May 2014 Monthly Letter from Mark Armstrong

May 27, 2014

Dear Members and Coworkers,

While we struggle to grasp the extent of our national transformation, major events of prophetic importance are taking place in Europe, the Middle East and Rome. Here at home the mainstream media is on vigilant watch to identify and punish anyone in the public domain who may have made any comment deemed racist, or sin of all sins, “anti-gay.” The mere expression of concern about the impact on the American economy or our demographic makeup, with the ongoing and increasing influx of foreigners from Mexico, Central and South America, makes you a bigoted “hater” in our increasingly fascist environment.

But the concerns are valid. Tens of thousands of under-age minors are documented to be flooding across our southern border, creating a legal issue of “custody,” and what to do with them. They’ve likely been sent with the expectation that the extended family will eventually be allowed to immigrate legally. Maybe the long-awaited “immigration reform” can see to all that. But if both parties can’t see fit to get on board, which looks increasingly likely, the presidential pen is virtually quivering to sign executive orders to legalize the illegals, release even the most hardened alien criminals onto our streets, and “make sure” that all have access to every available government benefit.

There’s one thing the current leadership will not abide, and that is any cut in government expenditures. Surely you remember the recurring deadlock between the White House and the Congress, which after blowing through deadlines repeatedly resulted in the much maligned “sequester,” which entailed automatic budget cuts to “non-essential” government programs. You’ll be interested to learn that the release of an estimated 60,000-plus criminal illegal aliens into U.S. society was the result of the “sequester.” Obviously, protecting society from these alien criminals wasn’t “essential.” How much did you see about this in the mainstream media?

American society is convulsing about what some sports figure actually meant when he said something about someone on a dark street wearing a “hoody” or if an expression of disgust over men slurping cake out of each other’s mouths deserved weeks of “sensitivity training.” These are the subjects commanding the most attention, while the country is being plunged tens of trillions into debt on the premise that everyone should be “equal,” presumably illegal aliens included!

Hardly anyone notices when the pope tells the UN to get busy promoting “legitimate wealth distribution” in all nations. Massive wealth distribution has already been underway in all the western nations for decades, foisted most heavily on the United States over the past eight to ten years. But it will never be enough until there is universal equality. Such a notion has been applied elsewhere before, but never with such good intentions and brilliant leadership as those now at America’s helm.

Every other such experiment has seen a temporary panacea for those who implement and enforce the rules and regulations, and a drawn-out nightmare for the populations of the countries which have actually forced such a system into existence. In the end it destroys everybody’s quality of life and societies in general. The nations that lived under that system have never recovered. Look at the countries that Putin wants to take back under Russian control. Even twenty-five years after the collapse of the Soviet Union, they’re still struggling with the aftermath.

Between the politically correct but power hungry politicians and our transformational president, the United States has implemented tenets of socialism that our Founding Fathers tried mightily to prevent under what was to have been the supreme law of the land, our Constitution. But our Constitution has become about as relevant to this society as the Bible; paid grudging respect but practically ignored.

Europe has languished under its version of socialism, and several of those southern nations have bankrupted themselves trying to provide everyone with everything courtesy of government generosity. Under the treaties of the EU, Spain, Italy, Greece and France have found themselves so shackled by the rules and regulations of the European Central Bank that they are locked into mass unemployment, mired in the poverty of immigrants from north Africa and the Middle East, and they can’t do the same thing that the United States keeps doing to mask the underlying problems. They can’t print a train-load of “stimulus” money to bail out industries or lighten the load of poverty. They can only appeal to Germany and their EU masters for a renegotiation of debt.

You may have noticed in recent letters and Weekly Updates that we’ve been saying that Europe’s financial crisis would ultimately result in political upheaval. Isn’t that the lesson of history? Economic deprivation leads to the rise of dictatorial regimes, and they are embraced as much out of intimidation as desperation and hope for a prosperous future.

It seems that the backlash has begun in Europe. Parliamentary elections, most notably in France and in Britain have just left the ruling parties reeling. Popular sentiment for the European Union and for the common currency, the euro, is collapsing. Papers and publications have called the electoral advance of “far-right” parties an “earthquake.” France’s socialist president Francois Hollande blames the drubbing of his party on an “incomprehensible Europe,” meaning the EU. The upshot of nearly all the parliamentary elections across Europe is that these new “far-right,” anti-EU, anti-immigrant, anti-euro representatives will now occupy larger blocks of seats in the policy-making EU parliament.

Though our mainstream media has yet to take notice, the political changes we’ve been watching for in Europe are now under way. Those populations have had enough of the rules and regulations, the financial degradation and pro-immigrant policies of their EU masters and have spoken at the ballot box. What will happen next? Will the EU be dismantled? Will economic deprivation lead to demonstrations and riots in the streets?

Interesting isn’t it, that the political “earthquake” that is shaking Europe takes place over the same weekend that the “legitimate wealth distribution” pope is making his first “historic” visit to the “holy land”? All of these events are leading us closer to the fulfillment of those things for which the Church has been watching all these years. Who will be the ten toes of iron and miry clay foretold by the prophet Daniel?

We hope you’ll order and enjoy, on DVD or CD, the sermon by Garner Ted Armstrong, Iron & Clay. Some of his introductory comments are dated to the recent history at the onset of the European Union as we all remember. But the outcome remains the same. Man’s attempts to govern, devoid of God’s Divine Laws are leading to a morass here below that only Jesus Christ will be able to straighten out.


Mark Armstrong

P.S. Enclosed for your convenience, is your holy day offering envelope for Pentecost which will be observed on June 8th this year.