Mark Armstrong’s Weekly Update and News Review – 25 March 2016

Greetings from Tyler,

Dad used to ask, “What’s good about it?” in reference to “Good Friday” which is the designation mainstream Christianity has given this day. A radio news-break yesterday included a report on how the practice of coloring eggs actually originated in ancient Egypt, “hundreds of years prior to the advent of Christianity.” That’s nice. Do you think that information will inspire even a moment of pause in those planning Easter festivities? While western Christianity dyes eggs and prepares for its “holiest” observance of the year, sirens are screaming across Europe’s capitol as police frantically search for more terrorists in the act of preparing explosives.

The pope’s favored “poor immigrants” are succeeding with their intention to inject fear into the hearts of westerners, having blown up the crowded ticketing lobby at one of Europe’s busiest airline hubs. How sorry do you think Europeans are feeling for the plight of the million Muslims that streamed into their midst over the past year now?

Europe is reaping the consequences of its folly, having imported millions of them into its midst on the basis of “one world multiculturalism,” and the pipe dream of cheap labor. The existence of “no-go zones,” or “sensitive urban zones” as they prefer to call them, is now well documented. That is where the unassimilated Muslims of various origin stew in their religious hatreds and plot the destruction of the very society that took them in. Their “dream,” as one of the captured terrorists told police after his arrest, is to live under an Islamic caliphate in Europe. Can you imagine western streets under the patrol of masked ISIS enforcers? That’s the Islamic “dream,” and not just for those willing to get their hands dirty or strap on an explosive vest.

Even the “good Muslims” share that “dream.” After all, their “holy text” is shot through with instructions about killing Christians and Jews, cutting the necks of infidels and numerous similar passages.

Interesting that law enforcement, both in France and now in Belgium has waited for mass carnage to be committed before getting serious about infiltrating terrorist ghettos and moving to root out those in the process of fulfilling their Islamic “religious duty.” It apparently required the killing of dozens and wounding of hundreds before Belgian police felt justified raiding the Muslim ghetto. Otherwise, it would have been insensitive and racist.
How many more before western leaders get a clue? Even these heartless bombings didn’t manage to move the American president one bit. If you saw him doing the “wave” at the Cuban baseball stadium with Raul Castro, the ruthless communist dictator, or dancing the Tango with the leggy Argentine lady, while Belgian authorities struggled to identify the remains of blown up bodies, some of whom were Americans, you probably felt the shame and embarrassment that obviously eluded him.

The Associated Press reports that there are some 400 ISIS fighters that have infiltrated Europe and are planning to visit mass murder upon the helpless population. In truth, that is very likely not nearly the extent of the trouble looming over Europe. How many of these terrorist blasts can Europe absorb before law enforcement is completely overwhelmed? You do understand of course that Europeans are largely forbidden from owning guns, and are utterly defenseless in their own home sunless you count frying pans and rolling pins.

The political atmosphere in Europe was already moving against the “multicultural” policies of the current status quo in nearly every nation on the continent. The latest attacks in Belgium, the capitol of the European Union, almost guarantee that the trend will continue if not accelerate.
What if the terrorists had blown up a nuclear power plant, which authorities believe was part of their plan? What happens when they blow up more airports, or crash airplanes full of passengers? Think it’s implausible? ISIS claims they have agents actually working in various western airports, and it might be true. After all, it would be racist to deny them equal opportunity for those jobs.

We knew things were bound to get ugly in Europe to bring about the Biblically prophesied power composed of ten nations. It looks as though the terrorists have just unwittingly sped up the process.

While it’s hard to believe that millions here at home flock to hear the merits of socialism expounded by presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, it’s even more incredible that the current president is telling the Argentines that there’s not much difference between communism and capitalism. “Just choose what works,” he’s quoted as saying.

Much to our chagrin, the destruction of western civilization is under way and our leadership is aiding and abetting the trend through their devotion to everything and everybody that is against our traditions, our foundational history and our God-inspired Constitution. May God help us save the United States from the depths of ignominy and destruction. It’s looking too late for Europe.


Mark Armstrong