Weekly Update by Mark Armstrong – 15 May 2015

Greetings from Tyler,

Why is the Department of Homeland Security busing hundreds of Somalis into California? Does anybody dare ask? Not yet. But there is video of the DHS buses, windows covered, taken during a stop at a gas station where a woman spoke with a border agent outside the bus. He told her that they were transporting Somalis to Victorville, CA where there is a “detention center.” The expectation is that the Somalis will be thumb-printe before being released or transported to the destination of their choosing. Presumably they will be given papers for a hearing in court where, if they show up, they will be given legal status and signed up for obamaphones along with numerous other food and housing benefits. We can only hope that none of these Somalis, who presumably are all Muslims, are agents of al Qaeda or Boko Harem.

The pope must be dancing for joy, as he apparently believes that the entirety of the third world should be transported to Europe or the U.S. and supported with socialist mandates on the working citizens. He hints that the evils of capitalism are responsible for their impoverished plight, and preaches that the developed nations owe them a modern lifestyle, even though many insist on bringing their 7th century customs with them. He’s also making comments about “Christians” preparing for martyrdom. Not necessarily the martyrdom of beheadings and burnings by ISIS, though he has at least condemned those evils. But even those little everyday martyrdoms(?) The pontifical potentate should probably consult a mental health professional, and do it before he comes to the United States later this year to inform us that accepting waves and floods of immigrants is a “Christian” duty, as is belief in global warming as a man-made crisis. The current U.S. president is not only a convert but an aggressive proponent of the pope’s favorite causes. Or is it the other way around?

We might as well get ready, because this is the year that the line between “Christianity” and political ideology gets blurred beyond distinction as the pope teams up with the United Nations and the Obama administration to demand universal acceptance and compliance as a moral imperative.

Iran is continuing to menace commercial vessels in the shipping lanes outside the Persian Gulf and Red Sea into the Indian Ocean. These provocative actions have continued to the present time with an Iranian vessel having just fired warning shots across the bow of a cargo ship traversing the Straits of Hormuz. The agencies of the U.S. administration routinely excuse or downplay these provocative incidents, holding out hope that the State Department can still conclude and then justify a nuclear treaty with Iran.

But the treaty with Iran business is not sitting well with any traditional U.S. allies in the region, including Jordan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. They have concluded that the U.S. has become unreliable, unpredictable, and appear to be working together outside the framework of American influence to address the threats Iran poses to all nations of the Middle East and beyond. The Saudi King even snubbed an Obama conference at Camp David after his attendance had been announced by the administration. Others did attend the meetings, but were reportedly neither impressed nor amused by assurances that the U.S. remains committed to security for Sunni regimes under threat from Iran. Furthermore, several Gulf nations have made it clear that they will negotiate to purchase nuclear weapons systems for their own protection if the U.S. allows Iran to achieve its nuclear ambitions. That would make the Middle East a much more explosive powder keg than it already is and represent a major step along the path toward Armageddon.

Closer to home, we have for the first time in our history U.S. “unconventional warfare” exercises about to kick off around urban areas and on private land in Texas! (It will be with landowner permission or payment; there is no Federal land in Texas.) Probably no other state in the Union can top Texas for its participation in and support of the U.S. military. But you’d be hard-pressed to find another state as incensed by Federal mandates, from obamacare to the influx of illegal aliens to queer matrimony and on and on. It is in this environment that so-called “Jade-Helm 15” unconventional military exercises are coming, not only to Texas but also Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Louisiana, Mississippi and Florida. But reaction in Texas is getting all the media attention.

Fraught with uncertainty and mixed emotions, Texans firmly support the U.S. military but are beyond suspicious about the intentions of the current administration. They also realize that the U.S. military has borne the brunt of outlandish social experimentation; queers being queer in the barracks, often promoted to positions of command; lesbians commanding units of men; military bases hosting “queer matrimony ceremonies”; chaplains forbidden to use or quote from the Bible; and morale as low as anybody has ever seen. The rules of engagement in the Middle East have hurt morale as well as the fact that the administration always makes excuses for acts of terror, and refuses to acknowledge that Islam drives terrorist fanaticism.

The idea that the “Jade Helm 15” exercises are intended to intimidate civilians, or are practice for the institution of martial law have been roundly ridiculed by nearly all respected media outlets and most politicians as well. But the current administration’s thinly veiled contempt for patriots, for “those who cling to their guns and Bibles” has not gone unnoticed. Surely those military conscripts and members of Special Forces are incensed at the suspicion that they would ever act against the interests of American citizens. But then they take orders from a civilian administration that acts against the interests of citizens all the time, sometimes in contravention of law (in the case of transporting, establishing and supporting millions of illegal aliens); in coddling and excusing some of the worst actors on earth (the Iranian ayatollah, the Castro regime to name a couple). So what are we supposed to conclude?

I conclude that the military men and women are sincere patriots who want to keep their oath to defend the Constitution, and that their Commander in Chief exhibits no such inclination.

Every week brings a series of developments and revelations, most of which undermine our God-given freedom to believe and practice. Socialism, loaded down with countless millions from all over the world, and its “environmentalism” component threatens to bankrupt Europe, the United States and potentially upend the global economic system. Add a gay-friendly socialist pope who thinks he knows better than God and you’ve the makings of the kind of curse the Bible spells out.


Mark Armstrong