Weekly Update by Mark Armstrong – 14 November 2014

Greetings from Tyler,

It is certain that the vast majority of our national population have little if any idea of the rising dangers abroad to our blessings and to our way of life. There is a smattering in mainstream national headlines and news reports, but only a small minority pays any mind at all. If you caught one of those “big stories” early in the week, you may have been tempted to prematurely celebrate the death of the leader of ISIS after American aircraft bombed a terrorist hideout. Unfortunately, the murderous Islamic leader and chief orator for the terrorist group, released from U.S. custody during the draw-down of the Iraq war, is alive and vocally mocking the ineffectiveness of the president’s air only “strategy”.

Recent reports claim that al Qaeda and ISIS have joined forces in the effort to add all of Syria to their growing caliphate. You probably heard of the additional 1500 American troops recently deployed to Iraq to “assist” the Iraqi army in trying to take back some of the cities and territories lost to the terrorist army. But we’ve heard little in the way of successes in those efforts so far. ISIS already controls vast segments of Syria and Iraq, and despite the president’s insistence that there would be no American boots deployed against ISIS, General Dempsey, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and top military adviser to the White House says they are now considering deploying U.S. troops, presumably in combat.

Meanwhile, American officials have been grilled by the UN Human Rights committee this week as to why the facility at Guantanamo Bay has not been closed. Maybe the answer should have been that at least half (and probably more) have returned to the ranks of the terrorists! It would be nice if someone could explain how continuing to release terrorists under present circumstances doesn’t amount to aiding and abetting the enemy in a time of war. Or to put it simply, treason. Would Americans even care, assuming the mainstream outlets of information were to inform them? Regardless, under the circumstances, the facility won’t be closed by an act of Congress. Maybe, since it remains a priority of the current administration, it too will be ordered by executive action.

Speaking of executive action, you must know of the battle that is brewing as the president insists he’s “waited long enough” for congress to “fix the broken immigration system”. If the president makes good on his threat, he will sign an executive order next week which will give millions of illegals (from who knows where all) the legal right to remain in this country, get on all manner of social programs, get social security numbers and legal ID. If so, the branches of government will essentially be at war with one another. Under the circumstances, it is stunning to review a video from only two years ago where the president stated that any fear that he might take such an action was wholly unjustified because such a move would be blatantly illegal. “There are laws on the books, passed by Congress…” which would prevent any such action, he said. Has he forgotten he made those statements, or has all pretense of credibility and honesty been rejected as unprofitable? It is obvious that the whole underlying concept of our nation, of government acting on behalf of citizens they purportedly represent, is out the window.

Americans support Israel and want the terrorists kept out and wiped out. This administration has been rude to Israel and soft on Islam, refusing to acknowledge the religious fervor that fuels the terrorists. National security, protecting national borders is the government’s number one Constitutional duty. But this current administration is more concerned about the plight of foreigners who have illegally breached our borders and is acting on their behalf against the wishes of the vast majority of Americans. These ironies and contradictions go on and on encompassing nearly every subject. But, okay, one more. Bogus, unfounded global warming fears currently trump energy security and economic security, and the president just concluded some purported “deal” with China under which America has to drastically curtail its energy emissions while China does, well, nothing.

Almost lost in the whirlwind of domestic troubles is the battle that is brewing over the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. There have been recent killings, demonstrations and terrorist attacks over the right for Jews to even ascend onto the Temple Mount, while Muslims insist that such an act is a desecration of the al Aqsa Mosque, which of course gives them the inherent right to murderous insanity. That’s something we’re all supposed to understand.

Not to worry, the EU wants to be involved and is on the job. The EU foreign policy chief, a woman by the name of Frederica Mogherini publicly insists that Israel must allow Palestinians to have their own state where they can live in peace and security. That state would include the entire West Bank and east Jerusalem.

This obviously is not going to happen as long as Israel has a Prime Minister like Benjamin Netanyahu. The EU can convene their 28 members to discuss, debate or demand that Israel give everything over, the West Bank, the historically significant half of Jerusalem, and its own national security in the process, as if even that could quell the murderous Muslim hatred of the Jews and result in “peace”. But unless Israeli’s elect their own version of Barrack Hussein Obama, that’s not going to happen.

Another story of globe girdling and prophetic import is the pending “deal” which will allow Iran to become a full-fledged nuclear power. A deadline on those talks is approaching, and for whatever reason, the current administration seems to want an agreement with Iran, which is ruled by an Ayatollah who continues to call for Israel’s annihilation while making threats against the United States. We can surely count on everybody involved in this train wreck to be good for their word!

Israel is outraged that America might “make a deal” with Iran, because it threatens that nation’s very existence. The truth is, it also threatens ours. Given the track record of current leadership, maybe that’s the intent. We live amid unfolding events of Biblical proportions, and will continue sounding the alarm.

Terrorists mock the United States. Illegals mock our laws and those who’ve been trying to enforce them. The administration and its advisors mock “We, the people”. Mainstream “Christianity” mocks God’s Laws. Our culture increasingly mocks God, and as we’re about to find out, that’s not going to work out. This doesn’t begin to cover it all, but now it is the Sabbath. Thank you for participating in this huge and frustrating task of trying to get people to wake up, reject the evil and look to God for direction.

Mark Armstrong