Mark Armstrong’s Weekly Update and News Review – 11 November 2016


Greetings from Tyler,

Finally, the years-long push for national suicide (because it was the right thing “ta doo”) just hit a wall. Neither the president’s advisors nor his chosen successor nor their promoters in media saw the wall approaching, and managed to slam into it it at a high rate of speed. Smirks changed to instant scowls of anger and disbelief on the faces of overtly homosexual news anchors. We’d hardly ever seen the media any more unified as in their belief that the Obama “legacy” would be carried forward with righteous indignation by the now, permanently retired, Hillary Clinton. Shouting matches are raging across the CNN contributors panel during prime time. Racist bigot! Bigot racist! Whitelash! White supremacists! The KKK! Tears streamed down the faces of her devastated supporters, some are still choking up. Others need therapy. More than a few dream of revenge.

In the wee hours of November 9th, newsmen demanded explanation from each other. How could this have happened? How indeed, seeing as how they’d (with pitifully few exceptions) dropped all pretense of honesty and openly campaigned to help the former Secretary of State shatter the ultimate glass ceiling. People took to the streets in protest almost immediately at various universities and city halls, particularly in California. Some of the titans of Silicon Valley began planning a secession movement, suggesting they can take Oregon and Washington with them and declare the three states a separate nation.

By the following evening protesters were blocking highways, bridges and city streets in some 20 cities across the United States. Perhaps the biggest crowd, estimated at 5000, blocked the streets around Trump Tower in Manhattan. Reporters tried to get some demonstrators to state their case on camera. Why were they out there? What were their intentions, and what do they want? Though there were many attempts at protester interviews, none of the rabble seemed capable of forming a coherent sentence, let alone an explanation.

Oh, they’re furious alright. Many are the usual suspects from Occupy Wall Street and Black Lives Matter, along with the Socialist Alternative or whatever. They’re professionally furious! They’ve been organized on social media and given their marching orders, courtesy of their Obamaphones. Some are paid by socialist organizations that support you know who, and whether they know it or not are part of a movement designed to break the economic back of the United States and ultimately dismantle our system of government and law.

Speaking of laws, we’ve been deluged with trans-gender bathroom legalities, told to honor and respect homo-matrimony, accept foreign criminals and terrorist wannabes in our midst and the list could undoubtedly go on and on. Although we don’t get organizationally involved in political elections or campaigns, and haven’t in this one, we have commented straightforwardly about the imposition of laws that not only conflict with plain language in the Constitution, but also conflict with the Laws of God. And we’ll say it here again. Laws of man that conflict with the Laws of God are no laws at all. Some of these “laws,” whether affirmed corruptly by the Supreme Court or summarily issued by way of the soon to be former president’s phone and pen, fall squarely into that category.

It is with a sense of relief, and pride in the good people in flyover country that so many also rejected the deceit of a corrupt media and the unjust cabal that has inhabited the halls of power and of justice in the United States. When Ronald Reagan was elected at the conclusion of the disastrous and embarrassing Carter administration, there were similar reactions. Reagan would unleash World War III, they said. The racist hounds of hell would ravage the land, and on and on. But some of us knew that the nation had been released from a form of bondage. The bondage of false empathy that so misguided the Carter years, and emasculated the greatest blessing the civilized world could ever ask for. It was something for which we were mighty thankful, and the decades that followed certainly justified that reaction.

The immediate months and years ahead will not be all lollipops and rainbows, by any means. There will be scandals and accusations like you can’t believe, especially so given the mainstream media’s humiliation for having lost their champion-ette after they openly dropped all pretense of objectivity to make sure we remained in the captivity of the whirlwind of government mandates. There may be wars, great conflict in the Middle East and social upheaval in our cities. Europe is undergoing a slow economic and political meltdown. The pope is working hard to promote One World Christianity, with his own agenda at the fore.

The “not my president” crowd has yet to decide how far they’re planning to go with their public nervous breakdown. While not saying that the President Elect is heaven-sent, we can definitely give thanks that we won’t have to wonder and worry day in and day out what has been secretly done to dilute and diminish the standing of the country we love. It is in fact, a great blessing that we didn’t see coming and may not deserve. Some of us realize that this nation was God’s idea, founded under his guidance as fulfillments of promises he made to Abraham. We love the freedoms and safety and bountiful blessings and desperately want our kids and their kids to experience the joy of living in a safe, lawful environment.

May God bless this nation and His people wherever they may be as events continue to unfold in the Middle East and in Europe. Our national problems, huge debt, dangerous enemies within our midst and unsettled relations around the globe remain, and will not be solved overnight. We will continue as before, to cry aloud as witness and warning about the overarching need to worship and obey the Creator God. And we will give heartfelt thanks for the defeat of the lies and liars who’ve had us by the throat for way too long.


Mark Armstrong
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