Mark Armstrong’s Weekly Update and News Review – 22 April 2016

Greetings from Tyler,

Happy “earth day!” Given the predictions of the eco-scaremongers upon the founding of this contrived “day of respect for the earth,” none of us should even be around to hear about it. Pollution would have blocked the sun’s warmth, crops wouldn’t grow, and there would be thermo-nuclear war over the remainder of depleted resources on earth. The world would have long since run out of oil, and there would be no remaining clean water. We should have been extinct from the new ice-age that the scientific consensus saw coming back in the day.

We should have all starved to death from the famines of Paul Ehrlich’s terrifying book The Population Bomb, published in 1968. It began by saying, “The battle to feed all humanity is over. In the 1970’s hundreds of millions of people will starve to death in spite of any crash programs embarked upon now.” He was a professor at Stanford University at the time. Ehrlich is still alive, and now says that the biggest flaw with his book, which got tremendous attention at the time, was that it was too optimistic. How that could possibly be is inexplicable. Maybe he’s starting to slip. Or maybe he was slipping all along.

Somehow many of the surviving false prophets of impending eco-doom, based on the premise that man is the earth’s foremost enemy, are still at it. A co-author with Paul Ehrlich for articles containing dire, societal breakdown, mass starvation articles was John Holdren, a Harvard professor who saw mankind as earth’s enemy. He is currently president Obama’s senior advisor on matters of science and technology. How perfect is that? If the planetary emergency crowd has learned anything at all from their lucrative mistakes, it may have been to put their predictions way out past the lifetimes of most of the current generation. That way they’ll be gone and so will most of the useful idiots who buy into their dogma.

Now of course it’s global warming, er climate-change, and it’s scarier than ever! We’ve still got plenty of oil, coal and all manner of resources, but we must curtail our consumption and stop using them lest we destroy the planet! Governments must act and act now whether the people they govern get it or not. The United States, China and 120 nations chose today, “earth day” to sign another treaty to ratify, or “satisfy entry of force” provisions of the Paris Climate Change conference of last year. Presumably this means that their “solutions” to global warming are supposed to take on some legal effect. You’d think they’d be embarrassed to call attention to the abysmal record of failed predictions and the fact that the same crew “protecting the planet” from the ice age is now freaking out about “global warming.” At least the solutions are the same. We’ve all got to get serious about consuming less, and worry a lot more about our personal Co2 emissions. Oh yeah, and the third world deserves vast sums of western earnings to help them deal with the devastating consequences of our prosperity.

With the Middle East at perpetual internecine war, close calls and military provocations between the U. S. and Russia, a massive infestation of Europe by a surely Muslim invasion, “global warming” remains the greatest threat to all humanity. So says our president, so says the UN, and they’ve been able to bribe agreement from leaders around the world. The UN and its member nations may be celebrating “earth day” by honoring their decision to wage war on the citizens of western civilization, we are not.

Last night we gathered for a much more important and meaningful occasion, the Lord’s Supper. Tonight is the “Night to be much Remembered,”the night ancient Israel ate in haste with their loins girded as they prepared to depart slavery in Egypt. Tomorrow, the weekly Sabbath, is also the first Day of Unleavened Bread, an high day commanded by God to be kept throughout our generations.

These scientists who think they’re smarter than God, or believe there is no God can have their earth day. They can collude as they have been shown to do on how to deceive the gullible followers of pop stars and movie icons. They can change their stories, alter their predictions, make their demands and sign on to whatever “climate change” nonsense they wish.

The story of our forefathers has not changed. God’s laws are in place and have not changed. Lucky for the self-important “savers of the planet,” gravity still secures them to the ground. The earth still rotates at the exact distance from the sun, so we don’t burn up or freeze to death. For now they’re free to peddle their atheistic theories and pretend that the incredible creation required no Creator. Let’s hope they’re enjoying it.

Any honest observer can see where the real trouble is coming from. It’s coming from the worshipers of false gods and ignorant ideologies. But before we get too carried away with everybody else, we’re also in trouble for having turned away from Almighty God. The very people enjoying the benefits of His great blessings have turned their backs on His Laws. The Passover or Lord’s Supper, and Days of Unleavened Bread are a commemoration God instituted to be observed annually to make sure we don’t forget where we came from, how our great blessings came about, and to inspire His people to strive for citizenship in His coming Kingdom.


Mark Armstrong