Mark Armstrong’s Weekly Update and News Review – 27 May 2016

Greetings from Tyler,

The United States narrowly escaped having the president’s “trans-gender” proclamation passed into law by the Congress this week. It happened when a “gay” Democrat from New York attached “trans-gender discrimination” language to a routine spending bill to fund the Army Corps of Engineers. Many are expressing surprise that 43 members of the nominally conservative party signed on to the measure which forbade the federal government from granting contracts or doing business with any concern that wouldn’t enact the president’s “gay, lesbian, trans-gender, queer” policies.

The whole thing was set to go until a congressman from Georgia stood up at a policy meeting and read a Bible passage aloud, condemning homosexuality as an abomination to God. Reports have some Republicans who supported the bill cursing aloud as they fled the room, calling the reading “expletive ridiculous.” But it worked! The representatives who had supported the measure in a preliminary vote had a change of heart (maybe because Capitol phone lines were jammed with outraged callers) and voted to kill the measure in the official House vote. That’s how close America came to having this idiocy imposed as the official law of the land this week.

Carried to its natural conclusion, this kind of legislation would effectively put most companies and institutions that refused to comply with this perverted nonsense out of business. A great many big corporate names have already adopted “pro-gay,” trans-gender, global-warming policies and advertise the fact as if it’s good for business. Americans have apparently viewed the phenomenon as a fact of life that they could do nothing about, and either been quietly accepting or silent.

Whether anybody has noticed or not, the country has not exactly flourished as the “gay” revolution has taken hold in the Supreme Court, in the U. S. military services, in corporations, all over the entertainment industry and throughout our society. Bankruptcies are all up and down nearly every road you travel, even in Texas where the economy is statistically so much stronger than anywhere else. Requirements to do with “Obamacare,” federal agency red tape of every sort in addition to legal jeopardy from all directions has shuttered facilities wherever you look.

Our enemies are more brazen than ever before, maybe because we have a limp-wristed leadership that includes the top jobs in the Pentagon. Russia invaded Ukraine, threatens more of eastern Europe, breaches our national airspace and buzzes our warships with fighter jets on the high seas. China has built islands for military installations in the middle of the South China sea, and warns that its military is “ready for war” if provoked. Iran extends a filthy middle digit in America’s general direction every couple of days in spite of Obama’s sweetheart deal, guaranteeing it a clear path to nuclear weapons. The national debt threatens our very existence, yet the spending continues to increase because it’s always “the right thing ta doo.” Protesters play hopscotch atop police cruisers, throw rocks and bottles at law enforcement while the cops stand back and “hold the line.”

People who dare profess belief in God and country are besmirched as retarded throwbacks to a time that never was. History is being rewritten on a daily basis as the president continues his “apology tour,” and insists that he’s not apologizing. He gave a rambling speech at the Hiroshima museum where the U. S. is characterized as an unprovoked aggressor, and called for the abolition of nuclear weapons. At this point, that’s about like calling for the abolition of guns. Only criminals would have them.

But aren’t criminals the next protected class anyway? They’re being let out of prison by the thousands, “non-violent drug dealers” many of whom also had gun crimes on their record. Terrorists have been released out of Guantanamo Bay back to the Middle East by the dozens over the past couple of years. Syrian refugees are being secreted into the United States from Europe, even though every law enforcement agency has said they are an unpredictable danger. It has just been reported that some $18 million has been spent recently by ICE to fly illegal minors who crossed our southern border to their preferred destinations, to join up with other illegal family members. From the president on down through agencies charged with our national protection, the United States is encouraging a deluge of lawlessness and using “law enforcement” to flood in people who have no respect for life or law. You don’t have to read too far beyond the headlines to realize that our way of life, our traditions and history are under a full scale attack. It is as if the curses of sin from the Old Testament are in full force. They’re everywhere you look.

In other news that may well be of prophetic importance, the pope just held what is described as an “historic meeting” at the Vatican with the grand imam of Cairo’s al-Ahzar mosque. He’s purported to be the most influential religious leader to Sunni Muslims. They’ve apparently figured out the solution to the centuries-old rift between Christianity and Islam in light of present circumstances. The trick is to deny all connections between Islam and terrorism while insisting that westerners accept Muslim “refugees” as “the poor.” This way everybody can get serious about confronting the true threat to all humanity, global warming! At this point you have to wonder if that monstrous scam isn’t the ONE RELIGION that all mankind will have to accept in order to participate in financial transactions.

The UK is writhing and convulsing over the upcoming referendum on continued EU membership. The latest is that the EU has plans for a multi-national military force, that will include Britain if they vote to “remain” in the European Union, and that fact has been intentionally concealed from the British people during the debate.

These are tumultuous times, domestically and internationally and many of the Bible’s warnings about what would transpire in the end times are swirling all around us. Evil is good in the eyes of our leadership, and good as described by the Word of God is a whole series of hate crimes. Discrimination, you might say. May we have the fortitude to remain faithful and loyal to the TRUTH as evil invades every square inch of our formerly blessed land.


Mark Armstrong

P.S. We hope you all have the new Feast brochure, mailed out last week. This week saw the monthly letter mailed, and the new Twenty-first Century WATCH magazine is nearly complete. Response has been excellent, and everyone in Tyler is working to get all requested material out in a timely fashion. Thanks to all.