Weekly Update by Mark Armstrong – 27 February 2015

Greetings from Tyler,

We can’t escape the reports that ISIS has just taken hundreds of Syrian “Christians” hostage as the expanding caliphate continues rolling over towns and villages. Young girls (reportedly as young as eight years of age) are being used and sold for purposes no civilized mind wants to contemplate. The Secretary of State, John Kerry says it’s way off over there, and that Americans and westerners have never been safer. Meanwhile the Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper says he’s never seen the terrorist threat to the West as great as it is at present.

Both are high officials in the same administration, and their statements couldn’t be any more diametrically opposed. Kerry’s view is the one backed by the White House as evidenced by numerous statements claiming that we are paying too much attention to sensational reports, rather than worrying about the real threat to national security. That is, of course, climate change. They wouldn’t dare say “global warming” in the middle of historic cold, with deadly conditions facing much of the country, would they? Or maybe they will, just to stay in practice at saying the opposite of what is undeniably obvious. The most humble pope has taken to saying that it is “immoral” to deny “climate change,” and that we all have an obligation to agree with the bogus theory and whatever demands governments and maybe the Catholic church require of us to combat it.

We knew there would be strong deception, false teachings and intimidation to deal with as a globally recognized religious leader takes the lead toward forcing acceptance of a false religion. What we didn’t know was that the “religion” of global warming would be the hook. It won’t be the only one. But brace yourself. The pope is jetting all over the world preaching this idiocy, and he’s coming to America later this year to make a case that the current White House will use, probably to justify more executive orders by way of regulatory agency memos or regulations passed by a committee of three in the dead of night. Don’t be surprised if all the protestant churches jump on that bandwagon. They’ve already capitulated to “gay” nonsense. Most of the big ones are already in the pontiff’s lap, figuratively speaking.

Regardless of the threat level from ISIS, and fighters running back and forth between the West and the killing fields of Iraq and Syria, you can expect this next revelation to get a muted official reaction. To set the stage, American diplomats are virtually on bended knee, begging Iran for a nuclear deal that can be celebrated as a foreign policy success amid the series of disasters playing out all across North Africa and the Middle East. Not only is that a humiliating truth, it is also exactly how it’s being played in the Iranian press.

If it weren’t accurate, how on earth could one of the top Iranian clerics (with close ties to the ayatollah) be threatening to “raise the flag of Islam over the White House” in revenge for an Israeli bombing run in the Golan Heights that killed several Iranian-backed terrorists and one top Iranian general. This is but one of several hair-raising stories playing out across the front page of today’s Jerusalem Post. Another is Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s concern that the United States and its European allies have elected not to keep their promise of denying Iran nuclear weapons. Another yet has an Iranian defector claiming that even now, Iran is operating a secret uranium enrichment facility that western negotiators don’t even know about.

Those of us who yearn for peace, and love the blessings of liberty that have been bestowed as a result of God’s promises to Abraham, brought to fruition in America by the truly great founding fathers who designed our system of Law according to the Divine Laws of Nature, are seen by the current administration as enemies of the state. But isn’t that just too bad.

The president and the pope may have their millions of worshipers, and more power and wealth than we can imagine. But God’s people will not sign on to their insistence that we believe and support one ridiculous lie after another. We will not go along with “gay-marriage,” no matter what the Supreme Court ends up deciding. We will not sign on to the idiotic premise that government regulations can alter earth’s climate by limiting our access to God-given resources. We know that much of the world is in the grips of a religious war, where Islam plans to rule the world even if its followers have to kill everybody to bring it about.

We know that the European status quo, under the European Union and its euro currency is showing cracks that will bring about a prophecy-fulfilling coalition. And we know that all those central European nations already have large Muslim populations seething with anger at the West, and dreaming of its demise. We’re going to have to watch this train wreck play out.

Meanwhile we’ve already got a national train wreck under way here at home. Traditional Americans are at the bottom of the list of national priorities, set up to be punished for all the perceived social injustices inherent in our founding and our history. If there’s something left to save after another two years of unconstitutional orders and directives, decimation of the military, an ongoing flood of undesirable illegal immigrants, unaccountable agencies spying on everyone all the time, redistribution of wealth, and the demonstrations and riots that current national leadership justifies and encourages, it will be a miracle.

And a miracle, or a series of them is our prayer. The president may behave like a dictator, and the pope may claim humility, infallibility and divinity, but neither is God. And it is Him we need to obey. He is the only One Who can intercede on our behalf. He is the only One Who will reward or punish according to His righteous judgment. He is our only hope of Salvation. These other bozo’s are pushing sin, corruption and lies at us all day every day. We’re not buying. But we will continue to observe the Sabbath, God’s Holy Days with all the truth, meaning and historical lessons they have for us. Rest easy.

Mark Armstrong