Mark Armstrong’s Weekly Update and Review of US and World News – 22 January 2016

Greetings from Tyler,


This is the week that government-funded agencies came out with the bogus claim that 2015 was “the hottest year on record.” Apparently they will continue using subterfuge to come up with similar claims in order to justify “global warming” propaganda, heavy-handed EPA regulatory authority and additional executive orders. In fact, it’s been shown that NASA refuses to consider the most accurate of satellite data in favor of mercury thermometers, many of which are located in and around cities. Cities covered in asphalt and concrete tend to accentuate and trap heat that dissipates more readily from natural terrain. It is even more curious that a government-run space agency would refuse to make use of satellite data in reaching its conclusions.

It was the “hottest year on record.” Not the warmest, but the hottest! Our offices are in East Texas, renowned for hot weather. But there were certainly no claims of this being any “hotter” a year than normal. So there is a certain sense of justice in seeing the heavily populated east coast area of the United States and Washington D. C. in particular come to a virtual stand-still, with citizens being warned to “shelter in place” due to life-threatening cold and dangerously heavy snowfall during the very same week they issued their “record hot” propaganda.

This is also the week that billions of dollars are being released back to Iran as part of the “nuclear deal” that the Obama administration struck with the terrorist state. So it appears that Iran will get all the money, despite the warhead capable ballistic missiles they recently tested in violation of UN resolutions, and despite the public humiliation of U. S. Navy personnel last week. Even the haughty Secretary of State who gave away the store (Israel’s security, American security, and the $150 billion) in the negotiations admits that some of that money will be used to fund terrorism.

Assuming Iran should comply with the details of the agreement, after less than ten years there will be no more barriers to their nuclear activities. Iran will be legally free to do whatever it wants in the nuclear/military arena, and the narcissistic buffoons who purport to represent us have already agreed to this on our behalf! So within eight to ten years, we can expect Iran to have the capability to zap the power from every beloved device, from smart-phones to gas pumps across America, assuming they intend to stop there. Apparently the money is being released back to Iran in installments. We’ll see how long the pretense of friendship and cooperation lasts once they’ve got it all.

Europe continues to writhe with the unbelievably destructive “refugee” problem that German Chancellor Angela Merkel brought upon the continent. The stories just keep on coming. Burglaries, rapes and assaults are running rampant as more continue to arrive. Many sought to welcome the refugees, even volunteering to help serve them, and now they are beginning to tell their stories of how disillusioned they have become after trying to deal with the “refugees.”

They admit that they’ve already lost track of over a half million of them!

The Department of Homeland Security informed us this week that some 500,000 people who came to the United States as visitors during 2015 didn’t leave as their visas required, and they have no way of tracking them down. Furthermore, they don’t act like they’re particularly interested in tracking them down. Twenty percent of those were from nations dominated by terrorism. That means 100,000 from terrorist regions are at large in the United States, and that just from last year alone.

It seems that we’ll never go another day of our lives without having our attention drawn to the murderous activities of Islamic zealots. If that hurts the feelings of the peaceful Muslims, TOO BAD. Maybe they should do something to rid their “peaceful” religion of all the preachers of terror. But somehow they believe, and our anti-American president believes, that their all-consuming religious hatred is our fault.

The political correctness of “empathy” for those who would wipe western culture off the face of the earth is destroying Europe, Britain and the United States. But we’re supposed to feel “good” about ourselves for at least having the right intentions.

When it comes to the next generation and the one after that (if there is another one after that), just extrapolate the trends you see playing out in nearly every western civilization. The world ahead does not look like a pretty place for the grandchildren. It’s almost as if current leadership, wherever you find it in the Western world, is consciously plotting the destruction of our way of life.

We know where our blessings came from and we can see, week by week, how and why those blessings are being revoked. There’s no temporal place to turn, no great nation, no righteous leadership. Maybe its time for “the people” to reconsider where they place their trust. God gave us His commandments and plenty of evidence as to the outcome of their violation. That might be a real good place for everyone to turn as we watch the systematic, intentional destruction of all we hold dear. All bets are off, we’re in God’s hands.


Mark Armstrong