Weekly Update by Mark Armstrong – 16 October 2015 – Reviewing world and US news from a prophetic perspective.

Greetings from Tyler,

“The caliphate is here”… “convert or die”. These are the graffiti messages showing up on the walls of restaurants in, of all places, Sweden, as hundreds of thousands of young Muslim men continue pouring into Europe. Germany is “registering” them, presumably supplying them papers allowing them access into the EU nation of their choice, while scolding member nations reluctant to accept their “fair share.”

And these are such civilized young Muslim men. A report recently surfaced from a Polish man whose bus was attacked by an angry group of “refugees” who wanted on board. They smashed and scratched all the windows and smeared the entire bus with feces before it was able to get out of there. They’ve marauded with sticks and pipes, chanting “Allahu Akbar!” because their benefits have not been granted quickly enough.

Angela Merkel gets a huge portion of the blame for putting out statements about Germany’s willingness to welcome “asylum seekers.” Her televised statements motivated hundreds of thousands who were not in fear for their lives to set out for Europe. The vast majority are young men, who aren’t back home taking care of the elderly or protecting the young children. They’re on a mission to take advantage of Europe’s welfare state and further the Islamic cause of infiltrating and collapsing Western society. And we’re supposed to feel sorry for them. So sorry that our pitiful, treasonous Secretary of State is putting out word that the United States will be hosting 200,000 of them. We’ll find out that they’re here only after Homeland Insecurity has settled them around the United States and has them all signed up for financial aid, educational benefits and perhaps a path to citizenship. Isn’t that how it works with all the third-world aliens they’ve resettled in America?

According to reports everywhere but the American media, Putin’s air campaign launched from his new forward base in Syria already has ISIS in full retreat. According to the UK Express, Russian jets destroyed “most” ISIS ammo depots and armored vehicles in a bombing blitz that saw eighty four targets blasted in 24 hours. This is something the U.S. under Obama just couldn’t bring itself to do. While a U.S. drone strike is credited with blowing up a convoy and killing ISIS’ number two in command earlier this week, the Pentagon has been able to boast of only two to four targets per day over the course of Obama’s air campaign against the terrorist caliphate.

While Putin appears to be carrying out what Obama was only pretending to do, relations between the U.S. and Russia are further deteriorating. Putin went on the record this week, calling Obama “weak” for the whole world to hear. Obama defended his response to ISIS in Syria and Iraq this week by saying that part of the solution was to “try a lot of different things.” Different things, like spending tens of millions of dollars to train “moderate” fighters to go against ISIS. Turns out they managed to train a total of five guys while ISIS continued to rampage, beheading, kidnapping and raping their way through villages and towns throughout the region. If reports are true, Putin has achieved in a matter of days what Obama wouldn’t in the months since the U.S. air campaign was announced. We can only imagine how the pilots in our military must feel. Not inferior, but betrayed.

Obviously, the Assad regime has been secured. Obama’s “red-line” threat of retribution for use of chemical weapons disappeared like another mirage in the desert. Anyway, taking out the Assad regime would have been the equivalent of what was done in Libya where the U.S. assisted in the downfall of Gaddafi, and look how that turned out. Libya is now a terrorist free for all, contributing large numbers of asylum seekers to the invasion of Europe. U.S. back pedalling on long-established policies regarding both allies and enemies has seen all parties lose respect and trust for the United States.

Now that Obama has signed onto Iran’s nuclear program, the Ayatollah just test-launched an ICBM capable of delivering nuclear warheads half a world away. Oh, but that’s just for defensive purposes, they tell us. They know that the “defensive” claim about the use of ICBM’s is absurd, as is U.S. cooperation with the nuclear deal. Apparently Iran realizes what the whole world now knows. Obama is using all the powers of the presidency (and then some) to hobble, hamper, and sabotage not only the United States, but every nation that was allied with us. The more absurd the explanations and excuses, the better.

Israel, betrayed and left vulnerable to Iran, to terrorists and to enemies now to include Russia, is trying to cope with a wave of knife attacks, mainly on civilians (though one “Palestinian” terrorist posing as a news photographer did manage to stab an Israeli soldier) and an incident where a car rammed into a crowd at a bus station. They’ve also torched a sight known as Joseph’s tomb in Nablus, and engaged Israeli police with demonstrations that include lots of thrown rocks and Molotov cocktails. They’re calling for “revolution” against the Israeli government, while Obama issues statements condemning both Israelis and Palestinians as equally culpable in the wave of violence currently underway. Don’t worry. John Kerry will be along shortly to get everything under control. How else can he embarrass and imperil our nation? What else can he do to thwart Israel in its security? The answer should be forthcoming in a matter of days.

Angela Merkel has sown the seeds of terrible trouble in Europe. As nice, polite, multi-cultural and politically correct as the brainwashed Europeans may be, this will blow up in their faces. The epidemic of squalor and terror that she has unleashed by inviting in Muslims by the millions will take its toll on an already economically fragile EU. They’re already realizing that life in Europe will never be the same again, unless…

Unless there is a complete reset of government and leadership. There is a tremendous vacuum of leadership in Europe, and at some point, when the full effects of the Muslim invasion become too much to ignore, that vacuum will be filled with strong leadership and a complete overhaul of the pathetic European Union. Britain will not play ball, and may very well take the opportunity to bow out of the EU with the Muslim invasion in full swing. England, to its everlasting detriment, has already desecrated its cities and communities with vast numbers of these filthy interlopers. Thousands more are camped in France, just across the channel, awaiting their opportunity to break in.

All the blood-moon predictions of a major world-shaking development fizzled without a world-wide financial collapse. The date swirling throughout the internet circuit was October 7, and if something huge happened, we must have missed it.

But the Muslim invasion of the west is not to be dismissed. No matter how it is handled, it will be a curse on the western world from now on. It appears really to be right along the line of the hopes and aspirations of our leaders. And that is nothing short of the destruction of Western civilization as punishment for our “sins” of bigotry and prosperity. Most of all, punishment for having received the promises and blessings God bestowed on the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The waves of Muslims, Guatemalans, El Salvadorans, Mexicans and Cubans will change all that. But hardly anybody sees where this is headed.

Mark Armstrong