Mark Armstrong’s Weekly Update and News Review – 15 December 2017

Greetings from Tyler,

Mystery solved!  But it’s no thanks to the mainstream media, which has deceived the whole world with their “highly placed” sources and one “scoop” after another showing the president’s inner circle up to their ears in “Russian collusion.”  There’s no way you’ve missed the drill.  It’s been the theme of every breathless “revelation” for a full year.

Things have become very confusing to the casual observer amid the theories and dark suppositions of Trump’s guilt.  But here’s the deal, in a nutshell.  The F.B.I. took and used Hillary Clinton campaign’s “opposition research” dossier in cooperation with Fusion GPSand the DNC, which paid some $12.5 million for the information.  It was then used, despite being unverified and containing provably false information, to get a warrant to “tap the wires” of the Trump transition team in Trump Tower, and launch an F.B.I. investigation into the “collusion” allegation.

Internal communications seem to show that the top counterintelligence investigator at the F.B.I. (Peter Strzok) teamed up with the Deputy Director (Andrew McCabe) and a female lawyer (Lisa Page) at Justice to implement an “insurance policy” against a “chance they couldn’t take,” that being the election and inauguration of Donald Trump as President of the United States.  Plan “B” was to cripple the Trump presidency with the ongoing investigation of a “Special Counsel” (Robert Mueller), and that’s been the relentless focus of headlines, “news” articles and endless analysis on many network outlets.

This has been a watershed week that we’ll want to remember.  For the first time in a year characterized by dark suspicions of a stolen presidential election and constant, unremitting calls for impeachment from liberal members of Congress, some light has finally been shed on the situation.  Actual communications between the F.B.I.’s head of Counter-intelligence and his Justice Dept. lawyer friend got splashed all over the internet and at least one national television network.

“The leaks were unauthorized!” scream creatures of the swamp who have been riding a wave of leaks by “highly placed sources close to the ‘Russia’ investigation.”  It’s been the most prominent feature of cable news for a year now.  Highly placed “leaks” have been rolling in like clockwork night after night, fueling exited reporting about “coming indictments,” other shoe to drop, the “walls closing in on the Oval Office” and an “unhinged” and “unfit” President Trump falling apart psychologically and emotionally.

In spite of all the dark suspicions and analysis of “Crisis in the White House,” and pending charges against the President and his inner circle, Trump hasn’t appeared concerned.  His speeches are as audacious as they were during the campaign.  He seems optimistic and driven to make good on every promise.  He answers reporters’ questions at length and tweets out messages to forty million odd “followers” most every day.  His attempts to enact an agenda have been overshadowed by the probability that he committed “collusion with the Russians to subvert the 2016 election.”

Amazing, isn’t it, how things that are obvious often take months if not years to be recognized, reported or “proven” before the stunned eyes of the general public?  But even now, in the rubble of the massive earthquake that has hit the F.B.I. and the Department of Justice, CNN anchors are still playing dumb. Things that we’ve known and understood for days if not weeks are a confusing mystery for Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon.  It was too much watching Don Lemon twice mispronounce and express unfamiliarity with the name Peter Strzok, when most of us have known not only his name, but his rank and all about his plainly stated “insurance policy” to “protect America from that menace (Donald Trump).”

At the rate things are moving, we might as well not get anxious.  It may take many weeks or some months before things we know today will be widely disseminated.  The mainstream media are so heavily invested in the “Trump team – Russia collusion” story, they won’t be pried loose easily.  They’ve lived it, loved it and pampered it like a doctrinal “idea baby” for so long it’s become a part of who and what they are!

We’ve been warned that another wave of allegations may lead to many more resignations from Congress.  And we’re finding out that there have been monetary considerations offered in exchange for allegations against the president.  Maybe they can force his resignation!  Fat chance.

How is it that those in favor of sex education for little children, trans-gender logic, “gay marriage,” free condoms distributed at schools, government-provided birth control, basically saying there is no such thing as morality– suddenly are OUTRAGED and driving those accused from their superior midst over some attempted hanky-panky or other.  It’s plan C.  They just have to get rid of President Trump somehow, and that justifies whatever means must be deployed.  It looks like the evil-doers are being exposed, on every side of the equation.  That doesn’t mean that the people of this nation, or of the Western world will acknowledge the truth of anything.  Our society holds that everything is a matter of opinion.  There are no absolutes, there are no facts, (other than that ridiculous apple on CNN) only opinions.

How easily the masses are deceived!  The nations of Europe have been deceived into a “green,” multi-cultural, slow-motion suicide by the pope and Angela Merkel, and yet their governments and media outlets are completely oblivious or worse, actively hiding news harmful to the EU agenda.   We’ve got a president trying to save what’s left of the cultural identity of the United States of America, but he’s up against all the socialist minions that have populated government agencies, the mainstream media, the educational system and Hollywood entertainment over the past decade and a half.  Success is but a distant hope.

May the scales fall off the eyes of the masses, in spite of the campaign to permanently cement political correctness, global-warming claptrap and the lie that a big fascist government can force us into some “green,” diverse utopia.  No thanks!   Have a great Sabbath,


Mark Armstrong


There is so much going on in the world. The USA recognises Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. The Russians and Chinese are building a new generation of nuclear missiles and weapons. Trump demands the USA renovate and modernise it’s nuclear weapons. Obama left the USA defence and deference capability to wither. Below is an article written some years ago by Garner Ted Armstrong that just may be looking prophetic. Indeed Jesus Christ Himself prophesied these these world conditions, wars and rumours of wars, famines, pestilence – religious deception.

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