Weekly Update by Mark Armstrong – 15 August 2014

Greetings from Tyler,
Apparently the western mind simply cannot grasp the depths of gruesome depravity being carried out by the terrorist caliphate that has put down roots in northern Iraq. The current administration didn’t see fit to make any effort to prevent the original invasion into Iraq even though there is ample evidence that warnings were sounded well in advance, well before mass commission of brutal atrocities in well over a dozen cities and towns.
Pentagon spokesmen have made public statements assuring us that the neither the pin-prick air strikes conducted so far nor anything currently in the offing will have much effect on the capabilities of the ISIL, as they now call themselves. Since they’ve commandeered American tanks, armored personnel carriers and additional munitions, it would mean targeting tens of millions of dollars worth of our own gear left there for the purpose of Iraq’s defense. Further, the terrorist army has done what they always do, and that is to meld in and hide behind civilian populations.
Recent days have seen our news awash in threats for attacks on U.S. soil. To some degree, even the mainstream media is carrying pictures from social media showing the infamous black flag being photographed in front of the White House and federal buildings. Rants posted all over the internet claim they, ISIL terrorists, are already here in the U.S. and planning to attack Americans. Though Islamic terrorists are notorious for their far-fetched boasting, the unsecured status of our southern border together with the fact that the caliphate is in possession of multiple millions of dollars makes the threat plausible.
An article by respected columnist Michael Isikoff, posted today, reports that counter-terrorism officials are warning that ISIL may well have the finances and capabilities to carry out attacks in Europe and the United States. How on earth has this been allowed to happen, when it could have been prevented months ago if the intelligence warnings had been heeded? How easy would it have been to have hit ISIL convoys on their long trip across the desert from Syria? It’s all academic now.
Another brand of anarchy has broken out here at home. The flames of race war are being fanned, all over the news networks, all over the internet, where blatherers try to equate the possibility of overreaction on the part of police to firebombing and looting behind a human wall of angry but “peaceful protesters”. As we’ve seen in other incidents of this kind, the official statements and actions of federal agencies under current leadership tend to encourage the “peaceful protests” that never seem to stay that way.
Odd, in the face of dozens and dozens of murders that take place in America’s formerly industrial cities, there are no protests to compare with the situation that erupts when there is a bi-racial or police component. Some of the most virulent race-baiters, black panther types, are even calling on the president to declare martial law. Hopefully, there is no possibility of that. But calls are going out for similar “protests” to be held in cities around the country in the coming days that could well result in additional anarchy.
Europe is sitting light too, with ISIL flags showing up en-mass at protests in Amsterdam, and an increased threat of war in Ukraine. Ukraine is claiming to have “destroyed” a purportedly humanitarian convoy of trucks that crossed the eastern border from Russia, and everybody is more than nervous about Putin’s next move.
As we look around the globe, we see more and more of this world descending into circumstances of tribulation. Unfortunately, the threats to western cultures, particularly to the nations that have enjoyed the heritage of having descended from Biblical Israel are mounting rapidly. The overwhelming majority of threats to civility and to peace and prosperity are coming from the death cult of zealous Islamists who adhere to “convert or be killed” philosophy. Despite early dismissal by our top leaders, they do seem to have gained a stubborn and expanding foothold in the Middle East, and they do have their sights set on Europe in addition to Israel and America.
The Biblical warnings of what will transpire between the King of the North (a reference to a company of nations in Europe to be headed by a charismatic leader yet to emerge) and the King of the South are surely developing. Meanwhile, tribulation is coming to our formerly lawful society. It is coming from all directions, economically, by invasion from the third world, and provoked and encouraged from within. Why has nearly every government agency been militarized, with swat teams, armored vehicles and heavy equipment; agencies like the Dept. of Agriculture, the EPA and the Food and Drug Administration? It wouldn’t make any sense whatsoever, except our Department of Homeland Security is putting out warnings about “anti-government” violence being a major concern. They’re logic? The stand-off at the Bundy ranch last March over cattle grazing rights on Federal land, they say.
Apparently nothing is too far-fetched to justify the militarization of numerous government agencies, even though it is impossible to imagine how it could possibly be justified. The Bundy ranch explanation doesn’t hold water, so there must be something else afoot. What that might be is anyone’s guess, none very reassuring. But in the meantime, our current leadership seems either blind to the legitimate threats to our way of life, or … How long before the public at large realizes that we’re running out of our blessings and those tasked with securing the safety of our homeland are interested in everything but? Only a national reformation of our cultural attitude toward God and His laws could save our peoples from the troubles that are mounting on every front. That is our message, and that is our commission.

Mark Armstrong
P.S. We would certainly appreciate your prayers for my Mom, Mrs. Shirley Armstrong. She has experienced a dramatic decline in strength over the past week, and is in a very fragile condition. I’m pleased to report that she is in no particular pain or emotional distress, and thank God for that. We’re hoping that this circumstance can be temporary, and that she will recover at least to her state of well-being of just over a week ago. We are well aware that she is universally loved and respected, and for good reason. Thank you all, in advance.