Mark Armstrong’s Weekly Update – 29 December 2017

Greetings from Tyler,

The last time there were huge demonstrations against the Islamic Iranian government was June of 2009 and Barack Obama occupied the office of the Presidency.  Behind the demonstrations was the belief that the recent election had been corrupt, but the president at that time stood publicly with the Ayatollas and was virtually silent on the massive uprising.  Bloomberg wrote, “He wanted a nuclear deal, not regime change.”  Some protesters were shot down in the streets.  Others were followed home and dragged off to prison.  But the nuclear deal went through, with sanctions dropped and billions of dollars transferred to the Ayatollah and his favorite terrorist cells.  Who can forget the palettes of shrink-wrapped currency delivered under cover of darkness?  Iran took the money, signed the deal and has been obnoxious and threatening ever since.

Today there are unbelievable scenes of massive demonstrations in the streets of Tehran again, and the protesters no doubt remember clearly how the last episode was concluded.  It’s just a hunch, but maybe they’ve gained heart and expect some intervening assistance if there is any chance of toppling the bearded holy man.  You know, of course, that two Iranian missiles fired from Yemen, were recently brought down by American supplied anti-missile systems.  UN Ambassador Nikki Haley stood in front of the battered missile tubes as she spoke recently.  One targeted the international airport at Riyadh, the other was said to be aimed at the Royal Palace.  UN members and the mainstream media treated the claims with skepticism, as they do with any and every assertion of the Trump administration.  But the missiles, especially being fired from Yemen, represent violations of the nuclear agreement. The Trump administration agrees that it was what we called it on our magazine cover a couple of years ago, the Worst Deal EVER.

At this writing, there hasn’t yet been an official response to the demonstrations, reportedly taking place in every city all over Iran.  It’s highly unlikely that it will be ignored by the Trump administration, and we can undoubtedly expect a reaction.

Better than half the country is in the midst of a bitter, life threatening freeze.  The president took the opportunity to mock global warming, something we’ve been doing for decades.  But it caught the media anchors’ hair on fire, again.  There’s not much that doesn’t.  John Berman sitting in for Anderson Cooper on CNN said, “I know for a fact that’s not how global warming works.”

We almost forgot! Climate has nothing to do with weather.  Even though the anti-God leftists claim, “People are going to die!” Islands will disappear, and low-lying cities will be permanently flooded and millions displaced.  They can’t be bothered with the dangers of sub-zero temperatures, unless they have to go out in them!  Then they’d better take serious precautions or suffer frostbite or hypothermia.  No, we’re expected to remain in a state of panic about minor fluctuations that will supposedly happen over the passage of time.  Meanwhile, freezing to death right now?  Everybody knows the weather has nothing to do with the climate, right?

That’s as bogus as were Al Gore’s claims that the polar icecap would have turned to liquid by now.  He’s traveled the world with insistent warnings of what will happen if we don’t let some global authority mandate us into compliance, making energy and consumption decisions for us, and compensating nations that supposedly have suffered the negative effects of western prosperity.  The national publications and networks were already horrified that President Trump dumped the Paris Climate Accord, one of Obama’s “signature achievements,” damaging as it would have been if we’d paid fabulous sums as “reparations” all around the world.  The “elite” crew of analysts and commentators just can’t wrap their minds around what a clueless jerk we elected to represent the United States.  At least he hasn’t lectured about how true he is to his “Muslim faith.”  “You mean your Christian faith.”  “My Christian faith…”  You can see that, by the way.  The interview was with George Stephanopoulis, former Clinton campaign advisor, current anchor on ABC News.  Interesting how that works, no?

We’ve got a president who’s unafraid to invoke God unapologetically.  The American Embassy is moving to Jerusalem in a clear message that the United States stands by Israel, in a move that is being followed by a number of other nations, UN condemnation or not.  The UN is finally going to take a $286 million hit for their anti-American, anti-Israel, anti-Western Civilization posture.  The governments of Europe (along with the pope) continue down the path of self-righteous suicide, and are mortified that Donald Trump is backing the U. S. out of the charade.

Mind you, some 14 million immigrants have taken up residence in the U. S. in just the past ten years, and the courts are making it nearly impossible to send anyone home.  Can you can fathom 14 million people?  Imagine the Rose Bowl, seating 100,000 people.  It’s an arresting sensation to be in a crowd of 100,000, maybe you’ve had the experience.  Then imagine 140 stadiums with 100,000 each.  That’s how many immigrants, legal and otherwise, are estimated to have come to the U. S. in just the past ten years!  For all the progress that’s been made on many fronts this year, the immigration “lottery” system and chain migration remain in full swing.  Any attempt to change that will be met with more cries of “Xenophobia!” and “Racism!”

The problems wrought by such suicidal policies are off the chart, and being downplayed or hidden by law enforcement and the media.  If you want proof, check out what’s happening with the Somali population in Minnesota.  If such crimes, threats and terror had been committed against an ethnic minority by the indigenous population, it would be splashed dramatically across every headline. Since Americans are being shot and stabbed by Somalis, it’s not national news at all.

The first year of Donald Trump’s presidency has been, as promised, one welcome whiplash after another after a decade of wimpish acquiescence to every “value” we never had.  Destructive socialist “values” are in fact a desecration of our traditions and heritage.  The snowflakes are freaking out at the prospect that America is back economically, militarily, and has reclaimed a position of leadership on the world stage.  But it remains to be seen whether the national culture can survive the demographic onslaught from the poorest, most illiterate and violent places on earth.  And no, the refugees aren’t anything like Joseph and Mary, for the pope’s information.

God bless and protect our president, our nation, and our brethren overseas.  We have a tremendous amount for which to be thankful, but tumultuous trials to come, no doubt.

Mark Armstrong


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