Mark Armstrong’s Weekly Update and Reviews of US and World News – 19 December 2015

Greetings from Tyler,

Another full year of dilution for our culture and economic peril for the citizens of the United States has just been assured by the passage of a spending bill to the tune of $1,400,000,000,000 for the next calendar year. Despite the encouraging rhetoric we heard in the lead up to the mid-term elections in 2014, where Republicans were going to call a halt to the importation of illegal aliens by the hundreds of thousands, and force so-called “sanctuary cities” to follow the law, put a stop to all the “climate change” spending, and on and on as you’ll remember. It was all hot air.

If you’ve seen the list of programs and policies that have been funded by majorities in both the House of Representatives and the Senate, it may have left you short of breath. Every anti-American policy of the Obama administration has just been fully funded, and the president has already signaled that he’ll sign it, just as soon as he returns from his vacation in Hawaii.

So here come the Muslim refugees in their tens of thousands. Here come more “foreign workers” than ever before. Another surge of illegal minors is pouring across our southern border to be given food, shelter and legal assistance before being transported to the destination of their choosing. The big spending bill reportedly funds the president’s “climate change” agenda, which includes vast sums to be transferred to third world nations, not to mention more expenditures for solar and wind boondogles.

Planned Parenthood is off the hook for the foreseeable future. They will continue practicing whatever gruesome “procedures” take place behind their windowless walls. It’s as if all meaningful resistance to our national ruination has evaporated, and just in time for all those who lied through their teeth to get elected to hurry off for their X-mas vacations. Meanwhile, we’re finding out that the State Department has revoked 10,000 visas they’d issued to Muslims with terrorist connections. The only problem is, they have no idea where they are. They don’t know if they’re still in the United States or where. But that is not stopping a continued influx of Syrian refugees, demanded to be brought in by the State Department and the president. Apparently the San Bernardino massacre changed nothing about their policies or their intentions going forward.

Not to worry, though. The standard reaction, as seen even in response to the recent terrorist attack is to denounce the availability of guns in America. The entry of terrorists is apparently just the cost of doing business when it comes to the president’s agenda to “fundamentally transform America,” as he put it. So we’ve already been warned. When the president returns from his R & R, he’s poised to sign executive actions regarding the supposed “loopholes” on gun sales and purchases.

Reports have surfaced suggesting the administration plans to turn military bases into housing centers for illegal aliens. The one getting attention is Ft. Hood between Waco and Austin, Texas, and that possibility is going over like a lead balloon. Texas lawmakers have reportedly written to the White House to say it’s a bad idea to start turning American military bases into day care facilities for illegal minors. If we haven’t heard it enough over recent months, there’s another border surge of “unaccompanied minors” estimated at near 10,000 per month over recent months.

Anecdotal reports on Europe’s refugee disaster continue being reported daily. In Sweden, which has been the most generous in its acceptance of Muslim refugees, it was reported this week that some citizens opened their front doors to find printed fliers giving them three days to convert, pay an Islamic tax, or face the beheadings of their entire families. After that they were warned, their “wretched corpses” would be burned.

It’s hard to see how this is a surprise. ISIS is boasting that they’ve infiltrated hundreds of terrorists among the “refugee” population already in Europe. Among the broader Muslim population, many happily admit that they subscribe to Sharia law, and are sympathetic to the goals and methods of ISIS.

When we look at what is transpiring across Europe, and what our so-called “leaders” are doing to the United States, it looks as though all resistance to evil has been defeated by political correctness. The western world looks to be embracing a suicide pact, anxious to coddle enemies while scolding patriots.

The question posed more often than ever is, can we ever recover? Will either the United States or Europe ever again know the carefree security we once took for granted? We’re being drowned in debt, a great deal of which is taken on to support those who hate us, our history, our laws and our culture. We’re being overwhelmed with illegals from the south and Muslims from the Middle East, and nobody better say boo. Everything to do with American-Middle East policy has been turned upside down, squandered, and ISIS is the result. And our military is not being allowed to take them on either!

It looks as though Europe has passed the point of no return after having allowed hundreds of thousands of Muslims to flood in and take up residence. The United States is going the same way. What happens when multiple terrorist attacks take place in multiple cities at the same time? What would happen in the event of a nuclear attack from Iran? If recent experience is any indication, nothing. We’d get scolded, lectured and probably told to stay indoors.

We know we’ve got at least one more year of having our own nation treated like the president’s enemy. If this week is any indication, there’ll be little if any resistance from Congress. The year ahead promises to be one that we’ll likely never forget. And there are certainly no guarantees that anything will change after the next election.

All the leaders of the western nations have failed their constituents miserably. Here in the United States, people are arming themselves as never before. But even that is scant security in the face of the overwhelming threats arrayed against us.

It is time to turn to God. It’s time to obey His Laws and reject the paganism and the evil growing up all around us.


Mark Armstrong
P.S. We’re making final corrections on the new edition of 21st Century Watch. It’s another scorcher.