Greetings from Tyler,

Have you ever seen things come unravelled for an administration, the likes of which we are watching right now?  The interesting thing is that all of the mind-boggling disasters unfolding in the attempt to take a giant step in the direction of socialism are not due to interference on the part of ideological foes.  They are the natural result of having brazenly broken one of the Ten Commandments with malice aforethought.  No effort to defund, delay or abolish the government takeover of this fundamentally private and personal aspect of our lives has had anywhere near the impact of the exposure of the monstrous lie that was stated with such mindless repetition.

For all the good government-managed healthcare was supposed to have done, it just wasn’t sufficient to make the population agree to be defrauded on the basis of a blatantly false promise.  There is incontrovertible evidence that the president’s top advisers knew that the oft repeated statements their boss was making were false.  It’s in print!  Their own projections predicted that tens of millions would forfeit their arrangements for healthcare, being forced into government “exchanges” as the only method of economic support for a program that was ultimately to become universal.

Even the most brilliant minds on earth (if indeed that’s what we’re up against) can’t outsmart the natural Laws that God has placed in force.  For a time, it looked like their arrogance might prevail.  It looked like this crew trying to turn the basic American concept on it’s head might just succeed.  The socialist theoreticians certainly thought they had pulled it off.  But now they are not looking so smug.  Now they are in retreat, trying desperately to put a band-aid on the self-inflicted wound.  But this one may not heal up.  The president said today that he needs to “win back credibility,” so maybe they’ll offer a delay before breaking all the promises.

It may be a long time before the extent of the damage from this little experiment with total government control is fully realized.  The web is so tangled, nobody seems to know how or whether it will all work out.  What we do know is that the perpetrators of this massive fraud are not sleeping so well tonight.  If they had any shred of conscience, they could never have made and loved such a monstrous lie.  But natural consequences are taking hold, and they’re overcome with panic.  For those who don’t believe in God or fear trespassing against Him, it is a lesson in Natural Law 101.  Do you think they’ll get the message?

Not entirely lost in the swarm of bad news for the government takeover is another self-inflicted crack-up in the Middle East where the plot thickens by the day.  Iran already has most of the weapons-grade uranium needed to prepare a nuclear device, and is showing absolutely no willingness to curtail its nuclear program.  The ayatollah has touted Iran’s nuclear program as the crown jewel of his country’s national pride.  But the American Secretary of State is desperate for a diplomatic success, as in a treaty or some kind of assurances even as Israel is adamantly opposed.  Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has gone so far as to suggest that a deal between the U.S. and Iran might actually make war more likely.  But here we go.

Iran was the one to walk away from the negotiating table, leaving Kerry and the American contingent hopeful that an agreement can be reached during the next round.  Unbelievably, Kerry was in Israel just last week trying to get Israel to give up the West Bank to the Palestinians and telling Israel that it could count on protection from “international forces.”

Oh, that’s reassuring!  Bring in the blue hats?  What a joke!

But maybe the blue hats (meaning UN forces) isn’t what he has in mind.  Maybe he’s talking about what the Germans have been talking about, and that is getting military forces prepared to intervene in the world’s hot spots.  Either way, it gives credence to some of the speculation by my Dad that Biblical references to “armies surrounding Jerusalem” might be an international force placed there to try to protect Jerusalem.

We’ve watched Egypt fall twice in the past three years.  The first was choreographed with the support and approval of the Obama administration, which had full confidence in the Muslim Brotherhood and intended to continue funding and arming them.  But the Egyptians finally had enough of the heavy-handed implementation of Islamic zealotry and erupted in a show of fierce anger.  The Brotherhood had to flee, and the military took over the responsibility of trying to restore order with the full approval of the vast majority of Egyptians.

The U.S., or in this case, the current administration cut off economic and military aid and, cozy as things were with the Brotherhood, gave the Egyptian military (and the Egyptian people) no further assistance.  You may already know the result.  They are now negotiating with Putin for Russian arms!

Given the traditional American policies and relationships forged in the Middle East at great expense over decades, who would have believed it could all turn out like this?  If it were the plot of a novel, no one would buy it.  It is all too pathetic to see America at odds with its traditional and trustworthy allies and desperately trying to cut some kind of deal with the world’s foremost purveyor of terror who dreams of subverting the entire Middle East with nuclear blackmail.  But that scenario suggests that they’d only threaten, and these crazy zealots might actually make good on their wild threats if they could.  Now Saudi Arabia is said to have nukes on order from Pakistan, as you may have heard.  Right now the Saudi’s appear to have concerns in common with Israel while representatives of the United States try to cut a dangerous deal with Iran.

It is another incredibly tangled web, and we can’t pretend to know the details of all the twists and turns.  What we do know is that the Middle East is ground zero for a conflict that will draw in the entire world.  Except for the United States.  We’re too busy experimenting with socialist redistribution and systematically destroying the value of our currency.  Wherever you look, the prophetic scenario is shaping up.
Mark Armstrong