Mark Armstrong’s Weekly News Review and Commentary – February 18, 2016

February 18, 2016

Weekly Update

Greetings from Tyler,

It wasn’t enough that we were treated to the rainbow brigade and Black Panther salute during this year’s Superbowl. Now Manny Pacquiao, legendary welterwieght boxer from the Philippines has been fired and shunned by his sponsor Nike for daring to speak out against homo marriage. Oh! The offense he’s caused, and the pain he’s inflicted on people. Nike says, “We find Manny Pacquiao’s comments abhorrent…We no longer have a relationship with Manny Pacquiao.”

The diminutive boxer, beloved by millions around the world and in his home country, had the audacity to say that even the animal kingdom knows the difference between male and female and, “Do you see animals mating with the same sex?… If men mate with men and women mate with women, they are worse than animals.”

In this thoroughly “modern” culture, that’s a career killer! It’s a good thing he’s only planning one more match before retiring. Then he plans to campaign for a seat in the Philippino Senate. We’ll have to wait to see whether his comments instigate the same kind of outrage in the Philippines as they have here. (I’d vote for him.)

We certainly haven’t seen anything of the sort from any of the presidential candidates in the United States, and won’t. They wouldn’t dare. Can you imagine the snorts of derision, the protests, sneering commentators and bold headlines if any one of the candidates were to summon the gumption to say such a thing?

On the other hand, have you ever seen anything like the plunge this nation has taken since the national embrace of homosexuality going all the way to “queer matrimony” being sanctioned by the Supreme Court? We’re in a cultural, financial and spiritual free-fall.

We’ve got a president whose greatest accomplishments are to bolster the worst regimes on earth, at great danger to our national security and that of our allies. Any hope of a collapse in the brutal, abusive regime in Iran can be forgotten on account of the nuclear “deal” struck by the president and his haughty Secretary of State. Iran is already drawing on the hundred billion dollars that was frozen by sanctions, exporting oil and working trade deals all over Europe. They’ve got hidden nuclear installations the UN’s IAEA has never toured, and satellite photos seem to show an area believed to be used for testing to have been razed and completely paved over.

Despite the ridiculous one-sided “deal,” Iran remains belligerent toward America and routinely threatens Israel with annihilation. All the while they are violating the “terms” of the arrangement, knowing that our president will not do anything to pull the plug on one of the only things he can point to as an “accomplishment.” Iran is also going to great pains to conduct all their business in other currencies, avoiding use of the U. S. dollar in their transactions. It is a trend that seems to have gained traction in the far east as well. China has reportedly begun to conduct much of its business in other currencies, cutting the dollar out of most of its transactions.

Meanwhile our anti-American president is busy boosting the communist regime of the Castros in Cuba, agreeing to a swarm of international flights to and from Havana in addition to setting up a
U. S. embassy there and allowing one of their’s in Washington D.C. What’s the meaning of that? To help the Cuban people, as he’s claimed? None of this is going to help the Cuban people! Their government controls everything, there is no private enterprise or ownership, and dissent is met with long prison sentences under the most deplorable of conditions. How will Obama’s friendship change any of that? How will it change for the Iranian people?

Our anti-American president is the biggest supporter of “gay” nonsense to ever come along. Even the Clintons didn’t stoop to these depths until recently. Or at least Bill didn’t, near as we can tell. But that’s a whole other can of worms.

If we didn’t have enough trouble, this week we unexpectedly suffered the stunning loss of Supreme Court Judge Antonin Scalia. He was one of only a few remaining on the court who could be relied upon to uphold, not only the words, but the intent of the authors of the Constitution. He was a national treasure, hated by the far-left which has been seen cheering his death on social media. Judge Scalia (as we write in our upcoming issue of Twenty-First Century WATCH magazine) was largely responsible for many of the rights and freedoms we still have here in the United States. If Obama should be able to select his replacement, we’ll see additional lurches toward socialism, and our freedoms further curtailed. We will see more millions from the third world brought into America under every false pretense, and we will be made to support them at our expense while they wreak crime and havoc on every aspect of society. It’s already happening on such a massive scale, we can hardly imagine.

Too bad Christian leaders don’t approach the Bible the way Judge Scalia did the Constitution. Instead, the mainstream churches have taken Biblical phrases out of their context and relied on the popularity of pagan customs to appeal to the widest audience. In many instances it is churches that are volunteering to “resettle” third world “refugees” because the government pays them substantial sums to do so! They would argue that they are involved in Christian charity toward the poor. In fact, they are participating in our national destruction, and being paid to do it!

We’d like to take a more optimistic view of our future, but take a look at the candidates for president and the way they’re behaving. Hillary or Bernie? Or most of the Republicans? The first two are hard core socialists, and the others are behaving like spoiled brats calling each other liars day after day, sometimes lying in the process. No, it’s not looking so good.

As we’ve said before the whole of the western world is in deep trouble, up to its ears in filthy miscreants and head over heels in debt. Now we’ve got a couple of the world’s most evil regimes testing nuclear devices, while the nation’s media worries that a Muslim, homo or tranny may have suffered an insult. Welcome to the end time.


Mark Armstrong