Weekly News Review by Mark Armstrong – 13 November 2015 – Reviewing US and World News With a Prophetic Significance

At the time of writing this article the confirmed death toll in Paris was about 60. Since that time the casualties resulting in death has risen to over 150, with many more wounded.


Greetings from Tyler,

Paris, France has again become the target of a wave of terrorist attacks. Bombs have exploded in public venues, shooting attacks have erupted in restaurants and theaters. Some sixty are proclaimed dead so far, but the situation at this writing is apparently nowhere near under control. They’re even saying that as many as one hundred hostages may have been taken by gunmen who attacked a music venue.

There are not yet any claims of responsibility. But is there any doubt? This is undoubtedly another Muslim murder spree, reminiscent of the Charlie Hebdo attacks last January, and numerous others around the world in recent years. The news continues to come in just now, and it looks like this may very well be the work of ISIS. What a surprise! You don’t suppose this will have any bearing on the “welcome” that millions of Muslims are being afforded in Germany, Sweden and elsewhere in Europe, do you? Regardless, it’s a little late. Europe is already home to millions of Muslims, as is England, as is the United States.

The Muslim bloodbath in Paris will undoubtedly wipe the ridiculous racial demonstrations at the Missouri School of Journalism off the front page. Their idiotic rampages, cavorting around like a bunch of… well, if you’ve seen the footage, you finish the sentence. White privilege! That’s really a huge scandal isn’t it? Yeah, this bunch of affirmative action, racial quota ingrates deserve free tuition, a safe speech zone and everything else they demand, don’t they? Let them throw their race-driven fits. They don’t have a clue what America is about. Maybe they ought to have the opportunity to take their chances in any number of Utopian dictatorships anywhere in the world. But don’t forget, this is our president’s constituency! They’re doing his bidding.

Only one day before the ongoing assault on Paris, there was openly televised talk in Germany of the possibility of a coup from within Angela Merckel’s own political party. The problem is that she backhandedly invited the third world into Europe with her widely viewed comments about Germany’s willingness to accommodate them beamed to audiences worldwide. From the poverty stricken regions of eastern Europe, the Middle East and northern Africa they’ve risked their unhappy lives for the chance to live on the public dole in Germany, Sweden or anywhere else in Europe. Maybe some of them have already made their way to France.

Mrs. Merckel’s allies are dismissing talk of an internal coup, claiming that she is protected by continued popularity among Germans. Meanwhile Mrs. Merckel has doubled down, insisting that Germany is on track to accept some 800,000 “refugees” this year alone. She has refused to place any limits on the continuing influx, saying that it is not up to Germany to decide how many may ultimately come.

Many are giving false identities that cannot be verified. Merckel’s own civil servants working for the federal office of immigration have reportedly written an open letter warning that nearly all the refugees are claiming to be from Syria, and German officials have no way of verifying their claims. But they say many are offering up false identities. This, the letter claims, has already resulted in infiltration by members of ISIS. If so, expect Muslim attacks like the one in Paris to break out all over Germany, all over Sweden and all over the rest of Europe.

Elsewhere in Europe, razor wire fences are going up. But so far those are not intended to stop the flow into Europe, but simply to regulate it. Hungary, Slovenia and Austria have already erected fences, and the Hungarian Prime Minister is openly claiming that the importation of millions of Muslims is a left wing plot designed to import voters for future elections.

But maybe the Muslims in Europe aren’t interested in voting. Maybe they’re interested in the violent overthrow of western civilization. So far, the “politically correct” leadership that dominates Europe has been all too happy to show their limitless compassion to Muslims displaced by their own apathy, and their abject failure to identify the enemy. We’ve got the same problem in spades here in the United States, where our president seems to be working toward the same destructive ends. Forget the law-abiding citizens who make the country work. We’re apparently only here to be compassionate to those who want to take advantage and destroy our culture.

No doubt the Muslim world, and even the throngs of supposed Muslim “refugees” in Europe will be celebrating the mayhem in France. Maybe the political backlash across Europe will begin immediately. If not immediately, maybe it will require similar incidents to occur elsewhere. But it will come. There is currently a vacuum of leadership in Europe, and it is begging to be filled. If that vacuum is not filled soon, anarchy will begin to break out all over the place.

We’ve been consistent. Europe will change dramatically from the deadpan, failing European Union. That change will revolve around Germany, and it will no doubt address the Muslim problem that current EU leadership has allowed and orchestrated.

Stand by for the next chapter of fulfilled Bible prophecy.


Mark Armstrong