Mark Armstrong’s Weekly Update and News Review – 15 September 2017

Greetings from Tyler,

You probably saw that there was another attempted terrorist bombing on a London train.  Thankfully, the device did not fully detonate, but apparently did release a fireball that caused a panic and a stampede that resulted in additional injuries.

Another round of angry protest is underway in St. Louis as a result of a police officer being found not guilty of murder in the shooting death of a suspect who led police on a high-speed chase.  Most of us may not know the details of the case, but it seems that any police officer involved in the death of a minority must be found guilty of murder.  If not, as in this St. Louis example, protesters take to the streets standing across shutting down major intersections and moving to block the Interstate.  This situation is fluid and playing out at present.  We can only hope it doesn’t spiral out of control and result in arson and violence.

No doubt the anarchists are off to St. Louis as fast as they can get there.  The so-called “anti-fascist” thugs are looking for any excuse to riot.  And it turns out that the “leaders” and the instigators are largely high school and college professors.  School isn’t what it used to be.  Now it seems to be ground zero for brainwashing youth on a host of subjects.  Number one is that the United States is a vile, racist entity that deserves to descend into violent anarchy.  The thugs seem to show up in force every time someone, particularly anyone with conservative credentials, is scheduled to speak.

They’ve conflated patriotic love for America with “racism and violence,” and pretend that their doing society a favor by wearing black masks and wielding bats at those with whom they disagree.  Many, if not most, would be convicted felons by now, except the police seem to stand by and watch or vacate the premises completely whenever the black masks start to commit mayhem.  The anarchists apparently believe that their philosophy is reasonable and completely justified, and they’ve received cover from the mainstream media that seem to agree with their line of logic and justify their actions.

Perhaps the most concerning news of the week was the launch of another intermediate range missile by North Korea.  This one flew over one of the Japanese islands, setting off sirens warning of an attack.  Kim Jong-un couldn’t be prouder of himself.  He’s basking in the glory of newfound capability, and threatening South Korea, Japan and the United States constantly.  One of his commanders recently informed a reporter that the North Korean military is awaiting word from the supreme leader that will commence a military attack that will re-unify the Korean peninsula under the North’s rule and turn the United States into a sea of fire.

Our upcoming issue of TCW magazine carries a follow up to the cover and the story in our last issue which follows the provocations that have continued to escalate.  Hopefully, Kim’s military threats are exaggerated, but having proven nuclear explosive capabilities and ICBM’s is more than a little unnerving.

Meanwhile we have the thought police and the speech police that seem to inhabit most news organizations, schools and universities, and also the major corporations that act as enforcers to mete out punishment to any who stray from their “gay,” trans-gender, socialist ideology.  We have arrived at a point where the Bible is contraband in polite society.  History must be rewritten so as to condemn the prosperity of the Western culture and conceal the many failures of socialism and communism.  It’s getting more difficult to let anybody know that you’re a Christian, believe in the Bible or hold fast to God’s Word.  Maybe that’s why the pope is so busy changing the very definition of Christianity.  His off-the-cuff comments are becoming ever more bizarre.  Christianity is being changed to society’s version of “social justice.”

Here’s some news.  Western culture won’t survive the pope’s version of “social justice.”  It requires that we bring in all the poor on planet earth and support them in homo-topia.  Disaster has already been brought about all across Europe, and more than a few, including the pope, demand it for the United States.  He’s also pushing for a “strong federal union” in Europe, with open borders and unimpeded immigration.  It’s a recipe for tribulation.


Mark Armstrong

The western world is under continual assault. Assault from Islam, assault from the western LEFT pushing everything from the global warming scam to the homo marriage travesty, including the push to inculcate school children with the alphabet soup of homosexual, queer, transgender, sexual fluidity dogma weirdness.

Does the Bible have anything to say on this societal push to perverseness? Well, of course the Bible does have a great deal to say. Sodom did not happen in a day or a week. It took decades for a few homosexuals to persuade the people of Sodom and Gomorrah that what they were about was ‘normal’. Not everyone in these ancient cities actively participated. But they all, save for Lot, acquiesced. They all, over decades came to view that lifestyle as ‘normal’. “Live and let live”. They all, save for Lot and his daughters (the wife looked back) died a fiery death.

Likewise, since the late 1960’s it has taken decades for the modern day counterparts of ancient Sodom to persuade the vast majority, or more to the point, cajole and bully, the vast majority into acceptance of their “lifestyle’, culminating in the ultimate push for legitimacy – same sex marriage. A push to put perverse relationships on a par with God ordained marriage relations – man and woman.

But why is the West, and especially the nations of Western Europe and the Anglo nations, including the US, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand so infected with this societal rot and disease? The answer lies in large part on who they are. The book, “Europe and America in Prophecy” spells out the lineage of these peoples. And puts in prophetic perspective the declining  position these nations will have in the latter days – leading to their demise and conquest. You can read the book online (link above) or request a copy. In the USA call (903) 561 7070, in Australia call 1300 885 066. Or you can use the CONTACT page on this website to send a request.