Mark Armstrong’s Weekly News Review – Friday, 24 August 2018

Greetings from Tyler,

Every time you see these wannabe communists get misty eyed about some attempt to hack “our democracy” or some such, you need to understand that they’re talking about Antifa and mob rule.  That’s their idea of “democracy,” a term that technically shouldn’t be applied.  They’re talking about Muslims in their tens of thousands, like those who took to the Minnesota Vikings stadium to chant the terrorists’ favorite slogan this week.  Isn’t diversity great?  They’re using our unique freedoms to demand recognition, respect or whatever, with no intention of ever becoming Americans.

It’s doubtful we have any idea what the numbers are or how many illegals and undesirables are here.  We just saw a full-blown member of ISIS deported from California to Iraq on charges of having murdered a policeman.  We just saw the squalid terrorist training center in New Mexico, with abused, starving children being brainwashed to believe their only reason for being on earth is to murder as many unsuspecting citizens as possible.  Make a critical mention of it, and find yourself banned from the social media platforms from which millions get their information and form their opinions.  If you’re lucky they’ll just ban you for a month or so, a time-out so you can reconsider your opinions and gauge the importance of being able to access their services.

Here’s a question.  How is it that Standard Oil or Bell Telephone were monopolies that the government had to regulate and break up, but Google can maintain the world’s universal database, with reams of personal information on everyone on earth and it’s not a problem?  The little communists who run these mega-data platforms didn’t invent the Internet, but they’ve managed to take control of it.  Are the conveniences offered really worth having to bow down to their demands?  Not to us they’re not!

Have you ever read the “rules” and regulations, standards and practices or whatever?  Most Bible stories and prophecies won’t pass muster.  Someone somewhere might be offended.  There are already numerous examples of innocuous material being banned because the authors have some opinion or view that doesn’t chime with political correctness.  So they ban, not the “offending” content, but the person or organization that produced it!

The term “political correctness” and the ideology comes from socialism, as the method and means of controlling populations and overcoming western civilization.  It’s the diametric opposite of liberty and freedom of speech.  They preach “tolerance,” but have none.  The protest crowd, which could be assembled at a moment’s notice on nearly any university campus, expect that they will be part of the elite administrators of social justice.  They’ll live at government expense for the hard work of whipping the masses into line with threats, violence and massive traffic jams.  They’ll force upon the population solutions for global warming.  They’ll saturate our news and entertainment with emotive homosexuals, for lack of another sanctioned term.  They sputter and lisp all the more as they get worked up about how racist we are and what a liar we’ve elected president.

Look at what “inspires” our former president.  The South African president who is promoting the forfeiture of farms owned by white people to the black majority without compensation.  Currently the land is worthless, it can’t be sold, assuming that’s what they wanted to do.  It’s designated for confiscation, by force of machetes, bullets and arson if necessary, and Obama is “inspired.”  If you look up the subject of murder in South Africa, you’ll find headlines claiming that the murder of white farmers is on the decrease.  You’ll also be informed that black workers are also attacked and killed. After all, they’re working for white farm owners.  Arguments aside, it is out in the open that the leaders of the black majority plan a constitutional revision that will allow its government to seize farms and ranches from white land owners to satisfy claims of historical injustices.  But they’re moving ahead with land forfeitures without compensation in the mean time anyway.  As we’ve learned the hard way here in the United States, people need to be punished for ancestral sins committed long before any of us were alive.  History needs to be re-written, memorials and statues torn down so that none of these easily offended types ever have to learn anything or deal with the reality of history at all.

The would-be socialists love it.  Government seizure of assets and redistribution is music to their ears.  That’s what they want for the U. S., and they’ll be ranting about fairness, diversity, open borders, discrimination and reparations until the end of time.  That’s not exactly the Trump agenda.  That’s why they’ve got to get him out of the White House, yesterday.  Loving the United States, wanting it’s culture and its Constitution to remain, praising God for freedom and prosperity is just not acceptable to the mainstream.  Think about what this country, indeed the whole world will look like when the mainstream purveyors of information get their way.

Mark Armstrong