Mark Armstrong’s Weekly Update, April 19, 2013 – The Boston Marathon Bombing

Greetings from Tyler,

None dared call it Islamic terrorism.  To the contrary!  The head of Homeland Security emerged early to inform us there was no evidence of a broader plot.  The president refused to call the incident “terror” in initial comments, let alone Islamic influenced terror.  No, we were lectured not to hypothesise.  Otherwise, speculation ran the gamut, with prominent mainstream commentators finding a host of reasons to suspect “right wingers,”  but absolutely no (with only a couple of out-of-the mainstream exceptions) indications that it could possibly involve Muslims.  The fact that the cowardly bombing of unsuspecting innocents as they go about their wholesome activities is the specialty of devout followers of the most vengeful Islamic clerics, was lost on most everybody.   Well, probably not lost.  It’s just that no one dared state the obvious.

Even now (mid-day Friday) with one of the Muslim Chechen brothers dead, now that we’ve all been repeatedly shown video of these “nice, quiet, smart, athletic” young men callously planting bombs amid a peaceful, joyous throng, right next to an eight year old boy, cautious language is the rule.  As the news feeds flow, and the whole world follows the manhunt for the surviving 19 year old brother, we learn that millions are cowering indoors giving authorities an abandoned cityscape in which to conduct their pursuit.  It’s a little unnerving that whole cities, with their millions of residents, are temporary prisoners of their immediate surroundings until further notice.

Two obscure, normal young guys enjoying the unique environment of American freedoms and opportunities have managed, in spite of the amateurish aspects of their evil conduct, to bring a vast and heavily populated metropolitan area to a complete standstill, the authorities are calling it “lock-down.”

Maybe there’s every reasonable and logical justification from the standpoint of law enforcement to have empty streets and no civilian movement while they pursue a nineteen year old fugitive.  Does somebody, somewhere have the authority to “lock-down” whole cities?   Obviously so.  Is it legal authority, or merely the presence of a massive influx of personnel and firepower?  Will the question ever come up?

It would be biased and bigoted to wonder whether there are any more “nice, funny, smart, athletic” devout Muslims with hidden terrorist motives amongst the hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions going about their mundane business, all fully compatible with American society and culture.  Maybe these two were just studying under the wrong cleric, or were perhaps inspired by the likes of one of the more popular promoters of violence.  Surely this was some kind of one-off, aberrant circumstance that can’t reasonably be expected to be repeated on American soil, or so we’ll be asked to believe.

The scene in Boston, the aftermath of a bombing, blood on the sidewalk, severed limbs, shell shocked victims with grievous injuries looked just like scenes that are commonplace in the Middle East.  It could have been Jerusalem or Tel Aviv, Beirut or Baghdad.   But it was Boston.

A couple of days before an astounded media suffered the shock of realisation that accompanied the indisputable identification of Muslims of Chechen descent, an Islamic cleric appeared on Egyptian television to say that it was a warning to the western world, and particularly to France.  It appears that the Islamic cleric was the only one to recognise that this particular act had to be the handiwork of his own brand, and in the current environment in Egypt, he was perfectly comfortable saying so.

Say it’s not so!  What do you mean it wrecked the hearing on the pending “comprehensive immigration bill.”  Under the glare of all the breathless reporting on the bombing and the manhunt that has riveted a nation’s attention on the most visible example of why it might not be wise to allow all immigrants, to carry on amid the American population as they see fit, without apprehension of interference, in pursuit of citizenship and prosperity.  Somehow, today didn’t seem like the best time for the gruff and dismissive head of homeland security to lecture legislators about the need to leave illegals alone to pursue their dreams under the rights and privileges of the American Constitution.   So they’ve canceled what would have been another illogical and insufferable lecture.

“Comprehensive immigration reform is a vital necessity,” we’re told by a great many spokesmen of national stature.   How much time will have to pass before the current incident is sufficiently distant that the Boston Marathon massacre won’t cloud the discussion?  We’ve hardly, if ever, heard any reference to people from Islamic countries in the discussion of immigration reform.  It’s almost always a sympathetic tale of disadvantaged Latinos trying to escape the poverty and violence to our south.  Would there be any point in considering how some form of “amnesty” might affect the nation with immigrants from angry Muslim nations in mind?  Who would have the guts to bring that into the discussion?  Up to now, nobody official.  Now, however, it may be the elephant in the room whenever they do get around to rescheduling the hearing.

Isn’t this something?  Today, nobody can rant about “gay marriage” being a Constitutional right.  They also can’t rightly demand that all Americans should submit to increased regulation and scrutiny with regard to firearms.  On a day like this, they better not bug us about global warming, climate change, or try out some new explanation as to why the glaciers haven’t melted, the polar bears aren’t extinct or any carbon-footprint nonsense.  But even the Boston incident with all its ongoing drama, has not prevented widely reported rants about how desperately we need to engage in ever more taxation and deficit spending so the government can keep us safe!   Oh, they did a great job of that at the marathon, didn’t they?

Now if you’ll just stay home, listen only to officially sanctioned spokesmen for federal agencies, and don’t come out ’till they tell you, all will be well.

No broader plot?  The Boston Marathon bombing is only the latest evidence of the biggest, most nefarious plot of modern times.  As the Egyptian cleric said, before anybody else dared speculate, it is a warning to the western world.  Don’t resist progress toward the coming world wide caliphate, or this is what you’ll get.  Innocent blood in the street, severed limbs, destroyed lives and your cities locked down.  They may try to pass this off as something unique and out of the ordinary.  But it is the murderous vengeful anger of Islam that will lead to the fulfilment of end time prophecy.  This display of evil, cloaked in ordinary garb, moving easily amid the unsuspecting crowd is the most recent illustration of what’s going on here and everywhere else their brand of “religion” has infiltrated.

Such Nice Young Boys.