Monthly Letter from Mark Armstrong – April 24, 2014

April 24, 2014

Dear Members and Coworkers,

Something is brewing in Europe that may reverse the pacifism that has characterized the continent since the end of World War II. To say that Russia, with its egotistical former KGB officer at the helm, is acting provocatively would be an understatement. Since Putin’s invasion and unimpeded annexation of Crimea the stakes have escalated. Warnings of undefined “consequences” from the U.S. administration have been ignored. Russian military units have not departed from Ukraine’s eastern border but instead have conducted war games as if in preparation for a further invasion.

Russian bomber aircraft are probing European airspace in the North Sea prompting the scrambling of NATO member fighter jets to escort them safely away. There are also confirmed reports of a Russian jet buzzing a U.S. Navy destroyer on maneuvers in the Black Sea. While all this is transpiring, militant commandos are seizing strategic locations in eastern Ukraine prompting skirmishes with Ukrainian forces and civilians while Putin’s military contingent practices for what looks like a further invasion.

Putin’s actions and rhetoric are leading analysts to conclude that he truly intends to reassemble the footprint of the Soviet Union, which begs the question, who’s going to stop him? Europe is growing nervous, particularly in light of the fact that the U.S. is in retreat all over the world. “Red line” warnings have obviously had no effect. The warnings have been ignored and forgotten in the case of Iran, they’ve had no effect on the slaughter in Syria, and Putin is obviously unimpressed. Finally the U.S. has ordered 600 paratroopers to Poland for training exercises there and in other Baltic states as an illustration of U.S. commitment to the security of western Europe. This is taking place even as the U.S. State Department reiterates its position that there is “no military solution” for Putin’s aggression into Ukraine.

It is another indication of a weakened United States that is not lost on Europe or the Middle East, and not lost on us either. Aside from the occasional ballyhooed drone strike on some remote terrorist compound, the U.S. seems to have capitulated in the “war on terror.” Certainly it is positive news when we hear that a terrorist bomb maker has been vaporized by an American drone, but Iran is not only on speaking terms, but now somehow in the good graces of the current U.S. administration.

The first $450 million of frozen Iranian funds is being released back to the regime on the basis of a determination that Iran is behaving responsibly of late in its production of enriched uranium. The mullahs still call for Israel’s destruction and preach the overthrow of the west but the current U.S. administration is determined to follow an approach of appeasement.

The American relationship with Israel has soured markedly over the past six years, as the U.S. government saw fit to support the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and directly support the overthrow of relatively benign Middle East regimes. Israel has been careful not to completely blow up its relationship with current U.S. leadership, but it hasn’t been easy. Israel is under constant, withering pressure to make one concession after another in pointless “peace” negotiations with a Palestinian figurehead (Abbas) who has neither the authority nor the ability to conclude a peace agreement. Time and time again, Israel has been pressured to vacate territories and compromise its own security so that American diplomats can claim “progress” toward an eventual “two state solution” for Israel and the Palestinians. This has been going on for some forty odd years, but never with such disregard for Israel’s continued viability.

Apparently we’re still operating on the erroneous assumption that all would be well in the Middle East if only Israel would agree to give up more territory and allow the Palestinians to govern their own sovereign state. It is simply not feasible.   Not only is it not feasible from the standpoint of Israel’s security, but also impossible because of Iranian influenced factions in Gaza and at least a couple of terrorist organisations.

Jerusalem is at the center of the controversy, and will remain so right up until the Second Coming according to Bible prophecy.

We are witnessing a great many events that are changing the status quo, the balance of powers and influence, and everything is moving in a direction consistent with things that would have to take place in the build-up to prophetic fulfillment. One of most depressing components of that scenario is well along. And that is the decline of the United States of America. The decline is economic, military, cultural and spiritual. There is no need to spell out how this is playing out, the reports are everywhere on every one of these fronts. Our people are being encouraged to become dependent upon the state to provide every need, as if it represents some higher calling than being responsible and productive.

The transformation the United States has been experiencing on a graduating scale is not far off from one which Bible prophecy clearly indicates will be extant all over the world at the end time. It is a time when worship of a world leader will be required for economic participation. Acquiescence to heretic notions will be enforced and demanded throughout society. It looks like the U.S. is being primed for that eventuality in advance, even before several of the other western nations that have never taken their personal liberties nearly as seriously as Americans.

Against the backdrop of so many serious developments here at home and around the world, we are in the Spring Holy Day season, and very thankful to Almighty God for the blessings He granted as an inheritance for our ancient forefathers’ faithfulness. We’ve been reminded once again, as we are every year at this time of the ancient Passover where the firstborn of Israel were spared death by the blood of a sacrificed lamb painted on their door posts according to God’s instruction, coinciding with the sacrifice of Jesus Christ with His blood representing the sacrifice for our sins.

We also observed the Days of Unleavened Bread in all its meaning throughout time, and enjoyed some special occasions with visiting brethren over that last weekend. The next Holy Day in the annual succession is Pentecost that was an annual Feast in Israel, and is regarded as the birth date of the New Testament Church. Our offer this month is a message delivered on Pentecost that delves into the significance of God pouring out His Holy Spirit. It also details how very badly this central truth has been botched by mainstream “Christianity” which holds that you MUST accept the convoluted and contradictory concept of the “trinity” in order to be regarded a Christian. (It’s about like saying you have to agree with “queer matrimony” to be an American!) This is what looms in our futures, and to a degree already colors our culture. Accept Godless ideology or else! We hope you’ll enjoy and benefit from this Pentecost message in advance, Paganism and the Trinity.


Mark Armstrong