Mark Armstrong’s Weekly News Review – Friday, 17 August 2018

Greetings from Tyler,

            Gallup just released its poll, finding that a majority of Americans now favor Socialism over capitalism.  It’s hard to know whether to believe these polls. They almost always seem to bear out what the mainstream insists we believe.  (Remember?  Trump’s a joke, he doesn’t have a chance.)  People who rely on mainstream reporting and opinion are hopelessly misinformed, and that’s what the mainstream outlets are banking on.  When socialism comes to maturity, you have Venezueala.

            But the news of Venezuelans, having slaughtered and eaten all the zoo animals and scoured the dumpsters for any morsel of sustenance, fleeing the complete breakdown of social order into Columbia, has been mighty sparse.  If you search for news of the socialist debacle in Venezuela, you’ll come across a big headline proclaiming that socialism isn’t to blame.  Then they go through the series of events that have led to a complete lack of necessities, like food, for instance, and it goes like this.

            The socialist leaders became dictators. Chavez then Maduro. (Imagine thatin a nation that ceded control of everything to government!)  They “nationalized” (seized) the major industries to include not only oil and tire manufacturing but agriculture.  With the profitability factor off the table in agriculture, the whole industry collapsed. Socialist theory doesn’t produce food, in fact it doesn’t produce anything at all.  In the name of fairness and equality, it seeks to redistribute what others produce.  When there is no profit involved in production, you see what happens.  They try to blame the whole debacle on the drop in the price of oil, but that has little to do with the collapse of agriculture.

            If you’re ignoring everything in the hopes of retaining some peace of mind you may not have noticed how ugly things are getting.  EVERYTHING is “political. ” Networks, newspapers and social media platforms (not to mention the pope) have made it that way.  It’s been going that direction for some time, but now it’s universal.  The major media platforms are now behaving as socialist government agencies, and they have the last word on who and what gets distribution.

            They’ve got their ideas of “fairness,” equality and “values.”  Any subject they decree is related to “values” is now political.  We’ve (organizationally) been informed that we cannot promote our Ten Commandments booklet, or The Answer to Unanswered Prayer on the most universal of social media platforms unless we “register as a political entity.”  The “boost,” promoted through our Australian office was rejected on those grounds. 

            Well, isn’t that cute?  We’re not about to register as a political entity just because these billionaire twerps, along with their cohorts throughout media have declared every detail of life political.   They declare everything political because they want GOVERNMENT to mandate or ban everything.  Not the current administration, but the one they want installed after the overthrow of the Trump presidency.  They’ve determined to behave as if there is no legitimate Trump presidency, or any supporters that aren’t the most despicable of racists.

            Not to get anything started, but has it ever crossed your mind that these “white supremacy” rallies might be false flag? Apparently the “leader” of the twenty or so demonstrators last weekend was an Occupy Wall Street promoter. How on earth does that square up? Is there some suggestion that Trump supporters approved of anything to do with that Occupy nonsense?  Of course not.  But without the twenty or twenty five so-called “nationalists,” there would have been no excuse for the thousands who turned out for “counter protests,” the “anti-hate demonstrators” as the media calls them. 

            Not only did they openly say they’d “murder” President Trump if they had the chance, they attacked camera crews and reporters working for the networks that praised them all last weekend.  One might hope the secret service would swing into action and hunt down the wretched “protesters” who dared say such a thing. But the fake news networks failed to mention that their own equipment cables had been cut, a cameraman assaulted or the repeated threats made on the president’s life.  No, no.  These are the “anti-hate” demonstrators, spouting murderous rhetoric with their faces often concealed.  They’re the “good guys!”

            Another one day story hit this week, and it ought to shake Catholics and the Vatican to their very foundation.  It is the Pennsylvania “priest” scandal.  But don’t worry, it’s only the odd (if you’ll pardon the pun) one of thousands of sincerely pious weirdos.  They’ve tried to encapsulate the whole situation by going back seventy years and admitting that 300 priests engaged in behavior too hideous to recount with children, mostly little boys.  What’ll you bet that’s the last reporting we’ll see on this subject, until another sick situation comes to light somewhere else. And it will. 

            It’s starting to look like the whole institution is wracked with homosexuals and child molesters.  Little if anything will be done.  The news tells us that most of the perpetrators are dead and the statute of limitations has run on the rest.  Move along now. And that’s the world’s most formidable “christian” institution?   

            In the wake of Aretha Franklin’s passing this week they showed video of a stone-faced Bergoglio slumped in a velvet throne as she belted it out in Philadelphia.  Wouldn’t you love to have that guy in your audience?  Maybe his mind was elsewhere, maybe on the incredible mess he left in Argentina, or on one of the police raids on Vatican residences. We’ll be better off without him in charge of our “values,” let alone our entertainment.

            Whether you look at the squalid Islamist camp in the New Mexico desert concealing the decomposing body of a little boy, and a judge’s attempt to downplay if not cover up the circumstances, or any of several situations playing out in an overwhelmingly corrupt system of “justice,” you know that not only America, but elites (religious, intellectual, government) in the whole western world have embraced idiocy and idolatry that will spell the end of the God’s blessings of freedom and prosperity ’till the end of the age.

            Remember, those that administer socialism live like kings.  Everybody else, like Venezuelans. 


Mark Armstrong