Weekly Update by Mark Armstrong – 2 January 2015

Greetings from Tyler,

Well, we made it to 2015. The annual retrospective of events that shaped 2014 is not very enjoyable, with the possible exception of cheaper oil.

But can you think of any one of the major problems on earth, or in the United States domestically that have been improved, let alone solved?

Iran is going about its nefarious nuclear work, recently freed from any consequence from economic sanctions that were supposed to make the ayatollah think twice.

We watched in horror a terrorist caliphate under the banner of the Islamic State take over major portions of Syria and Iraq, taking city after city that Americans fought and died to free from their kind. They took over American vehicles, tanks, weapons and munitions left behind for Iraqi defense. Despite the half-hearted air campaign our administration reluctantly approved, the terrorists still hold sway over most of Iraq north of Baghdad. There is no current strategy to defeat them.

With American forces largely out of Afghanistan, as was advertised well in advance, there is a strong likelihood that everything our troops fought for there will go the way of Iraq.

Israel was forced to fight another war against Palestinian terrorists in Gaza, just to stop the barrage of Iranian built rockets fired in the general direction of civilian targets. While it has been relatively quiet for a few months, the rockets have begun to fly again. “Palestine” only narrowly failed to become a recognized sovereign nation in the United Nations, but reportedly has been recognized by the International Criminal Court at the Hague where they’ve charged Israel with “war crimes.” Israel is an international pariah, and no friend of the current U.S. administration.

Putin is on the march to reclaim Eastern Europe under Russia’s administration. The Crimean peninsula was seized from Ukraine, and the eastern half of the country has been a battle zone. Many are worried about Putin’s plans for the Baltic States, which are under the protection of NATO. Failure to protect them from Russia would render NATO impotent and meaningless.

Here at home, where would we start? Has this country ever been so divided, this side of the Civil War? The highest offices in the land have partnered with the lowest of race-hustlers who’ve ranted and raved against law enforcement and encouraged emotion-charged displays of anger, if not arson. The situation has been used by anarchists whose goal is to destroy the financial system and usher in communism. At this point, those purporting to protest “racist” law enforcement are simply being used as uninformed pawns by those who want to collapse American society. Any sign this will subside in 2015?

The pope is much further along than anyone realizes in his mission to bring all of mainstream “Christianity” into unity with Rome. He is regarded as an ideological ally to our current president on a whole host of subjects. His “compassion for the poor” leads him to agree with the president, that the third world should be allowed to flood into the United States from all over the world, and they should be given rights and economic benefits well beyond what any legitimate citizen would expect. And here they come, from Central and South America, and now the Caribbean too. The president and pope are expected to team up to bring about action from the UN to battle “climate change.” They apparently both think they’re infallible despite all evidence to the contrary. Maybe they’ll handcuff freedom and capitalism, but good luck with altering the weather!

The Foreign Minister of Germany has given numerous speeches to thunderous applause, calling on Germany to get past the humiliations of its NAZI era, and realize that Germany must become a world-class military power. With the United States in full retreat in the Middle East, weak and indecisive on threats facing Europe from the east, its seems that no one will oppose Germany as a military power.

Yes, we’re still here at the onset of 2015. But we’ve never known our nation to be in the grips of this kind autocratic regime before; we’ve never faced such debt; we’ve never shrunk before enemies who promise our destruction; we’ve never welcomed wave after wave after wave of illiterate immigrants by the millions who have no intention of adopting our traditions.

It truly looks as though all the ties that bind us to our founding, to God’s blessings, to our heritage and reason for existence, have been broken. But there are at least a few of us who will not forget who we are, where we come from, why our nation was founded and blessed. We will worship God, not government, and base our lives on His promises, the only ones that matter.




Mark Armstrong