Mark Armstrong’s Weekly Update and News Review – 12 January 2018

Greetings from Tyler,

We’re getting reports, now and again, about moderation on the part of Kim Jong sending a delegation to talk with representatives of South Korea and sending athletes and a cheering squad to Seoul for the Olympics.  It wasn’t much more than a week ago that the president was being accused of bumbling into war with North Korea with “nuclear button” talk.  Now that “little rocket man” appears to be standing down, the narrative has changed.

Now, instead of trying to convince the uniformed that Trump was liable to blow up the world, the mainstream has latched on to an eight-letter expletive to describe the places from which millions have been imported by executive orders and policies of recent administrations.  CNN was so offended by the reportedly blurted word, they decided not to censor it and used it with raised, spit flecked voices demanding that all people of “good will” condemn him and his “hateful” words.  By one publicized count, CNN hosts and contributors used the term thirty-six times last night alone.  With any luck it will become a permanent feature of the discussion.

The obnoxious, self-promoting Chris Cuomo is perhaps best known for adopting false versions of “police murdering young, unarmed black men,” defending riotous actions in St. Louis and stoking racial hatreds and anti-police sentiments in Baltimore.  Thursday night he said it was a bad word the president used, and he doesn’t want his kids exposed to it.  Then he wrote it in grease-pencil on a white-board and danced around pointing at it while he wailed “This is who he is!!” over and over.  He and all the other hosts are shocked and offended that the president is clearly a HATEFUL RACIST and can’t say it loudly enough or often enough.

After spending days claiming that Trump would blow up the world, then that he was obviously suffering from early-onset dementia, they’ve gone back to the EVIL RACIST theme.  And not just on their loaded panels.  They actually open segments by saying, “The racist president has made incendiary and bigoted comments by referring to Haiti and Africa as…” well, the word they can’t get enough of.  The prime time anchors on CNN, Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon are sooooo offended!  When you think about their heavily advertised and obvious personal proclivities, no wonder they’re so personally offended!  It seems that their own sacrament has been sullied by its application to uncivilized regions.

Here’s a take that, as far as we can tell, has not been offered anywhere.  President Trump was provoked.  Two Senators from each party came to the Oval Office saying they had a proposal to solve the immigration stand-off.  It included “carve outs” for tens of thousands from the some of the most backward, violent places on earth, along with increased “chain-migration” as part of the proposal, along with very little in the way of border security.  Trump reacted predictably.  He probably used the “term” without specifying a particular continent or country.  It wasn’t the only colorful language used during the meeting by some others, but the media have leaped to the conclusion that he was referencing Haiti and the entire continent of Africa.  It’s a lot like when he said ALL Mexicans are rapists, which he didn’t, but they’re still making the claim and putting it together with every other intentional misunderstanding and false interpretation to make the case that the current presidency is a bust and must be curtailed immediately if not sooner.

Proudly queer Don Lemon threw somebody off the air last night (didn’t see it, but the video is widely available) for “trying to make excuses” for the president’s RACISM.  Here’s why it matters to every one of us.  They are demanding that ALL GOOD PEOPLE agree that Trump is racist, a bigoted NAZI and condemn him.  Otherwise we’re all racists!  And ooh, they’re so frightened at the prospect that millions of Trump supporters are “white supremacists” that revel in his brash, insulting language. They’re worrying that the President has lost his mind?  It’s starting to look as though they’ve contracted politically correct insanity, and there’s no telling where it will lead.  Their reactions are starting to sound like threats.  Lemon said he’s not going to be outraged anymore because, “People of color have warned you…”

Former Obama “green jobs czar,” Van Jones angrily challenged a man that was attempting to explain what the president was getting at, and it looked very much like he wanted more than a verbal confrontation.  Clinton “bag man” and Governor of Virginia Terry McAuliffe said that if Trump got in his personal space (as he was accused of doing during a debate with Hillary), “They’d have had to pick him up off the floor.”

We already know about Antifa, Occupy wherever, and Black Lives Matter.  You can forget the discussion.  These people want violent conflict, or rather they’d like to burn down and disrupt everyone who doesn’t share their mental malady.  They cannot make a winning argument or prevail with reason, so the only recourse is to attack, vandalize, burn and destroy.  Even the coats and ties that pretend to report “news” are realizing that anger and threats, if not acts of violence are all they have left.   They’ve completely maxed out on verbal outrage, and they’re still losing the debate.

Apparently they’ve managed to ignore actual factual information that will soon destroy a whole year of their life’s work.  We’re waiting patiently for what we’ve known for ages already, to be proven for all the world to see.  That is the complete and utter corruption of the formerly most respected American institutions of Law and Justice.  They were supposedly bound by honor and integrity and all the best attributes, but we knew at least couple of years ago that was no longer the case.  With any luck the undeniable truth will be exposed for all to see before much longer.

We’re also learning that the social media giants are actively concealing or banning material that doesn’t fit the politically correct narrative, and that is precisely what we were getting at in the most recent issue of 21st Century WATCH, thought control through the manipulation of information.

Meanwhile, it’s said that a couple of thousand Iranian protesters have been arrested, imprisoned, and some reportedly beaten to death.  It comes at a time when the bogus Nuclear Deal is up for recertification, and who knows how it will all play out.

Germany is still without a governing body.  The immigration issue, and current state of affairs has made forming a coalition all but impossible. but she, Angela Merkel is still trying.  You can bet they’re all up in arms over the president’s statements, given the way they’ve been portrayed.

Panic is circling the globe over the reporting on the current U. S. President.  It’s not only liberals who thought they’d “transformed” America once and for all.  The idea that we might roll back at least a fraction of their beloved “transformation” is just RATHIST!  Yeah, it’s misspelled on purpose.  It must be part of God’s PLAN, and we’re living through it.  It would be wonderful if some semblance of the nation we’ve cherished can be saved.  But it’s a long shot, unless it’s God’s will.

Mark  Armstrong


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