Mark Armstrong’s Weekly Update and News Review – 23 June 2017

Greetings from Tyler,

It may be less than obvious to the casual consumer of current events.  Nearly all mainstream interest has been directed toward the search for a smoking gun that will bring a swift conclusion to the current presidency .  A recently released Harvard study shows that television news, across the networks, directs some 80% of total available time reporting on Donald Trump.  On CNN, 93% of their reporting and analysis is negative.  Hard to believe as it may be, on a random day CNN features 69 anti-Trump analysts against two nominal defenders.

The mainstream media has never been more committed to anything in the modern era.  As you are well aware, there has been an avalanche of impeachment talk, of Russian “collusion” in undermining the election, and obstruction of justice in the firing of the F. B. I. director.  When events of a magnitude that demand coverage occur, such as the spate of terrorist attacks in England, they quickly return to talk of a White House in a state of desperate crisis.

It’s rather obvious why.  Media figures, with some notable exceptions, regard the promotion of socialism as a sign of a superior education and intellect.  It also means that they are members of a fraternity that truly “cares” about others, an attribute infinitely superior to the ignorant faction that believes America should be returned to some semblance of its foundation.  You know the response to that notion all too well.  It apparently never gets old.  You’re a racist, bigot, xenophobe, climate denier, homophobe and hater if you don’t buy into the endless list of empathetic causes.  That includes abortion, by the way, because refusing to fund the practice nationally interferes with a “woman’s right to choose,” and that really twangs liberal heartstrings.

They’re not just sad, they’re seriously riled up.  President Trump is being accused of “killing people” in the attempt to overhaul Obamacare.  He’s “destroying the planet” by pulling out the Paris climate accord, and therefore the enemy of all humanity.  You know about the “die-in” protests?  Apparently they’ve become all the rage outside town hall meetings and various pedestrian routes.  It’s in the 60’s protester tradition of the “sit-in,” except these goof-balls lie motionless on the ground and pretend to be dead, to call attention to the “fact” that “people will die” as the new administration tries to get rid of the mandate to buy a government approved health insurance policy, or pay a stiff fine.  Too bad these people have nothing better to do than lie on sidewalks and pretend to be dead.

We just saw an angry liberal try to assassinate the whole Republican baseball team, critically injuring Representative Steve Scalice.  Many have taken to social media to wish him dead, and to call for more violence.  But you’d better not insult any of their sacred cows.  California is issuing a “ ban” for official state business travel to a number of states that aren’t compliant with “gay” marriage or trans-gender bathroom mandates.  It’s about as close as the state could come to declaring war on other states, and boy have they picked a righteous platform on which to stand!

Isn’t it ironic that the former champions of free speech want a police state that punishes speech they don’t like.  It’s already going on in many European nations, even in Britain and Canada.  You better not say something that insults another’s sensibilities, or you just might get deported or locked up even in nations that tout freedom.  These are, in many cases, the same people who make some statement about bombing the White House, or killing the president and then say it was just a joke.  Try something like that in line at the airport TSA checkpoint and see how it goes over.

The news that few notice, amid all the emotional breast-beating, is that Angela Merkel of Germany is giving speeches where she says, “Europe must take its fate into its own hands” because the United States and Britain can no longer be relied upon.  She, of course, comes from east Germany, and would either be in step with or enslaved by that fascist police state had it not been for the likes of President Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher.  Oh, they’ve come a long way all right.  Europeans are so much better off now that they’re reliant on “green energy” and Muslim immigration for their prosperity.  We all have to wonder what Europe taking its fate into its own hands will look like.  As they’ve blindly followed the pope’s lead on “social issues” as well as bringing in tens of thousands if not millions  of potential terrorists, Europe is poised for all manner of upheaval that will undoubtedly outlast Frau Merkel’s tenure.

How far Germany will go in pursuit the “go it alone” notion remains to be seen.  But they’re obviously much more caring and far more environmentally conscious than Americans who hope to see the republic salvaged.  Europe, following the dictates of a pope who is so righteous that he can’t define sin, sounds a lot like the set-up laid out in Bible prophecy.  But who can be bothered with that when there’s a rogue president trampling all over the doctrines of political correctness?  It seems that our news media is doing all it can to raise false expectations regarding the demise of an administration that is despised from the head office down to the lowliest reporters.  The leaders of Europe and particularly Germany, agree with the “get Trump” agenda of the mainstream media, or is it the other way around?  Either way, Europe taking its fate into its own hands is not the news as far as they’re concerned.  As far as we’re concerned, it is!

Mark Armstrong


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