Mark Armstrong’s Weekly Update and News Review – 15 April 2016

Greetings from Tyler,

How much more “hope and change” can the United States absorb? Much of the sentiment was obviously intended for someone other than U. S. citizens. The socialist health care mandate appears to have already run out of other people’s money. One of the largest insurance companies has already lost some $750 million, and many other insurers are looking for a way out. The most cynical of critics said this was part of the plan all along; private companies would be unable to sustain the losses racked up by “free” services to the vast masses already on the government dole, and the central government would be forced to take the entire system over and increase taxes massively to fund a “single-payer” system.

At least two of the presidential candidates in the running dream of just such a possibility. They also dream of “free” college tuition, open borders, government entitlements for illegal immigrants with a pathway to citizenship. That way the indoctrinated graduates and new citizens will be able to swing every future election toward the socialist party that gave them everything at the expense of others. It’s like a perpetual motion machine, devouring the nation from within.

But we can take heart, knowing that American women have just been approved for the front lines of military combat, and homosexual “marriages” are applauded and celebrated by the top brass at the Pentagon! A nationally televised interview with a recently retired general recalled a hastily called meeting of the top commanders of each of the armed services at the White House with the president. The general described something close to an angry fit on the part of the president, mad that the “gay” culture had not been imposed upon the services more quickly. Obviously, the continued employment of the high ranking commanders was at stake, and that likely explains the speed with which many of the reported changes have transformed the military services into a radical social experiment.

Have you noticed anything about these demonstrations shadowing the political rallies around the United States? You know the ones with hand-scrawled signs calling everyone bigots, islamaphobes and homophobes? The ranks of demonstrators are largely college students who’ve been called to action by their peers and professors, along with “black lives matter,” illegal aliens and anarchists. They’ve got all the solutions to America’s sins and shortcomings! But there’s another kind of demonstrator in the ranks, and they’re wearing red and white tablecloths around their necks. Go figure.

Harvard University also is in the news for a big rally just conducted on its campus, featuring speakers promoting the return of the Muslim Brotherhood to power in Egypt along with participation by several other recognizable radical groups who routinely charge the United States with “war crimes” and third world abuse. Harvard says they simply rented out space for the event. But the university has accepted tens of millions of dollars from Middle Eastern donors and boasts the largest chapter of the Muslim Student Association, reported to be a branch of the Muslim Brotherhood. Similar funding and results are to be found at Georgetown University. Further details can be found in the article by Leo Homann at WorldNetDaily (, “Harvard’s Muslim Brotherhood Propaganda Fest.”

You realize that none of this has anything to do with the terrorist threat that exists in every state in the nation. That would be islamaphobic. Our president eagerly reminds us in the wake of every terrorist attack that Islam has nothing to do with terrorism, and says that the real problem is global warming. According to his convoluted logic, global warming is primarily the fault of the prosperous western nations and largely responsible for terrorism. Therefore, we have to realize that WE are the cause of all the anger and suffering of the terrorist class, and must be forced to change our way of life in order for the problem to be solved. That might be a slight oversimplification, but ever so slight.

We are paying, and we have paid. We stand in line outside airport terminals to be hassled by a branch of the same agency that is transporting illegals and “refugees” into our communities in secret. The news reports have been constant over the past couple of days. Homeland Security has staffing shortfalls at many of the busiest airports, and is warning of much longer lines and wait times this summer. They also claim that they may be falling behind in “customer service.” They have the gall to call that nonsense “customer service?”

I’ve seen some regional hubs where the blue shirts outnumber the travelers! I counted twenty-two of them last fall in Springfield, Mo., when I was the only one getting the full treatment. (Yes, I did let them know what a ridiculous “job” they were doing.) The charade that every traveler must endure is strictly to justify the attention that a truly suspicious character might deserve. So, grandmothers and families with little babies, people with internal plates or screws must endure the fifth degree, otherwise airport security would be forced to “discriminate,” and there’s no worse sin, as we all have been duly and regularly scolded. Anyway, the lines will be long this Summer. Never mind that the recent bloodbath in Brussels was carried out before the security checkpoint. Why would you mind being lined up with several hundred people just to wait for your “customer service?” We might well be in more danger in that long line than anywhere else.

And their budget is only $50 billion per year, they claim. Add that to all the other wonderful entitlements, foreign aid, green subsidies and on and on infinitum, and you’ve got countless ways our nation is being destroyed by supposedly good intentions. The government’s own auditors tell us that we’re on a course to more debt than the whole economy produces. How many ways can a government destroy the nation it governs? Too many to count, and the leadership couldn’t be more pleased with itself. We may not know when, and we’re not sure exactly how, but this and nearly every other recipient nation of God’s blessings on earth is under constant, withering attack. At this point you’d have to be completely blind to think that business as usual can survive.

God has been rejected, outright. Rejected by government, by business, by education and yes, by the churches. It’s a crying shame, and there will be consequences beyond anything we’ve seen to date.


Mark Armstrong