Mark Armstrong’s Weekly News Review – Friday, 19 October 2018

Greetings from Tyler,

            Uh oh.  The Department of Justice is confirmed to have opened an investigation into the Catholic church.  Three hundred and one priests are implicated in unspeakable acts against children in the state of Pennsylvania alone.  Authorities have proof from secret documents uncovered from within the dioces and in some cases from handwritten confessions from the priests themselves.  Some 1500 priests are accused nationwide,  and it’s not like this just came up.  There have been scandals upon scandals, with the “church” having to sell vast holdings of real properties in years past to pay off victims in legal settlements.  That’s because it just wouldn’t do to have these matters litigated in a court of law, where the details of the behavior of these predatory prelates would be a matter of public record.  The church has coughed up tens if not hundred of millions to keep this quiet.

            Given the recent record, and the ongoing cover-up of corruption within the formerly respected Department, it would be easy to dismiss the reported investigation as meaningless.  This is, after all the same outfit that was part and parcel in the plot to oust President Trump on the basis of false “intelligence” their top executives probably helped create, but most certainly disseminated to other branches of law enforcement (most notably F. B. I.) and to the media.  If you’ve been following this still unresolved situation, you know that the roll of the top echelon has been to obfuscate and obstruct with the assistance of the MSM which has acted as a full partner in the plot to oust the President.  A large percentage of the public is still unaware of the scope of this most scandalous chapter in recent history because the mainstream media, TV networks, internet and social media outlets have refused to carry the information, even when widely available.

            Widely available enough that at least a half dozen books detailing the inner-workings of government agencies, and employees in the plot to depose Trump have already come and gone off the New York Times best-seller list.

            We’ll probably get a report on the institutional abuse visited upon Catholic children in say, 2 ½ years that will be more cover-up than exposé, if recent experience is any guide.  But the homosexual child abuse scandal isn’t limited to the U S A, it’s all over the world.  The “church” is facing the same accusations in Australia, in Chile and in Ireland, but that’s not the half of it.  It makes it more interesting than ever that some of the pope’s first public statements were apologies to “gay” activist groups.  Now it looks as though he’s got bigger problems than what they might think or say.

            Suddenly, everyone’s an expert on Saudi Arabia. They know just how the President should react to the disappearance and reported gruesome death of the Saudi diplomat (and contributor to the Washington Post)inside the Saudi embassy in Ankara, Turkey.  It used to be that the “news” dealt with things that have already happened, once confirmed and corroborated by eyewitnesses or other reliable means. Now the “news” is what the President shoulddo, and how outraged everybody shouldbe if he doesn’t.

            Experts have popped up all over the place demanding that the President should curtail all financial relations with Saudi Arabia, cancel the arms deals and implement sanctions as punishment for the apparent assassination of Khashoggi in the Saudi embassy in Turkey.  The reports of his demise could hardly be more gruesome, and Turkey claims to have proof in the way of recordings that have yet to be produced for verification.  Our Secretary of State has shuttled from Saudi Arabia to Turkey to figure out what happened and who’s responsible.  But the President is taking heat from all directions, much as he did for failing to “crush Putin like a bug” (“which is what any real man would have done” according to a regular CNN contributor) at the Helsinki conference.  But, as everyone in the mainstream news business knows, and says monotonously, Trump has an affinity for dictators and despots, because he so desperately wants to be one!  That’s the “news” for you, 24/7. 

            You’d think that Trump was the first American president to do business with Saudi Arabia if you didn’t know better, and many apparently don’t.  Because this President leveraged America’s relationship with Saudi Arabia to counter Iran’s aggressions and to try to get the Saudis to steer the Islamic religion towards peace and prosperity and away from militant terrorism, he’s propping up a corrupt regime, they say.  The regime is pretty strange alright, but Trump didn’t make it that way.  They do own and manage Medina and Mecca the two “holiest” sites to Islam, so it’s not like they’re without clout.  But the media is in the middle of a frenzy they’ve kept up for nearly two years.  Trump, his agenda and supporters must be humiliated and destroyed.  If this story doesn’t do it (and it won’t) stay tuned. They’ll have another outrage for us to ponder in a day or two if not sooner.

            That may well be the “caravan.”  It’s grown to over four thousand leaving Guatemala bound for the United States.  Odd the timing, and the fact that this was organized and financed by somebody. Network anchors are already crying crocodile tears for the poor who the President wants to deny entry to the U. S. Mexico is putting on a show of at least slowing down passage at its southern border.  But many are being allowed through, and will no doubt claim asylum and be allowed in. 

            It’s causing consternation, even among White House officials.  Despite so much tough talk, illegals are flowing into the United States in record numbers.  There is widespread concern about the future and what it will mean for our demographics and leadership down the road.  That’s all very nice, but from Texas it looks like the invasion has been accomplished. Large numbers are here, everywhere. The local Driver’s License office is crowded with non-English speakers, every day.  So is every other public place, and that’s no joke.

            The optimism we’re seeing for the first time in forever feels good.  Wouldn’t we love to see America survive as a beacon of freedom and prosperity to all the world?  President Donald Trump is giving it a gallant effort, and may he never become discouraged. But the damage inflicted over recent decades may be permanent.  The government seems to be locked in internal warfare, with most agencies more interested in applying the ever-evolving dictates of political correctness rather than serving the interests of the nation and its citizens.  And that means ridding the White House of one Donald J. Trump. It will be a fearsome time indeed if and when the United States is ever subjugated to corrupt, Godless international institutions that claim to represent all humanity. 


Mark Armstrong

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