Weekly Update by Mark Armstrong – 31 Oct 2014


Greetings from Tyler,

Have you seen enough evidence in your neighborhood that Halloween is about to be “celebrated”? Costumed little children will likely be ringing your bell saying “trick or treat”, because as everybody knows, it’s just a harmless opportunity for the kids to dress up and have fun. Only a few houses along the route out of my neighborhood have gone all out for Halloween this year. One front yard is decorated with tombstones and an enormous inflatable black cat with automated head movements. Another evil looking cat creature, also inflated, must stand at least fifteen feet tall with an orange cape and fiendish features. Lovely for the little kids isn’t it? Inside their homes they’ll probably be watching some zombie movie or other to round out the “fright night” experience.

The cashier at the Noonday store was either masked or made up to look just like a witch. Having not looked too closely, a glance was all that was necessary to realize that the disguise was plenty authentic, and go to another cashier. There is obviously nothing evil or sinister about a pumpkin. But how many know that the carved jack-o-lantern, according to legend represents a soul that’s been “denied entry into both heaven and hell.” The thing is also purported to ward off evil spirits. Apparently, it doesn’t work.

Watching the indulgence in this pagan foolishness should be a lesson to us all about the wretched evil that is on the march all over the world, and encroaching upon all the blessings we have enjoyed and taken for granted. And no, it’s not just Halloween or the innocent little children that are encouraged by their own parents with costumes and sweets, though it may set a precedent that will be with them for life. But there may well be a parallel to be recognized for those who are cognizant and concerned about the rapid demise of our power and reputation the world over, and about the way our nation is being unlawfully overrun by the most undesirable, undereducated, uncivilized and diseased creatures on earth.

Illegal aliens are committing crimes way out of proportion to the domestic population. One, deported repeatedly, just shot and killed two deputy sheriffs in California. Oh, but illegals are told they are welcome to stay and avail themselves of every state and federal benefit by California’s governor.
It’s not enough that millions, maybe twenty some million, have brought their ignorance of hygiene and lack of basic humanity to America, the president’s pen is quivering over an executive order to permanently legalize them. When he said they represent America’s future, he wasn’t kidding.

If you ever watch Cops, maybe you’ve noticed how many dangerous high-speed chase of stolen vehicles results in the apprehension of someone who neither speaks nor understands English. Being found to be committing crimes while here illegally means the perps are turned over to ICE, which more than likely will release them to resume their activities. But stolen cars and high-speed chases won’t be the worst of it.

How many illegal Muslim aliens will be granted permanent legal status when the president issues his edict without the advice or consent of Congress, and against the will of most Americans? Nobody seems to ask this question, let alone answer it. All of the Muslims who carried out the worst terrorist attack in our history were here illegally, having overstayed expired visas. If they were still alive and still here they, and no telling how many more like them, would be granted legal status, documentation and access to all kinds of Federal benefits as a result of what current leadership intends.

Why have beheadings with hunting knives become a concern and a reality in the United States? Why is the whole world watching the humiliation of America’s reputation as ISIS continues to gobble up villages, towns and territory that American soldiers fought and died for only a handful of years ago? Why are the interests of the American people shown to be at the bottom of the presidential list of priorities, trumped by the travel plans of West Africans, the financial aspirations of Mexican drug cartels and human smugglers?

It couldn’t possibly have anything to do with the reality that our population is toying with paganism, projecting evil symbolism as harmless and cute, indulging every sinful vice while ignoring God’s Sabbath and rejecting His Laws and warnings.

Maybe we’d be better off if our nation was preparing to observe the Sabbath, beginning at sundown tonight, rather than taking the kids “trick-or-treating”. A couple of years ago they strung all the trees in my front yard with toilet paper. Don’t they know that it’s virtually an unknown luxury in the third world? According to the boundless dictates of political correctness, shouldn’t they have sent those rolls to Central America?

It’s tough to maintain a sense of humor at times like these. But we have yet to realize the monumental events that are about to play out. Europe is facing an economic crisis that will bring about political upheaval affecting the whole world. The complexion of the United States is changing, altering even our national identity. The flirtation with evil customs, flaunting of behavior obnoxious to God probably has a lot more to do with the evil overtaking our land than anybody is prepared to admit.



Mark Armstrong