Mark Armstrong’s Weekly News Review – 9 August 2019

Greetings from Tyler,

Go ahead.  Look at the headlines of the major “news” outlets.  Try tuning in to the mainstream news networks or cable channels, and you’ll know what full-blown insanity looks like.  Up to this point the writers, anchors and their guests have been somewhat clever in their linking of millions of American citizens to mass shootings and white supremacy.  They couched their accusations in terms that stopped just short of saying that President Trump and all who support his agenda were directlyguilty of heinous crimes, and of course, white-supremacy.

That changed this week.  In the wake of the El Paso Wal-Mart massacre, the socialist candidates and mainstream media decided to go all the way.  The Wal-Mart shooter (or somebody) posted a lengthy manifesto just prior to his hideous rampage which killed and injured random shoppers who had no idea what was happening.  You won’t hear it on the news, but he wrote that his emotional fury about the out-of-control flood across America’s southern border predated the presidency of Donald Trump, but said the fake news would probably blame Trump anyway.  Interestingly enough, that’s not the part that’s being reported.

But then there was another mass shooting in Dayton, Ohio.  This guy was fascinated with “extreme violence” and was a big supporter of violent Antifa activities.  Somehow, the mainstream knows nothing about him. Last night the butch Mayor of Chicago said, “We still don’t know anything about the Dayton shooter.”  We don’t?!?  In fact we know quite a bit, and it doesn’t fit the mainstream narrative. But the Mayor of Chicago claimed not to know, and the interviewer let the statement go by unchallenged.  Sure, “news” people have no inkling about information already published and known by millions of Americans.  It’s incredible what they don’t know, or pretend not to know.

It’s gotten to the point where you can’t even check the mainstream to see what they’re saying without having them directly accuse you and everybody else who loves the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence or the Bible of being a bunch of racist accomplices to mass murder. The gaggle of presidential hopefuls have spoken almost as if one voice.  “It’s Trump’s fault.  His rhetoric instigated the mass murder in El Paso.  He has blood on his hands. His supporters are all accomplices.” That’s an accurate paraphrasing of what they’re all saying.  The bug-eyed sputterer said, “Trump izth directly rethponthible,” trying to downplay his carefully crafted speech impediment.

This, they believe is the best way to defeat logic, common sense, and any who dare use either.  Declare everyone who doesn’t demand an all-pervading socialist, gay, “diverse” and GREEN authoritarian gun-confiscating federal government a bunch of racist murderers.  That ought to fix us!

The strategy of the elite, the mainstream, the global warming diversity movement is becoming clearer by the minute.  They’ll accuse whoever won’t go along guilty of the most vile, evil, dangerous thoughts and motives.  After the murderous events in El Paso, Dayton, and one narrowly prevented in Springfield, Missouri, we’re all wondering how safe it is to be anywhere there’s a crowd.  But the major papers and networks are busy declaring all patriotic Americans accomplices to murderous racism.

It seems that Venezuela may remain in the hands of the ruinous socialist regime longer than anticipated.  It has managed to stay afloat by doing business with Turkey, China and Russia, successfully eluding the full effect of U. S. sanctions. So the Trump administration has slapped sanctions on several top regime officials.  It might not bring the regime down, but it will have an impact, just as it has in Iran.  Maybe Venezuela will be the new Cuba, destined for long-term poverty under the brutal totalitarianism of a socialist/communist dictatorship.

Europe continues to live with the blight and ever-present threat of violent attack from the Middle Easterners and Northern Africans imported under the insistence of the pope and German Chancellor.  The fact that daily incidents don’t rate notice in American headlines doesn’t mean they’re not occurring.  They are, and it’s enough to make you cry.

We’ll see if any meaningful action is taken against the big tech conglomerates.  They are primarily responsible for shaping public opinion, and every one of these major outlets is sworn to re-define what is truth, and make sure no one with common sense ever rises to a position of leadership again.  This is the kind of deception foretold for the end time in the prophecies  of the Bible, and we now see how they’re going to pull it off.

Mark Armstrong