Weekly Update by Mark Armstrong – 11 July 2014

Greetings from Tyler,

Jerusalem is back in the news in a big way, as the Israeli army is being amassed for the possibility of a ground invasion of Gaza to curtail the barrage of missiles screeching across Israel’s sky. But the U.S. insists that Israel’s response be “proportional.” There’s no way the state of war between Israel and its terrorist enemies can ever be solved. Apparently neither the United States nor the rest of the world will stand for it. If there should be a ground invasion of Gaza, the drum beat for a cease-fire will get even more insistent. The United States stopped winning wars a long time ago, and Israel is under tremendous pressure to limit any actions they may take to a “proportional” response, whether its population is having to run in and out of bomb shelters all the time or not.

The terrorists use the civilian population as human shields. It is a mainstay of their strategy. Consequently, any success that Israel may have in knocking out terrorist strongholds or launch pads will automatically include women and children. We won’t have to wait long before we’ll be treated to pictures of their lifeless bodies being carried out of rubble, having the intended emotional effect as they’re circulated worldwide. And reactions will be as intended, “How could Israel do such a thing?”

This is a conflict without end, and it will still be the focus of world attention at the time of the Second Coming. But by then, it won’t just be Israel that’s in danger of annihilation. According to Bible prophecy, it will be all mankind.

If not for photographs, video and eyewitness reports from credible sources, the news today and every day of late would be hard to believe. Illegal aliens (or whatever factually inaccurate, politically sensitive tag has been approved for mainstream use this week) are being allowed on commercial airliners without any ID? After what they’ve put law-abiding Americans through at the airports, treating us all like potential terrorists, the TSA is reportedly letting foreigners of various nationalities through security and onto airplanes with a “promise to appear” form, on plain copy paper with no security features whatever.

We’ve known there are already between twelve and twenty million illegals in the United States. There is evidence (published by Judicial Watch) showing that government agencies have aggressively promoted food stamps and numerous other financial assistance programs to those in the U.S. illegally. It has already been going on for years.

But the ongoing flood of central American requires immediate assistance. Food, shelter, transportation, and LEGAL ASSISTANCE. There’s no possible way of knowing when, if ever, the never-ending stream of destitute foreigners will stop, or what might this end up costing. If it goes on long enough, it will cost us everything. The president is making an emergency request to Congress in the amount of $3.7 billion. There is the suggestion that, absent a quick approval of that amount, funding for border security will dry up, as all the money is going to the Central American onslaught.

As Americans, our hearts have to go out to these poor children and expectant mothers who have been smuggled to the U.S. on the basis of a lot of false promises. On the other hand, there is simply no way the United States can afford to let all the world’s poor flood in here, and then support them all. Then again, that may be the point.

You may remember the radical doctrine, embraced by many on the left, of “overloading the system”. That doctrine was not conceived as a means of saving our freedom and prosperity, but rather as a means of forcing transformation to a socialist, perhaps communist system. Rather than trying to solve a problem gnawing at the integrity and the sovereignty of the United States, our leadership is acting as if nothing is wrong. The subject is being tossed about like a political football, used to blame one faction or other for not embracing “comprehensive immigration reform,” which is usually code terminology for conferring citizenship and voting rights for the untold millions already here.

The president was here in Texas this week, apparently without his phone or pen, or any solution to a crisis already out of control. His appearance in Austin sounded like a pep rally, without a care in the world. Despite the cascade of horrible news from our southern border, to Iraq, to Israel, as far as the administration is concerned, there’s nothing much to worry about.

But things are desperately wrong in Israel, where sirens warning of incoming missiles send people at the international airport at Lod, in Tel Aviv and in Jerusalem scurrying to bomb shelters at all hours of the day and night. You cannot have escaped the news that Israel has called up forty thousand reservists and is threatening a ground invasion of Gaza to try to halt the barrage of missiles targeting population centers and the airport.

First, Israel responded to the kidnapping and murder of three teenagers, one of whom was an American, by striking Hamas targets in Gaza. Then an Arab teenager was killed in Bet Hanina on the West Bank, presumably by Israelis. Prime Minister Netanyahu has promised to find whoever was responsible and punish them to the full extent of the law. But in Gaza, they build shrines to murderous terrorists. For days now, missiles have been fired deep into Israel, with several penetrating Israel’s “Iron Dome” system designed to shoot them down before they can do damage on the ground. Obviously the anti-missile system is not fool proof.

If you’ve followed these events, you may already know that Israel uses radio broadcasts to advise Arab civilians in Gaza to vacate target areas before bombing raids. It is very instructive to learn now that Hamas is ordering civilians to remain in place despite the advance warnings. And this is how it has always been with the terrorists. They actually want civilian casualties that they can use for propaganda purposes. That’s why they use schools and mosques as ammo dumps, and launch rockets from apartment buildings. The claims of civilian deaths from Israel’s bombing raids, (many under the age of 16) are already a staple of our domestic mainstream reports on the crisis.

Check Murray’s Australian Update for more on the activities of ISIS, and the brutal, destructive means they’ve devised to install their terrorist caliphate. The world stands flatfooted, absent traditional leadership from the United States, as a wealthy and organized terrorist state is organized to take on the world. Even the current administration’s Secretary of Defense is saying that it is an “imminent danger to the United States.” Apparently, even the bosses for whom he presumably speaks aren’t impressed. They’re more interested in political fund raising and holding pep rallies for young audiences cheering for a future of care-free government support.

The big concern is that someone may utter some phonetic pronunciation deemed inappropriate, or that the Secretary of State won’t be able to find a trans-gender diplomat to represent us overseas. That’s about the extent of our leaders’ concerns as they usher us toward tribulation. How very fitting.

Mark Armstrong