Mark Armstrong’s Weekly News Review – Friday, 6 July 2018

Greetings from Tyler,

Here’s hoping you enjoyed a delightful Independence Day.  We thought it was the best one since this time last year, maybe better.  For the first time ever, the home owner’s association in my neighborhood organized a parade, of sorts.  There were heavily decorated bicycles, lawn tractors pulling trailers full of kids, jeeps wrapped in red white and blue tinsel and flatbeds with lounge chairs with women and more kids. Flags were in every other yard and people were out in front of their houses, happy to make acquaintances and enjoy the company of neighbors.  When several of our family members went to the nearby marina, we saw quite a crowd and fireworks bursting overhead and all around the lake in the distance.  It sure seemed like there might be more to celebrate than there has been in recent memory, and the happiness seemed infectious.  But there are those, somewhere other than here that are anything but happy. I’m pretty sure they’re mad that we’re happy.

People are doing crazy things, making fools of themselves in public, verbally attacking their philosophical foes, throwing drinks, cursing in their faces, and it’s all the fault of you know who. It’s just an illustration of how crazy this man, and his supporters, are driving supposedly sane individuals bonkers. Most telling of all, it’s a morality play!  Those who justify every hideous debauchery are having an emotional meltdown over perceived “uncaring, racist, bigoted” and potentially criminal attitudes they assign to President Trump and his deplorable supporters without any recognition of the irony in play. Word went out in recent years that illegal aliens crossing the border with children, theirs or otherwise, will get special treatment. Adults can’t be detained because they can’t be separated from “their children,” and everybody knows you can’t put “children” in jail. So there is no solution.  Either let them disappear into the population or be accused of operating “concentration camps.”

So the solution is crystal clear, even though the most preening moralists just tumbled to it in the past ten days or so.  Abolish ICE!  That ought to fix it.  And the border patrol too.  “They’ve strayed from their mandate,” say the organizers of protests, and no longer represent the “values” of America.  As was so often repeated over the last decade, our national “values” consist of honoring debauchery, altering the demographic character of population, embracing regulations that kill whole industries while insisting that the United States assume a subordinate role to the UN, the EU, the World Bank, the WHO, and every other globalist institution.

Against all odds, we seem to be breaking out of that mold.  Just when it looked as though there would be no turning back, there is suddenly momentum under the leadership of a man who no one thought could be dedicated to conservative principles let alone honor God for our freedom and blessings.  And yet there he is, and here we are.  Maybe not one nation as would be most desirable, but under God nevertheless, as stated unapologetically in one ecstatic rally after another.  The self “righteous” socialists among us, presiding over the mainstream media and nearly every educational institution in the land, are furious and can’t illustrate their anger often enough.  Nothing’s funny at all anymore.  Nobody dares say anything in jest, because there is no such thing.  Only insults, hurt FEELINGS, anger and outrage.  No matter how silly or funny, you better not laugh out loud or let anyone see you do that or you might be the victim of a snowflake hurling curses or chasing you out of an establishment.

You might not have heard because it’s not exactly big news, but the pope is in serious trouble.  It seems he presided over the cover-up of serial molester priests down in Argentina before being elevated to the highest perch in the “Christian” world.  Furthermore, he’s admitted his role in conversations that have been published.  It begins to make a little more sense that some of his first utterances were to confer acceptance and honor upon the “gay” community.  He’s denouncing our president, worrying like a protester about “the children!” (many of whom appear to be in their late teens), while ducking a scandal involving abusive priests and Argentine mothers whose sons fell victim to his beaded slipper buddies.

But he’s saving the planet.  He’s holding one global warming confab after another, generating headlines and news stories almost daily.  He’s worried about the rain forest in the Amazon.  You know, the one that would have disappeared in the 80’s if Sting hadn’t done a series of benefit concerts?  To hear the pope tell it, it’s about to turn into “desert and garbage” if we don’t get alarmed about carbon dioxide and whatever the UN says.  He and his priesthood may be embarrassing themselves beyond belief, having ruined the lives of countless children entrusted to them, but at least he’s doing his part to “save the planet,” while changing the subject to global warming panic.  Doubtful the mainstream will ever figure this out, let alone report it.

In Germany, Angela Merkel’s government has survived the standoff over refugees, at least temporarily.  They reached a compromise on what to do with certain categories of “immigrants” coming in through Austria.  In no way does it serve to solve the problem, rather pushing the crisis down the road for another day.  And there will be another day.  Sentiment across Europe has largely turned.  All the rhetorical good will and caring rings a little hollow when the neighborhood goes, the crime wave arrives, and people can’t go out without facing danger.

It’s happened in London, in Paris and nearly every European capital.  There are many examples across our nation too, almost every day.  The first network break on the radio this morning was of a woman in Texas who sold her son for $2500 in drug money.  It seems she may have been negotiating another deal for her two little toddler girls.  Doubtful this will make national coverage.  It doesn’t fit the narrative, in fact it just might raise a lot of questions they don’t want asked.  If you look it up, you’ll understand completely.

Isn’t it remarkable that the nation’s mainstream institutions are being dragged kicking and screaming into a scenario where the Constitution is followed, the law is enforced, and to the sheer panic of the left, the Supreme Court is seeing appointments along those lines.  Some believe that God has His hand in it, and maybe He does.  We see many Biblical examples of imperfect vessels being used to accomplish His will.  If that is the case, it may be a last chance for America if not the entire Western world.  Can you imagine how the pendulum might swing the other way?  You don’t have to look very far to get an inkling of how that might go.  Maybe as far as the book of Revelation.

Mark Armstrong