Weekly News Review by Mark Armstrong – 6 November 2015 – Reviewing US and world news with a prophetic significance

Greetings from Tyler,

London was turned into anarchy last night with thousands of protesters holding what they called the “million mask march.” Anarchists wearing the now familiar, sneering, Guy Faux masks vandalizing the downtown, battling with police on horseback, shooting fireworks at them and even making a move toward Buckingham Palace. They call for revolution.

We’ve seen these idiotic displays in the United States and in Canada, usually in conjunction with meetings of the world leaders and financial gurus. But we’ve also seen it with “Occupy Wall Street” in New York and in Berkley, California. They’re always ready to stop traffic, break into buildings and disrupt orderly life to DEMAND that capitalism be replaced with communism, or else!

It’s a little difficult to figure out. They’ve already got leaders in nearly every western capitol that agree with their cause, and are doing nearly everything within their power to get it accomplished. Although the pope is not technically a western head of state, he’s philosophically on board with them too.

Angela Merkel is destroying the culture and demographics of Europe, while applying the tenets of socialism to teeming hordes of mostly Muslims from all over the Middle East and Africa. Now she, and her allies in the EU are trying to turn the incredible migration mess into a global warming crisis. That’s right. Apparently the real reason all the young Muslim men are streaming throughout Europe is that they are “climate refugees.”

And if something huge doesn’t get accomplished at the upcoming “Climate Change” conference in Paris, large waves of asylum-seekers may strike out for the west (like they haven’t already). Something huge, like a World Climate Tribunal run by the UN, with enforcement powers all over the west, including the United States. That’s what they’re demanding, lest waves from the third world strike out for all points north and west. Merkel and her cohorts are trying to shift blame for the Muslim invasion for which she and Obama are largely to blame into a global warming crisis. Now that both Australia and Canada have ditched their relatively conservative leaders for hard-core leftists, the Paris conference may very well achieve a vast sovereignty handover to the United Nations.

It’s beginning to look like the great One World Religion of Bible prophecy may well revolve around global warming and socialism. It’s already got its own pope who’s tried persistently, and somewhat successfully to tweak Christianity into a call for welcoming all the population of the third world into the industrialized nations of the west. There’s no question that is exactly what Obama is trying to accomplish, despite court rulings that what he’s doing is illegal and unconstitutional.

ISIS appears to have successfully bombed a Russian airliner full of passengers out of the sky over Egypt. This too will probably contribute to more global warming refugees! It will certainly have a disastrous impact on Egypt’s tourist industry, as is already apparent.

After all the adamant Obama statements about “no U.S. boots on the ground” to combat ISIS, the president is announcing that he’s sending 50 special forces over there to take them on. Fifty? Isn’t it great that our president always tells the terrorists what we’re about to do before we do it? It’s absolutely mindless. Now it’s reported that the Pentagon is “boiling over” with frustration about the president’s military decision-making. Really? They took this long to boil over? He’s gutted their capabilities, announced their missions, embraced enemies including Iran, disrespected and angered our closest allies, fired every General and officer with any guts, turned the military into a homosexual social experiment. Who’s left to “boil over”?

We’re watching it in real time folks. It is the destruction of western civilization as we knew it. And if we can’t recognize all the lies they’ve told as necessary to the accomplishment of their lofty goals, they’ll be coming for us soon enough.

An investigation is underway in New York to prove that Exxon/Mobil has been deceiving the public about their contributions to global warming in order to sell their dangerous products. You know, the ones that power our cars and heat our homes. Here we go. Where it stops, if it ever does, nobody knows.

They’re playing exclusively to those who are not well informed on every bit of this. Our president, and other western leaders too, know that nearly everything they say or do is driving everyone not involved in their schemes absolutely crazy. Apparently it gives them great joy. They’d better enjoy it while they can. May God grant us a reprieve from the insanity. Failing that, if there is to be no reprieve, if Europe is to fall into utter anarchy; if the United States is doomed to be rent asunder by marauding criminals of foreign descent protected by Homeland Security; may He give us wisdom and protection for having exposed the frauds and deceptions and for standing firm for His Laws.

Now the day of rest, the Seventh Day Sabbath is here. Thank God for it.

Mark Armstrong