Weekly Update by Mark Armstrong – 29 August 2014

Greetings from Tyler,

It was as if the whole media, mainstream and otherwise, caught fire when the president casually told the world (including our enemies) that there was “no strategy yet” to deal with the growing menace of the terrorist caliphate in Iraq and Syria. Even the apologists for the current administration are sickened and outraged at the genocide of Arab Christians and the atrocities visited upon all who resist the demands of the Islamic State. The eyewitness reports and the viral videos just keep coming. Last night the news played a video of armed terrorists herding a large group of young men, Syrian conscripts, barefoot wearing nothing but underwear across the desert sand to be mowed down into a ditch.

This is the kind of thing Hitler’s forces did in the villages and towns of Eastern Europe enroute to Russia during the second World War. Some of it was filmed, but it wasn’t advertised to the world as these Muslim Nazis have done. These conscienceless ISIS murderers glory in their brutal acts by circulating videos of beheading and mass executions, and have attracted thousands of Muslims in the Middle East, and living in the West to go and join their cause.

The current administration seems torn between saying they are planning to plan to do something about the evil massacres, but at the same time doesn’t seem convinced that it represents that big a threat to the interests of the United States or our allies. Many are taken aback by the fact that there is still “no strategy”, after watching ISIS murder their way across Syria and Iraq and threaten to expand their caliphate across the Middle East, Northern Africa and up into Western Europe. They’ve also been threatening the United States and Britain. The threat seems to be taken more seriously in England, as its intelligence services have raised the likelihood of a terrorist attack to SEVERE.

It is reported that more than 500 Muslims from England, a few hundred from Canada and a hundred fifty or so from the both the United States and Australia have gone to join the terrorist caliphate, and possess passports they can use to bring the terrorist caliphate to western civilization. At least David Cameron and Tony Abbott seem to be interested in policies that would prevent that. Here at home, we’ll have to wait and see whether U.S. leadership will allow any action that would protect Americans from any looming threats.

We live in a time unique to modern American history, where there is “no strategy” to deal with any of the numerous and growing threats. No strategy to stop Iran’s acquisition of nuclear weapons. No strategy to deal with the ongoing destruction of the dollar through rampant overspending, mushrooming government “benefit” programs and massively expanding agencies. No strategy to deal with the ongoing flood of illegal and criminal aliens across our southern borders. No strategy to deal with Russia’s aggression into Ukraine.

The only strategies employed by this outfit have been to make sure God-fearing patriotic Americans get shamed into the acceptance of a nation that stands for nothing. Except global warming mandates, gay pride, social “justice” and a necessity to shelter feed and legally represent as much of the third world as can breach our uncontrolled southern border.

Can you believe that amid the crises threatening western civilization in every way, they’re banning powerful vacuum cleaners and certain other appliances in the EU and our president is reportedly signing us on to UN mandates on “climate change” without congressional approval? Of course! Light bulbs, vacuum cleaners, lawn mowers and Sport Utility Vehicles and coal are the really big threats to civilization! Oh yeah, and the Ferguson policeman. We want justice, yesterday!

When, if ever, will the world get to see the intelligence warnings, complete with STRATEGIES to respond, that have been prepared weekly for the White House and State Department. We may only have heard of ISIS over the past couple of months. But the threat has been known, monitored and hidden for a much longer period of time.

Of course, the White House press secretary has launched into damage control to tell us that we all misunderstood what was said. Of course they have a strategy to deal with the terrorists, just not one to deal with Congress! You can decide if that’s any better than the first blunder, which was in fact the truth.

But this administration is not playing to you. They are playing only to the truly uninformed, who can be easily bamboozled with the weakest of explanations. The fact is that the world is coming undone, our country is unraveling, and everybody, particularly the commander in chief, is too busy with trivial pursuits to be bothered.

Of all the western nations in harm’s way, the U.S., the nation best equipped to change the equation, is the furthest out of the loop. We’ll pray for our country, pray for God’s protection, pray for inspiration in doing God’s Work, and wait and see what it will finally take to shake up the rest of the population. Our peoples will figure out, sooner or later, that breaking every natural law was a fatal mistake.

We’ve had an intense week here at the HQ office. The new monthly letters, 12,500 of them have all been handled and mailed. We’ve had to purchase new computer equipment and software in order to continue producing magazines in house. The gear we were using finally gave out, and we had no choice. Another TCW is well underway, and it will blow somebody’s socks off, if not yours. My Mom seems stable, and as I said before, is in no particular pain. But she remains weak and poorly. Thank you all for your prayers for her.

Hope you all have a fine Sabbath.

Mark Armstrong