Mark Armstrong’s Weekly Update and News Review – 9 September 2016

Greetings from Tyler,

Here we are, preparing for the recognition of the worst terrorist disaster in our national history fifteen years after the fact. No doubt, we will be seeing replays of the footage of the second passenger jet slamming into the World Trade tower, people jumping to their deaths from the upper stories, and thousands running for their lives as dust and debris cascaded through the streets of Manhattan.

Everybody remembers exactly where they were that awful morning, and the thoughts that raced through our minds as reports of additional hijacked airplanes were broadcast by every news outlet. As we brace for this solemn anniversary 15 years after the fact, we have to look at all that’s transpired since that fateful day and realize that the United States and, in fact all of western civilization is in a much more perilous state now than we were on September 11, 2001.

As it stands, we have hundreds of thousands if not a million more Muslims in the United States than we did at that time. Most if not all believe that Sharia law is above the Constitution, and many believe that terrorist attacks in the furtherance of Islamic dominance is justified. We’ve undergone the introduction of a word, and a concept, that never previously existed in our linguistic lexicon, “Islamophobia.” (Interesting, my computer just underlined it in red indicating that it’s misspelled or doesn’t exist.)

The politically correct government institutions of Europe, both national government leaders and EU officials, have taken the word and concept seriously and made criticisms or insulting commentary toward Mohammad or Muslim immigrants a hate crime, in some cases punishable by fines or prison. There are many in the party of the presumptive next President of the United States who would love to see those kind of sanctions introduced into U. S. law. Sure, it would violate the 1st Amendment of the Constitution, but what’s new where the crusaders for “social justice” are concerned?

For most in the United States, the influx of Muslim “refugees” is a theoretical problem, something that’s happening somewhere else, and not affecting their daily lives. Most probably have no idea that some 800 Syrian “refugees” were admitted into the United States this week alone on the say-so of some UN bureaucrats, without input from any U. S. agency. If you should you be concerned about their identities, long-term intentions, or what psychological maladies may inflict their offspring, you might be a xenophobe. Strike that. You are definitely an uneducated racist bigot. Who would dare question the good intentions of unknown UN “diplomats” toward the people of the United States?

At this point it is only fitting to “tease” an article in the upcoming issue of 21st Century WATCH. It involves a recent meeting and speech given by our Director of Homeland Security to a Muslim group known as the Islamic Society of North America. The FBI (prior to current leadership) identified the group as a component of the Muslim Brotherhood dedicated to a kind of “grand jihad” to undermine Western civilization “from within.” The DHS Director is none other than Jeh Johnson (head of the agency that transports illegal aliens to their chosen destinations within the United States by bus or chartered plane) and, without giving away the entire plot, he told this group identified by the FBI as a front for the terrorist organization Hamas, not to be discouraged. He assured them that they will soon enjoy full acceptance among Americans, just as other immigrant groups have. It sure is good to know that this highly paid department head is looking out for the best interest of American citizens!

We survived 9-11, all but about four thousand of us, and we’re about to re-experience the whole ordeal vicariously. But it appears that many learned nothing from it, despite numerous episodes that followed in the subsequent years including several mass killings in Europe by “allah akbar” screaming zealots. Even those who stay abreast of the mainstream news know little if anything about the numerous rapes, molestations, robberies and killings occurring many times daily in Europe. As we’ve noted repeatedly, European officials are doing everything within their power to withhold that information even from their own constituents. But it may not be working. The blight of crime and filth that has invaded Europe has spread to a point that can’t avoid recognition, even by the average citizen.

Serious changes are coming in Europe, and the early evidence is emerging. Angela Merkel’s own party, in a region considered home to her most loyal constituents, just lost an important election. Her CDP (Christian Democratic Party) was just beaten by the AfD (Alternative for Germany) which the government and media have branded as “far right.” They now wield increased clout in Germany’s Parliament. Mrs. Merkel’s insistence that she acted properly in the importation of one million Muslims last year, and staunch position of continuing the importation of hundreds of thousands more have taken a monumental toll on her popularity and that of the EU. It looks as though the first dominoes have fallen in the change that will overtake ultimately and transform Europe.

Surely the news that Greece is financially upside down again, despite debt renegotiations and infusions of German taxpayer cash, won’t help the situation. We keep hearing that Deutsche Bank is in serious trouble and may eventually fail. Should that happen, analysts predict the fallout would circle the globe perhaps taking down other institutions worldwide.

Meanwhile, our nation is internally fraught with anger and dispute the likes of which we’ve rarely seen. The path forward is anything but clear, particularly given the angry divides of this political season. The last time we experienced anything approaching national unity was during the two weeks or so immediately following 9-11-2001. We’ve digressed so far in all directions that even another event of that magnitude couldn’t bring the United States back to anything approaching national unity. Many now believe it would be a triumph of “social justice” for the United States, and all of western civilization to be overtaken and dissolved. May God grant us wisdom and protection in the “brave new world” that works tirelessly to outlaw truth and besmirch the great blessings we’ve enjoyed.


Mark Armstrong