Mark Armstrong’s Weekly Update and News Review – 7 July 2017

Greetings from Tyler,

The United States is being represented in Europe, before the top political and financial leaders of every economically important nation on earth, by a man who defends the values of Western civilization, and America unapologetically.  President Trump’s speech yesterday in Warsaw, Poland was easily the most optimistic and inspiring we’ve heard since the days of President Ronald Reagan.

Several of the pundits, specifically the purveyors of the “Russia collusion” theory could only find fault with the president’s remarks.  They say he attacked the “free press.”  They say he “trashed America’s intelligence agencies.”  In fact, he called for “honest reporting” from the press, and called out CNN, NBC and others for the endless parade of anonymous sources and their false allegations.  As for the false information leaking from intelligence agencies, maybe that will be resolved someday.

It is interesting that the president’s message is so popular in a nation like Poland, bombed and occupied by Nazi’s, and then subjugated by the Soviet Union under communism.  These people know what life is like in Socialist Utopia, and that’s is why they are cheering an American leader that appreciates their precarious geography, wedged as they are between an aggressive Russia and socialist Western Europe.  The President told them, “For America’s part, we have never given up on freedom and independence as the right and destiny of the Polish people, and we never, ever will.”

The naysayers said the crowd was stacked and playing to the cameras, and Trump’s speech was full of meaningless platitudes, in addition to the press conference comments critical of the former president and dishonesty in the news media.  But something concrete may come from the president’s visit, and that would be the opportunity for Poland to receive its natural gas supplies from the United States, thus freeing them from the possibility that Russia could leave them without power.  That eventuality has been made possible by major changes to the EPA’s regulatory structure, which was all about “fighting global warming” rather than the efficient production of energy.

Angry lefty loons have cried crocodile tears over Trump “killing the planet” and plenty of equally inane rhetoric.  But since waking from their dreams of a quick impeachment, it appears that we’ll all get to see if the “planet” has been murdered or not.

The news has been all over the “protests” in Hamburg as the top 20 economic powers on earth meet to discuss trade relations.  Europe seems to have the same masked marauders that regularly assemble in Seattle or Berkley to burn things and smash windows.  Who are these people, and what on earth do they want?  They obviously have no shortage of time on their hands, and given their appearance and demeanor, most would be unemployable.  They claim to be anti-capitalist and anti-fascist,  but they demand socialism or communism, and create havoc and destruction calling it “protest.”  The scene in the streets of Hamburg, Germany is bizarre.

There have been reports of dozens of police injured in clashes with the anarchist idiots.  An ABC radio report Friday afternoon indicated that there may have been nearly 200 officers hurt amid fires, smashed storefronts and combative mayhem unleashed by these screwballs.  You’ve got to look at the photos taken on the scene to get a feel for the depravity of these people, who probably couldn’t even begin to articulate why they are there, other than they’re just furious that everything isn’t free.  Chances are they’re already living on government handouts, and they may even be receiving payments from protest organizers.  Maybe we’ll find out eventually.

What a scandal it is that New York Mayor Bill de Blasio had to hurry to Germany to take part in the protests, which he undoubtedly views as part of the “Resist” movement against the President.  He couldn’t stay in the city he’s paid to lead to attend the memorial for the black female police officer who was assassinated in her squad car by a Black Lives Matter thug on Wednesday.  She was a mother of three children, a former nurse and was an officer with the NYPD.   He was a convicted robber, and used six known aliases.  Her life mattered.  His, not so much.  We hope that de Blasio will discover his true self-worth running with the rioters in Hamburg.  With any luck, he’ll get blown off his feet by a water canon.

And then there is this.  You would think that this would be a scandal of enormous proportions, but you’ll have to go to an alternative news site, a British or New Zealand source to even read about it.  There is apparently a complete blackout of any mention on cable news or network radio, even the conservative talk shows haven’t seemed to notice.  That is the news that Italian Police raided the apartment of a Vatican Cardinal only to find…  Well, here’s the headline from the New Zealand Herald.

Vatican rocked: Police raid drug-fueled gay orgy at cardinal’s apartment.  “Police entered an apartment at the former palace of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (or Holy Office) last month, not far from Vatican City.  The occupant of the apartment is alleged to be a priest who serves as secretary to cardinal Francesco Coccopalmerio, the head of the Pontifical Council for Legislative Texts and a personal adviser to the Pope… “When Police showed up at the apartment, they reportedly found drugs and a group of men engaged in sexual activity.”

And this isn’t news?  The story is nowhere to be found on CNN, any of the big three networks or Fox News either!  Not even a peep about it (so far as we can tell) on the radio.  Here you have the headquarters of the most powerful “Christian” institution on earth, with a pope who says, “Who am I to judge?”  yet he purports to speak for God on earth. His weird holy men get caught in the middle of this vile filth, it is reported in Britain, New Zealand and some alternative internet news sites, and the networks and newspapers in the United States refuse to notice!

This story brings back the realization that hundreds if not thousands of Catholic priests the world over have been caught and convicted of molesting the children of their parishioners, and the “church” has done everything within its power to hide them out and cover up the news, even at the cost of hundreds of millions of dollars.  The story in the New Zealand Herald took the opportunity to mention that Cardinal George Pell of Australia, who is in charge of “cleaning up the Vatican’s murky finances” is currently defending himself in the case of numerous alleged victims who have charged that he abused them in unseemly ways over a period of years.

That Vatican is just the holiest place on earth, isn’t it?  The Bible tells us that there will be great deception from a powerful religious leader in the end times, and there is every indication that the Vatican will be at the heart of it.  Will this evil activity in a Vatican palace known as the “Holy Office” go completely unreported and unnoticed by nearly everyone on earth?  Will the humble little pope ever be asked for explanation?  Or is the great deception already under way?

Mark Armstrong

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