Mark Armstrong’s Weekly Update and News Review – 1 April 2016

Greetings from Tyler,

Sweden celebrated a very multicultural brand of Easter this year. They saw cars burned, fireworks fired at police and firefighters, pedestrian overpasses blocked with burning tires. It happened in at least two locations, one was some twenty miles from Stockholm, another in a suburb of Stockholm that is reportedly overrun with Muslims. All this was courtesy of rampaging “non-white youths” who chose to let their hosts know just how much they appreciate European hospitality and western civilization in general.

In recent days there have been more terrorist bombings; in Pakistan where a children’s playground was targeted; in Baghdad where a soccer stadium was bombed; and the one a week and a half ago in Istanbul, Turkey where two Americans were among the dead in an upscale shopping district. None had anything to do with Islam, you understand.

The Brussels airport bombers reportedly had been employed there as janitors! (Is it still ok to say janitors? Or is that a hate crime too?) But there is more surprising news. It has been reported that there are as many as 55 other ISIS supporters working at the Brussels airport. It would have been “discrimination” to have rejected them on the basis of the danger they might pose to innocent and unsuspecting travelers, not to mention so many other employees. Several comments attached to the news stories breaking this unbelievable news indicated that the situation is not uncommon at airports throughout Europe and the UK.

But the Brussels attackers were well known to law enforcement. They’d been to prison for shooting at police and for a carjacking. You know, just a couple of regular guys. An uncle of theirs has been filling in the blanks as to their recent history, and blames their “radicalization” on the time they spent in prison. Before that, they were the nicest guys you’d ever want to meet. So apparently their use of Kalashnikov rifles to fire on police and the carjacking incident occurred before they became “radicalized.”

Talk about denial! It is on full display at the Nuclear Summit underway in Washington D. C., where the president is hosting fifty international leaders to discuss the west’s handling of nuclear material, to ensure that it doesn’t end up in the hands of ISIS or some other terrorist entity. The talks are considered particularly timely in light of the fact that the Brussels airport bombers had been watching and following a top Belgian nuclear scientist, and are believed to have been planning an attack on a nuclear facility.

The socialist French Prime Minister Hollande violated the Obama administration’s strict policy against any mention of Islam in relation to terrorism by saying, “We’re also aware of the roots of Islamist terror…” But not to worry, it was an easy fix. The offending words were simply dropped out of the audio recording, and deleted from the official text carried on the White House web site.

Stopping terrorism is obviously the president’s very top priority, just as he said moments after the news broke of the Brussels airport massacre. If we’d only stop using fossil fuels and put an end to global warming, the problem could be solved! But, according to his administration which includes the State Department, the Pentagon and Homeland Security, these repeated terrorist massacres have absolutely nothing to do with the religion of peace.

The picture of the terrorist threat in Europe is becoming increasingly clear. There are dozens of investigations ongoing in England and every European country. Many of them are focused on recent refugees, but many also center on the “citizen” children of former refugees, like the Brussels bombers. But we just have to get it through our thick heads that Islam, its preachers and teachings are not involved. The denial of an obvious reality is absolutely essential to our national survival, according to those who are orchestrating the collapse of western society.

A Pentagon spokesman just revealed that another dozen terrorists are in the process of being released from Guantanamo Bay. Seventeen were released in mid-December, and several other releases were reported in increments of five, six, and ten in 2015. Those guys are all being flown somewhere overseas, and (somewhat surprisingly) not being released onto American streets.

But the same cannot be said for hundreds of felons serving long sentences in the United States. The president has just commuted the sentences of some 200 drug dealers, thirty three of which were also convicted of crimes with guns. This comes only a few months since nearly 100 hardcore criminals were released from prison in December 2015.

Just to review, the administration continues to demand that the United States accept and support tens of thousands of “refugees” from Syria and other terror-ridden Middle Eastern countries. Middle Eastern Muslims who are here illegally will be allowed to stay indefinitely and presumably be given a “path to citizenship,” being lumped in with poor Hispanic immigrants “just looking for work in order to support their families.” The border patrol is being ordered to release most everyone they apprehend and look the other way when groups of illegals escape into the United States, in some cases instructed not to report how many got away. Cubans are flooding in at twice the previous rate. Terrorists are being released from Guantanamo Bay on a regular basis, and that will presumably continue throughout this year until the facility is empty of prisoners, since only 95 are still there. Hardened criminals serving long sentences in prison are being released onto the streets by the hundreds. Apparently this will just make us stronger as a more “diverse” nation.

You’ve heard of people with “self-destructive” tendencies? Our leaders have self-destructive tendencies, maybe not for themselves personally, but for our society. There’s no other explanation. If there were, they’d have tried it out on us.

The mask is off our leadership. No longer is there any veneer of “hope and change.” Now it’s open socialism, and aid to enemies at all our expense. We never understood how the strong western culture could be successfully undermined. Now we know how. And some of us know why. Have a great Sabbath.


Mark Armstrong