Mark Armstrong’s Weekly Update – 23 August 2019

Greetings from Tyler,

Amid considerable stupidity and the incredible admission from the Editor in Chief of the New York Times this week, something else stands out.  We’ve known for years that the “diplomatic” statements that come from the likes of Israel’s enemies don’t often reflect what they’re saying to their followers.

The so-called “president” of the Palestinian Authority let fly in a speech at a refugee camp near the town of Ramallah that got our attention.  He’s calling for “millions of fighters” to swarm Jerusalem, killing the Jewish residents and destroying everything they’ve built.  Just so you get the drift, here’s a quotation confirmed to be accurate by the Middle East Media Research Institute known as MEMRI.  “To Jerusalem, we march, martyrs by the millions!”  (I thought you had to already be dead to be a martyr, but they might turn out to be martyrs if they try to carry out Abbas’ threat.)  “We shall enter Jerusalem—millions of fighters!  We shall enter it!  All of us, the entire Palestinian people, the entire Arab nation, the Islamic nation, and the Christian nation.  They shall all enter Jerusalem!”

It seems like they tried this in the Six-Day War back in 1967 when they attacked from all sides.  From Egypt, from Lebanon, from Jordan and Syria.  Their brave fighters threw down their guns, ditched their boots and ran for their lives.  In fact, that’s when they lost everything from East Jerusalem to the River Jordan.  Ever since they’ve tried to portray themselves as the world’s foremost victims.  They deny the Holocaust ever happened, that way they can claim victim-hood that surpasses anybody else on earth, especially the Jews who they want dead or gone.

The utterances of Abbas to his Palestinian audience, which by now has coursed through the entire Arab world and even appears in the American press, sound vaguely prophetic.  You know, the part about Jerusalem being surrounded with armies…  In fact, it’s just another example of an attempt to encourage terrorism as if it’s the path to the realization of a great cause.  Abbas’ speech went on to defend the payments that are made to the families of dead terrorists and those wounded trying to realize their bloodthirsty dream.  “We will not accept their designation of our martyrs as terrorists…All the money will go back to them, because the martyrs, the wounded and the prisoners are the most sacred things we have.”  He might be right about that last part because nothing about their murderous cause is “sacred.”

His call to action makes about as much sense as the “green new deal,” which is to say it’s entirely fanciful, impractical and impossible.  This is more about the ravings of a hate-filled lunatic than anything to do with Bible prophecy.  Too bad he didn’t have the “squad” at his side because that’s probably where they would have been had the anti-American, anti-Israel, professional grievance grifters been allowed to be there.

Last week, the media began its effort to panic the public into believing that an economic recession is about to commence.  With the stock market taking another bath at the end of the week, we can expect a non-stop promotion of lean economic activity for the United States.

The trade war with China just keeps getting hotter.  Rather than agree to a reciprocal arrangement that benefits both parties, China keeps upping the ante.  President Trump has been hot under the collar about China’s theft of U. S. wealth through currency manipulation, theft of intellectual property, violation of patents, knock-offs of expensive brands and one-way tariffs.  Maybe there will be pain to certain sectors of the American economy, but President Trump appears determined to get the situation under control even if it means ultimately denying China access to U. S. markets.  The idea is that it will be much more damaging to them than to us, even if it costs the President politically.

Trump has suggested (the media says “ordered”) U. S. companies close operations in China and find alternative ways to produce their products, ideally in the United States.  We’ll see how that news is received.  Car companies and big tech manufacturers also have plants there and contracts with Chinese firms, so it will get dicey.  The media will continue to wail about a coming recession in the hopes they can turn everyone sour on Trump.

Odd that Anthony Scaramucci who served as White House spokesman for less than two weeks has invoked the cult-leader Jim Jones to describe President Trump.  What?  Did he get an advance copy of our monthly letter?  It doesn’t compare President Trump to Jim Jones, as Scaramucci did.  What it does is point out what Jim Jones was preaching, and show that his idiotic arguments very closely track the socialist/communist drivel coming out of the educational institutions and the mainstream media.  You’ll see.  The letter is written, printed and should be in your mailbox in a few days.  The comparisons are striking.  And they have nothing whatever to do with President Donald Trump!  As for Anthony, have you ever seen such vanity with so little to recommend it?  It’s going around.

It’s the dog days of Summer in Texas, and probably where you are too unless you’re in Australia.  Either way, have a great Sabbath.

Mark Armstrong