Weekly Update by Mark Armstrong – 29 May 2015

Greetings from Tyler,
Our office staff has been busy, yesterday and today, preparing the monthly letter for mailing. Our third class list has grown so large now that it takes a crew of six or seven two days to get it out the door, and this time the job will spill over into Monday.
So much is going terribly awry in our country and, due to the incomprehensible ideology that has confused us and every nation with which the U.S. has dealings, it should come as no surprise that a single monthly letter can’t begin to outline the enormity of it all.
While we were observing Pentecost, we were hit with the news that Ireland has made poof bondage the law of its land. Where did that come from? The popular vote was apparently drummed up quickly, with less than a third of the population participating. And only 60% of those voted in favor of the abominable outrage. But there it is, a done deal.
Murray from Australia tells me that the news from Ireland apparently ignited a push down under, with the television and print media exploding with enthusiasm. It is rather discouraging to watch one civilized society after another defy God so adamantly while celebrating their own enlightenment.
You know, of course, that a case before the U.S. Supreme Court is due to be decided later this month on that very subject. At least two justices have already made their leanings abundantly clear, with some calling for them to recuse themselves from the case. But they surely realize they were nominated to the Court precisely because they could be relied upon to promote “progressive values” irrespective of Constitutional questions.
Then there is Baltimore, where the murder rate has spiked since the Freddie Gray riots. If you’ve read any reports, you know that police have backed off and that guns are brandished and crimes committed in broad daylight without fear of interference by Baltimore’s finest. Given the fact that all the city officials have sided with the mob and the thugs (oh sorry, we mean “the children”) the police risk prosecution for arresting criminals. They claim that responding to a call in the hood means being surrounded and overwhelmed.
Is this not part of the national transformation? Is it not a community organizer’s dream? This phenomenon is now like a template. And as we’ve seen in Ferguson, in New York, and now in Baltimore, facts don’t matter. What matters is slavery, and apparently the country’s debt has not been adequately paid. That won’t happen until all the cities are on fire, the shopping malls and liquor stores looted, and it still won’t be enough.
The protesters and looters are living on government handouts of every description; food stamps, welfare, housing allowances, child credits, obamaphones and obamacare, and have nothing but time on their hands. Time to brood over how unfair and racist is the society that supports them.
When America elected its first black president, it seemed that even if he turned out to be less than a patriotic leader, at least no one could continue to make the claim of institutional racism against black people. But alas, we’re back to the mid-sixties in terms of race relations, with similar results. And the people who have been the beneficiaries of America’s fairness are the ones stoking unrest.
Meanwhile, we’re all getting lectured constantly about queers’ hurt feelings and global warming as a threat to national security.
ISIS is plundering the Middle East and reaching now into southeast Asia, the U.S. has given up preventing Iran going nuclear, Muslim refugees are flooding Europe, Central America is flooding the U.S., our economy is sinking despite massive inflation of the money supply, and we’re getting lectured by self-righteous racists about queer feelings and global warming! Did I mention that the pope is not only a little twerp, he’s a False Prophet—coming to America to make “climate change” a Christian doctrine. All the disastrous predictions of global warming (melted polar ice caps, Himalayan glaciers) have proven false. He may or may not be THE False Prophet. We’ll wait to see if his next “encyclical” puts him in charge of the world’s economy. Certainly the deception of his celebrated humility collapses under the weight of his brash, anti-Christian pronouncements. The be-robed child molesters in gilded hats must be resting easier by the day.
So who is looking out for the nation that has secured a modicum of stability for the entire world? Which nation keeps it safe to ship cargo by sea; and for that matter helps ensure safety in the air around the world? Which nation is the first to respond in case of a natural disaster anywhere on earth? Which nation liberated and rebuilt Europe from the obscene brutality of National Socialism? The same nation that’s being destroyed by its own brand of socialism, environmentalism, and yes, racism. We must have a part in trying to get people to wake up and see where this godless ideology leads.


Mark Armstrong