Mark Armstrong’s Weekly News Review – Friday, 6 December 2019

Greetings from Tyler,

While the public is drowning in fake news and sober, false impeachment claims, the economy is roaring, to coin a phrase, “like nobody’s ever seen.”  We’ll see if the fake news mainstream media will even report this news.  They regularly conceal important information while endlessly repeating their opinions and speculations, always in angry condemnation of President Trump.  Financial analysts and experts heads are spinning with the revelation that 266,000 jobs have been added in November, far beyond the most generous estimates.  Meanwhile, Canada has lost some 70,000 jobs.  Europe is in recession and facing economic doldrums.  For some reason, the most hated man on earth is leading an economic miracle in the U. S. that even the most virulent Trump haters cannot deny.  We’ll watch with interest how this good news is handled by the hate-Trump networks and news outlets.  Chances are they’ll conceal it.  That’s become their hallmark of late.  They just refuse to report information that knocks their agenda into a cocked hat, though there is more than plenty.

Meanwhile, there may be a revolution brewing in Iran.  The mullahs have never seen an uprising to rival the one presently sweeping the Islamic theocracy.  A couple of days ago, we were hearing that the regime had gunned down as many as a couple of hundred unarmed demonstrators.  That number has grown to one thousand now.  Not knowing whether to trust the information or not, we find that the Foreign Minister of Iran has released figures claiming that 731 banks have been torched, 183 police cars, over a thousand motorcycles (what a shame), 34 ambulances and 70 gas stations.  We’ll consider the source, but it doesn’t seem the type of thing that the regime would exaggerate.

You may have seen that the Pentagon is considering sending an additional 7,000 troops to the region, along with anti-missile batteries, battle ships and destroyers, while the President is voicing support for the uprising.  Apparently, the regime already spent the pallets of shrink-wrapped currency secretly flown in by president Obama as encouragement for Iran to agree to the defunct nuclear agreement.  It may be too much to hope for, but here’s hoping that the terrorist regime has met its match at long last.

The British are about to cast votes in the next few days that will determine the fate of their bid to exit the European Union, and also whether Boris Johnson will continue as Prime Minister.  The British media and nearly half of their leaders are determined to stay under the dictates of the EU, where they have no choice but to accept massive amounts of Muslim and North African immigration.  We’ll have to wait until sometime next week to find out whether Britain will regain its national sovereignty.

The problem has reared its ugly head here in the U. S. with the recent attack at an American airbase in Pensacola, Florida.  His name is Mohammed, if that tells you anything.   A Saudi national, he killed four and wounded many others when he shot up a classroom full of unarmed soldiers.  Chances are the mainstream reports will conceal the shooter’s origins.  For some reason, soldiers on army bases can’t be trusted to be armed, and this is not the first incident where unarmed American soldiers become the victim of a mass murdering shooter.  Anybody remember Fort Hood?

We’ve been working furiously to get the next issue of 21st Century WATCH off to the printer before the holiday crush, and it’s now down to the fine details.  There are more than a few important developments in a state of flux, so we’re constantly having to update articles and stories that were accurate when written.  A lot of those will appear in the segment entitled In Case You Missed It.  There are almost too many outrageous policies and laws being implemented, designed to desecrate life in America, to keep up with.  Like the one that says shoplifters can steal up to $950 worth of merchandise without being charged with a felony.  It’s wrecking California, which is also blighted by the allowance of squatters along city streets and under bridges.  It’s unbelievable that the do-gooders are fine with the open-air drug use and refuse and filth that has infiltrated that former paradise.  But lots of big businesses and corporations have brought their warped philosophies to a neighborhood near everybody.

It came as a stark realization that we’d put together an entire magazine with no mention of the issue burning up the media, impeachment.  Maybe it shouldn’t have been surprising, but it is nevertheless shocking to hear the big networks spout untrue, dis-proven accusations on every news break.  But that’s how low they’ve gone.  They play clips of angry legal “experts,” who got embarrassed before their “testimony” was complete.  This week, liberal law expert Jonathon Turley was the only one of four to testify who told the committee that THEY WERE ABUSING THEIR OWN POWER FOR POLITICAL PURPOSES and attempting to interfere with the next election.  But he might as well have never shown up as far as the mainstream press is concerned.  They’ve concealed his statements and left them out of the nightly debates, because he destroyed the whole premise for the sham impeachment.  It didn’t hurt that he was funny and brought down the house.

That’s how much they hate President Donald Trump.  They’re well along in destroying any credibility they may have had, and they’re proud of it.  They wear their dishonesty as a badge of honor, as long as it serves their single-minded agenda of ridding the White House of their nemesis.  They’ve got to get rid of him so they can resume their war against all of us and the Western way of life.  The more our nation succeeds, and the more President Trump’s accomplishes, the madder they become.  With any luck, and God’s help, he’ll drive them completely out of their minds.  May the farce be with you.

Mark Armstrong