Mark Armstrong’s Weekly Update and News Review – 18 November 2016

Greetings from Tyler,

Half of the population of the United States is up in arms over the results of the recent presidential election, at least that is what mainstream news coverage is trying to convey.  Nearly two weeks after the results were announced, the anger and resentment is still palpable.  CNN anchors and some of their panelists express a steady stream of outrage that people have been “offended” and “insulted” by statements or actions of the president-elect or his top appointees and advisors.  (If they’re insulted and offended now, wait until pro-American policies begin to be introduced in early 2017.)  There’s a good chance that current outbursts on live television and big demonstrations in major cities and universities are a mere rehearsal for what lies ahead.

Dozens of universities are choked with protesters.  We’ve heard reports of universities holding “cry-ins,” distributing coloring books and Play Doh, even supplying therapy dogs to change the subject and lighten the atmosphere for students traumatized by the shock of their election loss.  Some of these stories seemed too unbelievable to take seriously, but a little research showed that they’ve been reported by a slew of believable sources.  It also showed something else, and that is that puppies and therapy dogs have been walked up and down the halls of Congress, visiting the offices of crestfallen representatives who were either defeated in their bids to retain office or were suffering the shock of Madam Clinton’s catastrophe.

Meanwhile the current president is in Germany visiting with his political soul-mate, Angela Merkel of Germany and a slew of EU heads of state.  They’re trying to figure out a strategy to rescue their “globalist” agenda amid the populist uprising that brought about Britain’s vote to leave the European Union, the election of a pro-American president, and the rise of numerous parties and movements across Europe that resent the loss of their heritage, culture and their streets to Muslim immigrants.  What is the “globalist” agenda?  If you look it up you’ll find it described as a conspiracy theory, and some have obviously driven themselves over the edge on the subject.

But some aspects are undeniable.  Is there any doubt that recent and current leaders all over the world have pushed the panic button over the highly suspect theory of global warming?  Have they not arm-twisted or bribed nearly every developed nation and third world backwater into signing pledges that would bind them to “carbon emission” limits for ever and ever?  Have they not spoken as if with a single voice (following pope Francis’ lead) that refugees and “asylum seekers” even from the most terror wracked hotbeds, are now the primary “Christian” responsibility?  Have they not doubled down on so-called “discrimination” against the “rights” of every conceivable nut-case and mutant?

Consider Frau Merkel’s statement of congratulation to the president elect.  “Germany and America are bound together by common values—democracy, freedom, respecting the rule of law, people’s dignity regardless of their origin, color of their skin, religion, gender, sexual orientation or political views…”  On the basis of all that, she said that she looked forward to working with the president-elect.  Was that really a pat on the back, or more of a veiled threat?  What if someone’s religion demands that they overthrow the western way of life, and orders them to murder all the “infidels” they can?  How much “dignity” and “equality” do they deserve?  It’s a question Merkel will never be asked.

We all have to wonder what lies ahead.  Numerous entities and institutions have enacted all manner of “politically correct” rules and policies that have led to firings and public shaming of anyone ignorant enough to say, post a verse of scripture, deny global warming or utter a sentiment or word deemed defamatory to someone’s “gender orientation” or whatever.  You don’t suppose it might become safe again for councilors or military chaplains to refer to God’s Word as guidance sometime in the near future?  No doubt there will be howls of “Christian bigotry” and discrimination against people who are insulted by the very concept that anyone would actually believe in God or the sanctity of His Word.

Early indications are that the “feelings” of every anarchist misfit and professional or amateur protester may take a back seat to the serious problems threatening our national security and that of our allies, and that does not include Iran.  It may well not be pretty.  In recent years we’ve seen ISIS emerge from the disastrous foreign policy conducted by the proponents of “dignity and equality.”  For some reason, ISIS is driving American made military vehicles, and they’ve spread out all over the Middle East and northern Africa.  Iran may not have perfected nuclear weapons, but their buddies in North Korea have successfully tested them.  How does that bode for the future of the Western world?

Europe is festooned with would-be, wannabe terrorists and we’ve got more than our share now in every state of the union.  They’re preaching the overthrow of western civilization in the refugee camps across Europe.  That warning just came from a lady who’s been volunteering to provide services to that population.  Great Britain is grappling with an unruly Muslim immigrant population, and facing a torrent of anger from leaders of the EU who set quotas for hundreds of thousands more to be brought in.

Where this goes in the near term is anybody’s guess.  Principle EU leaders and national leaders across Europe see the writing on the wall.  Both Britain and the United States have opted out of their bid to establish mandates, rules and regulations for every human activity on earth, and they’re shell-shocked.  Dumbfounded, as it were.

Loony, destructive and self righteous as their dictates have been, another kind of authoritarian European coalition will be formed out of the ashes of the EU according to Bible prophecy.  It may come about due to economic necessity from the collapse of the euro, which many European observers see as a virtual certainty.  We may be glad to see some of these haughty buffoons brought down next year, as elections play out around the European continent.  But as history has shown, and the Bible predicts, the pendulum can swing way too far.


Mark Armstrong



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