Mark Armstrong’s Weekly Update and News Review – 10 February 2017

Greetings from Tyler,

Religious liberty in the United States used to mean that the government couldn’t interfere in the beliefs or actions of people’s conduct of their own lives, providing that they weren’t violating established laws or the rights of other citizens. There was certainly no thought that the state could compel citizens to activity in violation of Biblical tenets, period. That was then, before every agency of government was the arbiter of fairness and equality, applied to foreigners as well as citizens.

It was also prior to the time that the State required us to pay for “health insurance” policies that include sex change operations, abortions and a host of services inapplicable to pretty much everybody with any traditional belief system considered religious. As every American knows, it is a mandate, required of every citizen. As for the hordes of foreigners thrust into our midst, they needn’t worry too much about the government’s mandate. They’re all on the receiving end of it anyway. But, as all we American citizens know, the fine, or is it a tax, extracted from those of us who refuse to participate, also pays for all manner of elective nonsense, including various psychological therapies so much in demand post-election.

Now, according to some of the lawsuits raining down on the new administration from organizations funded by George Soros, “religious liberty” now means that people wanting to enter the country, even from nations that have transformed into sprawling terrorist training centers, have a Constitutional “right” to come into the United States at the expense of citizens who’ve been robbed of their own rights and liberties by the government. It doesn’t matter if their form of religion demands our transformation to the tenets of Islam, or the necessity that they give their lives to wipe out as many infidels as possible. It doesn’t even matter if they hold Sharia (Muslim religious law) to be a higher authority than the Constitution that has been convoluted by activist judges to force them upon us.

Holding Sharia dear means they may very well practice brutal female mutilation and believe fervently in their right to carry out “honor killings.” Some of the most western-oriented, civilized Muslims living in the west do, in fact, hold open the possibility of “honor killing” for any female that “dishonors” the family. And it doesn’t take much, by American standards, for that possibility to be triggered. If, for example, a girl or woman dares go out of the home escorted by someone other than a mother, father or brother, that could do it. If she’s escorted by a male, not from her own family, or seen to be flirtatious in public, chances are she’s as good as dead.

A recent documentary showing the relatively mild circumstances under which Muslim men serve time in Israeli prisons, pointed out that the majority were incarcerated for having carried out honor killings, whether on a sister or daughter. There’s literally no cultural shame attached to such an act. In fact, it is respected by other family members and the community at large. The way they look at it, the girl had it coming and the family had no choice.

Amazing as it may seem, those who despise the United States, its founders and Constitution are able, with the cooperation of unjust judges, to contort our own laws to the point that the most virulent enemies from around the world must be admitted and supported by citizens the Constitution was designed to protect.
The activist judges, relying on their own twisted logic, expect that the new arrivals will be voting eventually, and it is well-known that refugees and immigrants vote for government handouts and open borders. The heathen zealots being forced upon middle America contribute to the destruction of the United States, socially and economically if not by violence, which is why anti-American George Soros is financing legal battles against the Trump administration.

Incredibly, U. S. policy over recent years has not only given them the “right” to stay in the United States at the expense of others who work for a living, but to bring in their extended families. Once the brothers, sisters and cousins are in the United States, they can begin bringing in their extended families. Domestic policies are actually assisting them in their goal to eventually overwhelm the indigenous population. One look at the fearful, crime-ridden situation in Europe will show you exactly where this is headed.

Oddly enough, the liberal judge from Seattle who issued the emergency stay on immigration orders banning travelers from terrorist regions is himself involved in “refugee resettlement,” and spouts bogus Black Lives Matter rhetoric in his court. How is it that Federal judges with all the reasoning ability of a protest mob, have the unilateral power to imperil the nation’s security?

Where did the idea originate that every foreigner on earth has American Constitutional protections the minute they arrive, or for that matter, from the time they start planning to come to the United States? That’s what we’re dealing with now, and there may be enough Federal judges subsumed in the “sanctuary” policies of places like Seattle or San Francisco to saddle the entire nation with their lunacy and whatever mayhem it causes.

President Trump has promised that religious liberty, of the variety guaranteed Constitutionally, will be restored to the American citizenry. Presumably, we won’t have to pay for elective surgeries for the mentally deranged at some point in the future. For now, however, we do.

But our “religious liberty” has been, at least for the time being, transferred to those who would see us all convert to Islam or die. The unelected judges of the Ninth Circuit Court have spoken. We were told we’d be winning so often we’d tire of it. But Americans aren’t winning. The election is over, the transition has taken place, and the nation is still hostage to unjust judges determined to force their own version of righteousness, along with untold thousands of hateful practitioners of a heathen religion, upon us all.

It’s beginning to look as though the courts will not stand for a return to anything approaching American tradition. Religious liberty? Thanks to some very evil forces, it now belongs to those who don’t even believe in the concept. If this doesn’t represent a Constitutional crisis, we’re going to hate to see what does.


Mark Armstrong

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