Mark Armstrong’s Weekly News Review – Friday, 16 November 2018

Greetings from Tyler,

            Theresa May has negotiated a formula for “Brexit” with the EU, that is very unpopular within her own government.  Those wishing to restore British sovereignty by pulling out believe that in many important aspects, the EU will still call the shots. 

             The main driver of the Brexit referendum was immigration.  As the British saw the culture of many towns and villages changing dramatically due to the constant influx of non-English speaking foreigners imported under EU quotas, the majority voted for Britain’s exit so that sovereign control over immigration could be restored. 

            European Union leaders decided that Britain would be made to pay a heavy price for pulling out.  It’s been two and a half years since the referendum took place, Theresa May is seen as having accepted too many concessions from Europe, and still doesn’t have a formula that her government will accept.  Everything from trade arrangements, visa requirements, recognition of British drivers licenses in Europe is in doubt. 

            Those that never wanted Britain to exit in the first place have campaigned for another referendum, thinking that the original vote to leave the European Union could be overturned. That move has been blocked but there is disagreement, even within Mrs. May’s cabinet over how to proceed.      

            Benjamin Netanyahu’s government in Israel is also in trouble and liable to face early elections.  He’s seen resignations over the handling of the Gaza situation. First Defense Minister Lieberman quit followed by a threat that the Jewish Home Party may pull out of the government’s ruling coalition.  Despite Israel’s bombing of Hamas and Islamic Jihad targets throughout Gaza in response to hundreds of missiles and rockets that have destroyed structures and injured Israeli citizens, they are angry that Netanyahu hasn’t done more.  They’re calling a recent temporary “cease fire,” a “capitulation to terror.”

            Angela Merkel has announced her resignation, effective 2021.  Whether her government can survive that long remains an open question.  She’s handpicked her own successor, Annegret Kramp Karrenbauer, but there’s no guarantee that her party will prevail in future elections.  Again, immigration is the driver of Merkel’s loss of popularity and decline in government seats. 

            There is a common theme in the upheaval in Germany, Britain and the United States.  Apparently there are only two options.  Globalism or nationalism.  Globalism means that all foreigners are welcome and should be cared for by the prosperous Western societies, which after all are only prosperous because they took advantage of the poor third world.  Nationalism has been defined as anti-immigrant, racist and if you listen to those trotted out all over mainstream media, Nazi.

            In a recent speech, President Trump described himself as a nationalist.  We knew what he meant and he’s explained what he meant (that he puts American’s interests first), but to no avail.  That term has “baggage!”  And then they call Trump and all who love him Nazis. 

            There you have it, in a nutshell.  Either you want Globalism, open borders with free, government guaranteed food, shelter, education (indoctrination), health-care for all, or you’re no better than a Nazi.  There’s no middle ground anymore. 

            It’s okay to be a Christian, but you’d better not believe in the precepts of the Bible.  Nearly everything God’s Word holds to be good or evil has been turned on its head by society in general and the media in particular.  Declare those as your “values,” and you’re guilty of every hate crime they’ve invented.  

            When they lose an election to anyone supporting the Trump agenda, they file lawsuits and keep “finding” ballots that weren’t available at the close of precincts.  How many elections called late November 6, have been overturned, and how many are still unresolved?  We still don’t even know the outcome.  It’s a dry run for 2020.  There are no guarantees as to how that might turn out.

            And about that “caravan.”  Recent reports and revelations show that it is the United Nations in cahoots with “people without borders” and whatever other American liberal outfits who are transporting and making arrangements for the migrants approaching the United States.  “They just want to mow your grass and wash your dishes.”  Either you go with that explanation, whether or not you want them mowing your grass or washing your dishes, or you’re a racist.  Are you beginning to see what we’re up against? 

            The stage has been set in Germany, in Britain and in the United States.  Either you reject national sovereignty in favor of GLOBALISM, or you are beneath contempt of all polite society.  The Bible refers to God’s devoted followers as a “peculiar people,” and we’re getting more peculiar by the day.  The Bible describes a world-ruling GLOBAL system as part of the end-time scenario. It looks like every power on earth, except the President of the United States, is determined to make it a reality.


Mark Armstrong


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