Mark Armstrong’s Weekly Review of US and World News – 4 December 2015


Greetings from Tyler,

Here we are four days after the unspeakable massacre in San Bernardino, and government agencies including the F.B.I. are still trying desperately to come up with a personal motive, a dispute or any explanation at all other than Muslim terrorism. You’ve heard by now how the Muslim shooters’ garage was a veritable bomb factory. They had a dozen pipe bombs in there with materials for many more, all constructed according to a recipe published by al Qaeda.

There are reports of an argument between the Muslim Sayeed Farook and another employee at the San Bernardino offices shortly before the attack over whether Islam is or is not a religion of peace! It would be unbelievable if it weren’t so classic. They’ll come to kill you if you insult their religion by saying it doesn’t represent peace.

After three days of officials telling us they were “looking for a motive,” and had no reason to suspect terrorist connections, finally, the F.B.I. says they’re investigating the murderous rampage as a terror attack. Government agencies have finally come around to the possibility that it might have been a terrorist attack now that evidence shows that the female shooter posted allegiance to ISIS on Facebook on the same day the attack was carried out. Most of us knew almost immediately that other than the odd deranged lunatic infected with evil, the only inspiration for such a heartless act of wanton mass murder is the teachings of Islam as literal! And it’s only a tiny percentage of Muslims, they tell us. Certainly nothing that represents an actual threat to the homeland of the United States.

That is precisely the point our traitorous president was making in an interview, apparently recorded while bullets were still flying in San Bernardino! He’d just returned from that idiotically inane “climate change” conference in Paris where he claimed the very fact of those meetings represented a “stern rebuke” to the terrorists, or violent extremists as he likes to call them, who have nothing to do with Islam. Nothing to do with Islam other than they believe in following the dictates of the Koran and the instructions of Mohamed literally, to the letter. But the president has never admitted this widely known fact, nor will he. And we’ve just been warned by the Attorney General of the United States, there’d better not be any speech against Muslims or their religion! She just might prosecute if it “edges on violence,” whatever that means.

The litany of Muslim terrorist attacks over just the last few weeks is almost too much to keep track of. Stabbings and cars ramming groups of people in Israel, the blown up Russian airliner leaving Egypt, the slaughter at the Radisson Hotel in Mali, the massacre in Paris and now the mindless mayhem in San Bernardino.

All these have come against the backdrop of hundreds of thousands of Muslim “refugees” streaming into Europe, and the ongoing debate over how many tens of thousands will be brought into the United States. Well over half of the nation’s governors wrote to the White House to say they didn’t want them settled in their states. Texas has actually filed a lawsuit to put a stop to the importation of Syrian refugees here. But in typical fashion the current anti-American administration is prepared to do legal battle to force ever more foreign Muslims into our communities.

As the years have gone by, they’ve been covertly allowing hundreds of thousands to come and to settle in the United States. The exact number appears to be shrouded in secrecy, but estimated to be somewhere north of 3 million, maybe as many as 7 million.

The San Bernardino event is a public relations disaster for the current administration on so many fronts, it’s amazing. The evil Farrook was an “American,” who was “married” and had a child. He was working at a state or county government office earning $70,000 per year, just a family man living out the American dream. So he wasn’t driven by poverty, wasn’t a “loner,” and most importantly wasn’t anywhere on the radar of law enforcement.

They’ve been trying to tell us what a fabulous job U.S. intelligence agencies are doing, keeping track of potentially dangerous Muslims with ties to terrorist entities. The claim is that they have active investigations into ISIS-connected Muslims in all fifty states, and that at least 70 individuals are under constant surveillance. They are short of resources they say, because it takes nearly thirty agents to keep track of just one terrorist suspect all the time. So what’s that costing us? We’d hate to know.

Once Obama forces his will on the country and another half million or so are living among us, how many agents will be required to “keep Americans safe?” Again, the socialist agenda for the downfall of American capitalism is being followed systematically. Overload the system. And in this case it means law enforcement. Cities are being overloaded with Black Lives Matter demonstrations, a movement the president supports. Southern states are being overloaded with undocumented Democrats, pursuant to unlawful executive orders. It’s become nearly impossible for them to be deported, even if they’re career criminals.

We’ve already been overloaded with Muslims, but the intent is to bring in millions more, and if you don’t like it you must be “Islamophobic” or some hateful bigot. They keep telling us that all the “refugees” are just peace-loving people fleeing an atmosphere of violence. Meanwhile ISIS is boasting that they’ve infiltrated the “refugee” population with their agents. A recent statistic shows that ninety percent of “refugees” currently living in the United States are receiving government welfare payments.

U.S. debt has been overloaded, and continues into the stratosphere with massive government spending for those that are being imported from south of the border and overseas, not to mention “free health care” and every other idiotic boondoggle the politicians can dream up.

The coming tribulation is already pouring into Europe, disrupting life wherever large groups of Muslims are settled. We’ve just seen an example of something that will soon become common here in the United States. To those grievously injured in the San Bernardino attack, and to the families that have been shattered by our government’s pro-Muslim policies, it surely is a very personal life-shattering reality.

Is this what our indulgent behaviour has wrought? The nation should have taken September 11, 2001 as a jolting wake-up call. But that didn’t happen. Will we wise up as we see adherents to the wicked Islamist philosophy deal death and destruction in the cities and towns of the American mainland?

The New York ‘Daily News’ ran a huge headline this week declaring, “GOD ISN’T FIXING THIS.” It was meant to mock God and those who pray to him. But God won’t intervene to see any of this get “fixed” unless we turn away from the sins that have been welcomed into our culture and begin to obey His laws and give Him credit for the wonderful blessings we’ve enjoyed. And it wouldn’t hurt if our arrogant leadership stopped supporting our enemies and defending their heathen religion. Otherwise, we’ll see this terrorist scourge, and the economic disaster that will accompany i, tear the western world apart.


Mark Armstrong