Weekly Update by Mark Armstrong – 22 August 2014

Greetings from Tyler,

It looks like there is quite a lot of sentiment in favor of racial consternation in the United States. Several networks have been broadcasting live all week from the streets of Ferguson, MO, interviewing protesters who claim they want justice, and they want it NOW! When was the last time our legal system dispensed justice inside of a week? Information that has been released piecemeal about the physical condition of the police officer who shot the eighteen year old claims that he suffered significant injuries, and may have been in life-threatening jeopardy when the six shots were fired. From the autopsy diagrams, we know for certain that the black youth was not shot in the back as was immediately alleged as part of the effort to promote anger and justify demonstrations.

But nothing gets in the way of the professional race-grievance personalities. Even the top law enforcement officer in the United States has seen fit to get involved, invoking his own personal history of negative encounters with police when he thought his racial ethnicity was a factor. Obviously, the clout of the Federal government will be brought to bear to make absolutely certain that no effort will be spared to hold the policeman accountable, if he is found to have acted with malice. So why have the demonstrations continued? Those running the U.S. Department of Justice obviously share the sentiments of the protesters, and will leave no stone unturned if there is any case to be made.

We’ve all had the unsettling image of the hooded executioner standing over the American journalist moments before cutting off his head emblazoned in our consciousness. Even though the terrorist caliphate reportedly has additional hostages who may meet the same fate, the Attorney General is talking in terms of bringing the British Muslim executioner to the United States to “face justice”. Imagine the spectacle if they should somehow locate and transport the Islamic murderer to the U.S., lawyer him up at taxpayer expense, and try him in an American courtroom. How long might “justice” require in that instance?

Official U.S. response, while calling the beheading “appalling”, has gone out of its way to claim that the actions of IS, ISIS, ISIL or whatever name is in vogue this week, are not representative of the religion of Islam. So where on earth are the tens of millions of supposedly moderate Muslims on this subject? Where is the outcry over the beheading of the American journalist, or any of the other evil being perpetrated in the name of that religion? Nowhere to be found, that’s where! The most the coat and tie “moderates” can come up with is that they condemn violence in all circumstances, implying that someone else is to blame for the evil committed by terrorists.

The terrorist army of IS has succeeded in capturing towns close to the Jordanian border. Surely, with the longstanding alliance between the U.S. and Jordan, they won’t be allowed to breach Jordanian sovereignty. But the conventional wisdom with which we’re all familiar, about what the U.S. will or won’t do in response to threats in the Middle East, in line with nearly seamless foreign policy that has spanned every presidency dating back 50 or 60 years, is of no use to us or anybody else anymore. Allies, in the Middle East and in Europe, have learned that the default position of the transformed United States, is to do nothing or as little as possible even when important strategic interests are at stake.

A little late, the Secretary of Defense and the Joint Chiefs are worrying aloud that the now fabulously wealthy terrorist army in Syria and Iraq could pull off an attack, maybe even something as devastating as the World Trade Center or worse in an American city. They apparently aren’t interested in deporting anyone here illegally, so how about they tell us how many Muslims from the Middle East have overstayed their visas, or have arrived with the assistance of the Mexican drug cartels? Lately we’re hearing that terrorist factions are in communication with the smuggling cartels, and with the current overwhelming of border personnel, who’s to say that terrorists aren’t already here? It is a very real possibility.

Meanwhile, rockets out of Gaza are screeching across the skies in Israel. One hit a synagogue injuring three with shrapnel. A mortar shell out of Gaza killed a four year old boy on a kibbutz today, and Prime Minister Netanyahu says Hamas will “pay a heavy price”.

But it is abundantly apparent that a “heavy price” will not solve Israel’s ongoing dilemma, anymore than the odd air strike will deter the spread of the vicious “caliphate” that has rapidly grown to be an unpredictable threat to western civilization.

Muslim jihadist types infect England in massive numbers. They’re in Holland, in Norway, in Sweden, in France, wrecking western culture under the protection of “political correctness”. Who can deny the tremendous impact 9-11 had on our nation, and on all our lives. It is this “religion,” this ideology that will represent the “king of the south” of Daniel 11:40, against a powerful coalition in Europe. No doubt, there are some twists and turns between here and there. But if there is anything we’ve learned in recent years, it is that things can change and develop very rapidly.

Presumably all of us in the Western world are sickened by the exploits of the black flag brigade, and want them blasted off the face of the earth. The opportunity to do that was squandered, inexplicably. But who ever heard of them until a few months ago? In reality, this outfit is only marginally different than al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, the Islamic Martyrs Brigade, Black September, or any of the other terrorist factions we forgot or never heard of. But there’s no denying, they all profess the same religion.

Whether the president or his attorney general want to admit it or not, whether political correctness gives us a bad name for recognizing the obvious or not, all of their atrocities have been carried out and justified by the same religion. It spawns hatred that knows no conscience, and it will again figure heavily in the United States, and in the future of Europe. Given the mistakes of recent decades, and an ongoing refusal to recognize the threat, it sure is hard to watch!

Mark Armstrong