Weekly Update by Mark Armstrong – 10 April 2015

Weekly Update

Greetings from Tyler,

Deal or no deal? We’ve been told by those who purport to represent the United States of America that there has been a major breakthrough in nuclear negotiations with Iran. That’s right, the “framework” of an agreement has been reached. They danced in Tehran and celebrated like it was Sept. 11, 2001 when their contingent arrived back from Vienna with the news.

We Americans, still rattled by the idea of negotiating with the hateful zealots in the first place, have been trying to understand the reality of a situation where our leadership explains what a great deal has been reached, and how the Middle East and the world will be safer than we thought. Sure enough, the graph explaining Iran’s concessions under the “framework” looked encouraging.

But then the ayatollah reemerged to call the U.S. president and the Secretary of State liars. He claims Iran never agreed to any of the details boasted by the White House, and that the U.S. simply “likes to lie.”

Who do you trust? Is anybody in this mix to be believed or trusted? The Iranians have quite a record on that score. Even the United Nations’ nuclear negotiators know all about that. Has Iran been caught telling the truth about anything over the past seventeen years? A similar question can be considered of John Kerry and his boss. Maybe a Nobel Peace Prize is the goal, but that would be another in a long list of humiliating mistakes by the Nobel committee.

How do you make peace with a terrorist state who hates Israel, hates America, hates other Muslims, and is ready to die trying to kill everybody on earth? Peace with these zealots is simply not in the offing, no matter what they say, or what agreement they sign. The whole charade of nuclear negotiations has been a ruse to buy time, and to give Iran and its nuclear program legitimacy. Anybody who says the world is a safer place because of these talks, or the “framework” is naïve, or lying.

Islam is at war with the world. We’ll wait to see which faction ends up controlling the Middle East, but a nuclear Iran would surely have the trump card. And it looks as though the current administration is content to delay the inevitable a couple more years just so they have something they can claim as a success in the sea of Middle Eastern anarchy that’s been wrought over the past six years.

The pretense of progress with Iran is dangerous to Israel, to Europe and to the United States. The only ones who insist otherwise are employed at the State Department, the White House or some faction of the mainstream media. In fact, everything we love and hold dear is being sold out as the world moves closer to a violent crescendo. They can say, “Peace, peace” all they want, but there will be no peace.


Mark Armstrong