Mark Armstrong’s Weekly Update and News Review – 4 March 2016


Greetings from Tyler,

It’s hardly worth tuning in to the news these days. It’s all about the latest insults between presidential candidates. The facts on the ground that are driving our national destruction rarely rate any attention in the current environment.

Obama wants to release more murderous terrorists back to the Middle East? Ho hum. He wants to bring the worst of the worst to U.S. soil for trial or prison? What’s new? Border agents have been ordered not to apprehend illegals they catch? If they don’t like the president’s order, they can look for work elsewhere, that’s what their boss told Border Patrol agents. Do the job you were hired to do, you’re fired. This outrage comes from the Customs and Border Protection Commissioner R. Gil Kerlikowske, who is obviously more than anxious to follow an anti-American, un-Constitutional order from the president which violates existing law. If you think this is a bit hard to believe, look up the article by Stephen Dinan published by the Washington Times on Tuesday, March 1.

That’s the same day the top NATO commander in Europe told the Senate Armed Services Committee that ISIS is spreading “like a cancer” into Europe, under cover of the refugee influx. At the rate the refugees keep pouring in, officials estimate that 2016 is on course to exceed the one million that entered Europe last year.

The pope informed a French Christian group that the “Arab invasion” of Europe is a “social fact.” Apparently he neglected to mention that he may have had something to do with the great migration by his romantic overtones toward refugees before the flood started. But if he had, it would have been done with pride. He claims that Europe has undergone many foreign invasions in the past, and the results have been favorable. He claims the vast Muslim refugee blight plaguing Europe should be viewed as a resource!

They’re already a resource, for terror, for robbery and rape. But apparently the pope thinks they’re all going to find gainful employment and contribute to the socialist utopia before it collapses. But that’s absolutely wrong. They didn’t come to work, or to learn the languages of the host nations. They came to destroy Western civilization, just as their religion demands. Those camped out temporarily in Greece are being handed envelopes of cash. It wouldn’t be good for their dignity if they have to stand in line for soup kitchen meals. No, they should be able to fan out and buy what they want, at the expense of European taxpayers.

It’s amazing how many warnings there are about the impending economic implosion of the European Union. Some economists claim that a likely dip into recession will put the EU into a tailspin it can’t survive. Others warn that the EU will collapse if the UK pulls out. And why wouldn’t the UK pull out? They’re obviously well aware of the disaster that’s spreading across the continent, and they’ve already had a major dose of ruinous “multiculturalism” (translate lawless Muslim ghettos preaching Islamic supremacy) in their own country.

Now it seems as if the demise of the EU is being actively pursued by Angela Merkel, EU officials and Muslims by the millions. We’ll soon see what kind of “resource” swarms of Muslims are to Europe.

No doubt many are being transported and deposited in the United States secretly by the president and the national agencies he’s corrupted to work diligently against the interests of American citizens. But we no longer know who’s a citizen anyway. Did anybody see the report out of Minnesota this week, about the primary caucuses that were held exclusively in the Somali language? Reporters who covered the event in the environs of Minneapolis couldn’t report on any speeches given, for obvious reasons. You’ve got to see the photos of a regular high school gymnasium teeming with scarved, be-robed Africans who obviously don’t speak English. They’re voting? When did they become citizens? If they only speak Somali, how and where do they work? They don’t, of course. They’re here at the expense of our grandchildren, and they’re voting for the kind of country our grandchildren will inherit. How about that hope and change! A bunch of non-English speaking Africans who have no business here at all, being wholly supported by American citizens, casting votes for the socialist, multicultural disaster that is Obama’s dream for America.

It’s not very pretty to watch what’s happening to Europe, or what’s being done to turn the United States over to a bunch of third world thugs. But we can’t ignore it, and won’t. While the news media hyperventilates over the latest campaign speech or zinger of an insult between candidates that should be working toward common goals, we will continue to concentrate on the destruction of Western civilization on every front.

Maybe some think that it’s too political to broach these issues. But we come from a long tradition, and are bound by the biblical instruction to Watch for the events that represent the fulfillment of Bible prophecy. In our offices we have bound copies of the Plain Truth magazine, founded and published by Herbert W. Armstrong, and his son Garner Ted Armstrong. Perusing the decades of that publication, which is the forerunner of our 21st Century WATCH, proves beyond any reasonable doubt that it would have been in the forefront of laying bare the truth of the times in which we live now. Maybe the directness of some of the articles is distasteful or hurtful to the sentiments of some. Sorry. This is what we are commissioned to do, it’s what we have to do, and it is what we’ll continue to do with increasing power and strength as God provides.

May He bless and protect all who obey His Laws and precepts, no matter how out of step with mainstream society they’ve become. Have a great Sabbath day!


Mark Armstrong