Mark Armstrong’s Weekly News Review – Friday, 26 October 2018

Greetings from Tyler, 

            Ahmed the clock-boy built a more convincing bomb than those found in suspicious packages this week.  But, like everything including bad weather, Trump is to blame. They’re all over the cable networks saying that Trump is responsible, and yet he refuses to take responsibility! “It looks as though the bomber chose his hit-list from those Trump has called out on his Twitter feed” (Paraphrased from network talking points, repeated ad-nauseum).  Except of course for Robert De Niro who’s publicly cursed the President and expressed the desire to “punch him in the face.”  But that of course, was just hyperbole.  He didn’t mean it.  Never mind that he’s never made an appearance in Trump’s tweets.

            Indeed, even fake bombs amount to a form of terrorism. Sure enough, anyone receiving such a package would have reason to be horrified.  At least until they’ve realized that the all “bombs” are fake, not unlike the “news” coverage.  None had even the slightest chance of blowing up anything, except maybe cable television. They blew that up alright.  Now they know what they’re going to blame Trump with for at least the next few days if not weeks.

            The hate-Trump, hate-America news media is fit to be tied.  They wear disgusted scowls, sometimes just staring knowingly when cued that they’re on the air, before expressing disbelief that Trump doesn’t understand or care how offensive his comments are.  They’re just astounded at the rank stupidity and “obvious racism” of his supporters.  It’s our fault too!

            Next they’ll tell us that the idiot who sent a dozen fake bombs represents all Trump supporters.  It’s a relief that he’s been caught.  Trump supporter though he may be, he could hardly have done anything more damaging to the president’s image and that of his supporters than the lunatic bomb scare. 

            No sooner had the recent monthly letter been written and sent to print when regrets began to surface about things that should have been included and weren’t.  For instance, the strange disease that starts as a bronchial infection and ends up paralyzing its victims.  Apparently it’s similar to polio, eradicated in the U. S. in the 1950’s, probably brought by sick migrants from all over the world flooded into America in their millions by the former president, and likely present in the “caravan.”

            One might ask themselves an obvious question, one that will never be entertained in the mainstream media.  What is the most influential organization in squalid Central America?  Is it not the Catholic church, after all?  Who’s making government money for feeding and sheltering homeless “immigrants” in the United States.  It’s not only the Catholic church, which sometimes shields wanted illegal aliens within its compounds, but it’s a major player.  To carry the far-fetched theory a little further, the “church” is bound to be losing vast sums of income over hundreds (if not thousands) of pedophile priest scandals all over the world.  That news is hardly a public relations winner.           

            We’ve had suspicions about the pope and Catholic influence being involved in the community organizing of the caravan.  But what about the community organizer president? Isn’t this his specialty?  There’s no question, the rag-tag mob from some of the most squalid places on earth was strategically timed to be making their trek and eventual arrival at the most critical of moments.  Does their (Catholic) flow of income (from the government) and membership not depend on the continued influx of poor, desperate foreigners?  And just whom, pray tell, represents a threat to the scam? 

            There has been such an onslaught of fake news, “false flag” incidents, and biased reporting that we’re all loathe to believe much of what we hear, especially on the “news.” 

            We’ve endured two years (more, if truth be told) of fraudulent information being spread as gospel.  Those who look beyond the cable networks for information know that the agencies once trusted most have been involved in creating phony investigations into false allegations, mainly for the purpose of deceiving the public, but with the ultimate hope of actually uncovering something, anything that would end their nightmare of the Trump presidency.  They stand now, on the cusp of losing power for the foreseeable future.  If you think the cable networks and mainstream Internet outlets have been angry and unreasonable up to this point, just wait.

            Forgive the cynicism.   But, who created phony evidence, leaked it to media and submitted it in court to get warrants for surveillance of Trump and his associates?  Who’s manufactured the “news” on a daily basis for the past two years?  Which agency failed to solve the Las Vegas massacre; and failed to look up the Florida school shooter even after repeated warnings?  The same outfit that just “solved” the fake bomb mystery.

            Western civilization is at risk in ways that defy imagination.  Europe is over-flowing with “refugees” from Africa and the Middle East and imploding politically over the crisis.  The same kind of phenomenon now grips the United States, with similar social and demographic fallout.  But never mind that.  Look! Squirrel! (Thanks, Murray)  An idiot Trump supporter on a terror rampage. Note to reader: This guy is no conservative as you’ll undoubtedly have the opportunity to see. 

            Conservatives don’t make bombs, not even fake ones. They don’t pose with exotic dancers, especially of the male variety.  We live in an age of deception of epic proportions, and it’s not getting better.    If there’s anything we’ve learned, it’s to NOT jump to conclusions, especially when being pushed by a craven media. 


Mark Armstrong