flaunting of egregious behavior, from the sanctification of queerdom, to the dissection of unborn infants like laboratory frogs. It is time to set ourselves apart from the insanity, the depravity of our leaders who don’t respect God and certainly don’t respect people who believe in Him or try to obey His Laws. We can only pray to be spared from the brunt of national punishment that appears to be already in the early stages. Our mission is to continue to try to awaken as many as possible, remain in touch with God and pray for His forgiveness and protection.




Mark Armstrong