Weekly Update by Mark Armstrong – 6 March 2015

6 March 2015

Greetings from Tyler,
This week saw the long awaited and hotly contested speech by Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, before a joint session of Congress and the people of the United States. It was no doubt seen by every world leader. Everything about the tone and substance of Netanyahu’s delivery was in stark relief to the smarmy socialist browbeating to which we’ve become accustomed.

Hearing a man of passionate resolve acknowledge the greatness of America’s impact around the globe in modern times, the depth of our allegiance and friendship with the only free nation in the Middle East was nothing short of uplifting and inspiring. Of course the administration, whose main objective seems to be avoiding anything that might insult the sensibilities of Islamic zealots, hated to see a man of Netanyahu’s stature and credibility deliver such a clear wake-up call in a venue that surely captured the attention of the nation and the entire world. The administration is, as nearly everyone has recognized, absolutely desperate to conclude an “agreement” with the rogue terrorist theocracy of Iran so that there will be something that can be considered a foreign-policy success amid the smoldering ruins of everything else it has touched in the Middle East.

One of those ruins, now a quagmire of competing terrorist brigades, is Libya. Out of belated spite over the past murderous exploits of Muammar Gaddafi, the U.S. and NATO brought air power to bear to topple a regime that had long since capitulated to western demands and become compliant. Gaddafi’s regime, brutal as it may have been, was no longer considered a terrorist threat. Nevertheless, the U.S. administration spurred on by the State Department under Hillary Clinton thought it necessary to arm (they knew not whom) nameless “insurgents” who were able to capture and kill Gaddafi in the wake of a withering NATO air bombardment. Gaddafi is dead and gone, and we won’t shed a tear over his demise. But unfortunately, post Gaddafi Libya is a terrorist free-for-all. It was Libya’s Mediterranean coastline where ISIS beheaded twenty one “Egyptian folks” who just happened to be of the nominal “Christian” faith, as opposed to Islamic. That was their only “crime.”

Now Italy is on alert over the threat of terrorist actions that can easily be launched from Libya. If boatloads of refugees can arrive on Italian shores in overcrowded, non-seaworthy vessels, it doesn’t take much imagination to realize that ISIS can well afford to equip a suicidal terrorist cell to carry out an attack against its “Christian” enemy, Rome. It doesn’t take much imagination because ISIS has been making thinly veiled threats to do just that in its publication Black Flags from Rome, in addition to laying out a larger-scale strategy to undermine all of Europe. But, as we keep hearing from the Department of State and the White House, threats from the Iran and ISIS are overblown, and mostly a distraction from more pressing concerns, like global warming and making illegal immigrants welcome and comfortable.

Maybe you’ve noticed that a Federal Judge (Hanen) called a halt to the issuance of work permits which the administration was poised to grant millions of illegals. But every effort is being made to circumvent that ruling, legal and otherwise, and we’re just finding out that some 100,000 have already been issued documents by the administration. The most pressing concerns of the White House and all the federal agencies it directs appear to be geared toward appeasement of enemies and inviting illegal aliens to get here and take advantage of every conceivable government benefit at the expense of American citizens.

While the United States is emasculated at home and on the world stage, the moderate, pacifistic EU is slowly losing its political grip on Europe. The mainstream parties are shrinking at every level, in nearly every European nation. Angela Merkel is not due to face election in Germany again until the fall of 2017. At the current rate of defections from the traditional mainstream parties to more radical, anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim movements, Europe, and particularly Germany may begin to ply a completely different course than the politically correct one with which we’ve become acquainted.

And we can hardly wait until the pope shows up this fall to school us on our religious duties to embrace the doctrines of climate change and recognize a national responsibility to receive and support illegal immigrants by the millions.

Some, we realize, have already given up hope that our economy can survive the massive and growing national debt; given up hope that our Constitutional liberties can survive Godless mandates that require acquiescence and participation in blatantly sinful activities. True enough, as things stand, it doesn’t look good. But it will take much more than a new and different president. It will take much more than the repeal of lawless executive orders, and a revival of checks and balances in government. It will take something along the lines of a national repentance, change of heart, and God’s Divine intervention on our behalf. That is precisely what we call for.

Short of that, the United States and the Western democracies will go the way of ancient Rome. And that will mean coming under the authority of the Rome of Bible prophecy. Do you see the pope tracking down child-molesting priests? Do you hear him condemning homosexuality, or even these ridiculous homo-matrimonials? No, but he is writing an “encyclical” on our “moral obligation” to believe in man-made “climate change,” and support economically ruinous methods to “combat” its effects. If we continue down this path of politically-correct, socialistic, sin-sick immorality, we can kiss freedom and prosperity goodbye, and say hello to one-world “Christianity” with Rome at the helm.

Mark Armstrong