Greetings from Tyler,

It would sure be nice if we could rest assured that our national leadership was fully committed to the destruction of the terrorist caliphate and to the rooting out of jihadists within our midst. One of the Muslim clerics who was advocating violence against “non-believers” was finally arrested in London this week. He was one who repeatedly said, “It’s coming to a neighborhood near you.” And he was right. Today we learned of the beheading of one woman, and subsequent attempt on another in the offices of an Oklahoma food-processing facility by a Muslim zealot. We all have to wonder whether this will even get the attention of a majority in this country who pay no attention and think all the world’s dangers are way off overseas somewhere.

How many more heads will have to get severed, how many more terrorist events before people get a clue that the terrorist movement is gaining by leaps and bounds in the Middle East and all across the west, that it is coming from Muslim clerics and “scholars”, it is their religion whether our leaders accept the reality or not.

The limited bombing campaign is reportedly proceeding in Syria and Iraq, with limited results. Everyone attuned is wondering whether the action wasn’t merely forced upon the current administration by the full chorus of media reports and withering criticism by current and former military brass. What do you make of all these brand new terrorist groups. We never heard of “Khorazon” until the bombing raid. Now we find out that they don’t even call themselves that. Who came up with the name anyway. Obviously they couldn’t be al Qaeda, because as we all know the current administration already defeated al Qaeda. The president went to the UN this week, and was supposed to be holding meetings to help build a coalition of nations, including Muslim nations, to take on the terrorists. But the reason the meeting at the UN was planned in the first place was to plan for “binding” international agreements to fight global warming!

It’s beginning to look as though the bomb runs may not have been much more than a cynical ploy to quiet outrage over ISIS and its plans for the United States so attention could be turned toward the real reason for the UN gathering, climate change. Even though China and India have no intention of participating in any international pact to cut pollution, our economy and national indebtedness will continue getting hammered by ever more green energy subsidies, regulations, coal energy plants being shut down, and ever more strident attacks on the oil industry.

The Department of Homeland Security doesn’t know about Middle Eastern terrorists crossing the border, but (as reported by Reuters) they’ve taken on responsibility for tackling the long-range impact of global warming. That should make everyone feel safe.

The earth hasn’t “warmed” at all in recent years, not even due to natural fluctuations. But terrorist attacks by Muslims have gone ballistic. ISIS is calling on Muslims in the United States to behead people at random, hunt down military personnel and “slaughter” them. We’ve got a problem, not only in the Middle East. We’ve got a major problem domestically, as do all the western countries who’ve worshiped at the altar of multiculturalism. And it’s not global warming.

If you see Murray’s update from Australia this week, you’ll read of another attempt in Melbourne where an eighteen year old Afghan attacked a policemen with knife, stabbing him about the head and neck before another officer showed up and sustained two stab wounds before shooting the attacker dead. But the Australian minister of immigration is still in denial, even though the Afghan was under investigation for terror-related activities, calling his death a “tragedy” and the Victorian Police Commissioner saying there was “nothing” to suggest that he intended to behead anyone – despite there being a second large knife found on him, a black ISIS flag and a camera phone.

But American boots have been deployed on the ground, in Liberia to “fight” Ebola. That’s probably not what they signed up for when the joined the American military. But, have you noticed? Ebola victims keep getting brought back to the United States for treatment. How long before everybody needs a hazmat suit?

Now that we’ve imported millions of Middle Easterners, a sizable portion of the Mexican population, hundreds of thousands into our schools and communities from Central America bearing unknown diseases and maladies, who, or what will be next?

Tribulation is already well under way throughout the Middle East and across much of Africa. Western prosperity is under attack from all directions, and we’re being endangered by leaders in denial over the threats that loom over us. On top of that we have layers of corruption in very high places, by social justice activists who have subverted the Constitution and the rule of law to their own corrupt ideology.

Nobody is coming up with a “legal” solution, a political solution or a military solution, because under current circumstances, there simply isn’t any. It is obvious that our way of life, our freedom and prosperity are the ultimate targets. May God’s church warrant His protection as every evil on earth stalks our homeland, and the Department of Homeland Security worries about climate change.

Thy Kingdom come.

Mark Armstrong